The 9 Best Electric Paddleboard Air Pumps Of 2024

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If you’ve spent any time paddleboarding before then you already know that pumping up a SUP can be a lot of effort. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to inflate your SUP and that’s why you’ll often see people out on the water with half inflated SUPs that are sinking as they paddle. For this reason – an electric paddleboard air pump is the #1 most important accessory that I recommend to people that love paddleboarding!

And that’s a big reason why I decided to write this article, because I know that a paddleboard air pump will change your life if you let it.

So in this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 9 electric paddleboard air pumps of 2024. I’ll give you insightful suggestions based on my own experiences and expert analysis, and help you make an informed decision on whether an electric paddleboard air pump is right for you.

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The 9 Best Electric Paddleboard Air Pumps of 2024


Outdoor Master The WhaleBest Overall Electric Paddleboard Pump
TOPUMP Electric Air PumpBest Battery Powered Paddleboard Pump
Outdoor Master Shark IIBest Budget Electric Paddleboard Pump
Airbank Rechargable PumpBest Portable Electric Paddleboard Pump

So those are the best electric paddleboard air pumps that I’ve found…

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and welcome you to the exciting world of electric paddleboard air pumps. These pumps have stood out in terms of performance, efficiency, and user satisfaction:

Paddleboard Air Pump #1: Outdoor Master The Whale (BEST OVERALL PUMP)

paddleboard air pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 16PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Can Inflate 3x Paddleboards In A Row
– Strong Cooling System

The Outdoor Master Whale Air Pump is the top choice on our list of the best electric pumps. This pump has over and over again proven its reliability and durability. We have tested it under various conditions and it has surpassed our expectations. But that makes sense because Outdoor Master has been one of the top players in the electric pump game for a while now.

This 12 volt, 16PSI paddleboard air pump is powerful – it can easily pump up 3 large boards in a row and it has an auto-off function that will stop you from over-inflating your board (this enhances the lifespan significantly). One of the interesting features of this pump is that it has a dual stage inflating process where it will quickly inflate your board initially (at 350L/min) and then it will slow down (to 70L/min) to ensure that your board hits the right inflation.

During testing we found that this pump can fill up a normal paddleboard in about 11 minutes which is really fast. Another key benefit is that it works without needing to be plugged into your car (which is a big drawback of most other pumps) because it has a rechargable battery.

One drawback is that it can’t inflate above 16PSI – this isn’t a big deal though because most paddleboards should only be inflated to 15PSI anyway 🙂

– Powerful pump that can quickly inflate 3x paddleboards
– Rechargable battery (so it doesn’t need to be connected to your car)
– Top notch cooling system will give it a long life span
– Higher price tag (but extra performance)
– Can’t inflate above 16PSI

Paddleboard Air Pump #2: TOPUMP Air Pump (Best Battery Pump)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 18PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Can Inflate 3x Paddleboards In A Row
– Total Charge Time Of 2.5 Hours

paddleboard air pump

The TOPUMP is a really good paddleboard air pump and it was very close to being my top pick for 2024. It is by far the most powerful battery operated electric pump on the market right now. You can charge it for 2.5 hours and then it will be able to blow up 5 SUPs in a row (or you can charge it for 20 min to blow up just 1 SUP). So it’s really convenient to have.

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It can inflate a normal paddleboard in about 8 minutes so it’s extremely fast and you can also use it as a powerbank which was a welcome addition to the pump. We also found that it’s the least noisy pump that we’ve reviewed (which is a nice perk).

And a final benefit that we found on this pump is that you can actually reverse the inflation process and use it to pull air out of your paddleboard and quickly deflate it. This is great if you don’t feel like stomping on your SUP to get all the air out 🙂

– Only needs 2.5 hours to charge fully
– Can fill over 5 SUPs in a row
– It’s also a power bank
– You can also use it deflate your SUP quickly
– Doesn’t come with a bag

Paddleboard Air Pump #3: Outdoor Master Shark II (BEST BUDGET PUMP)

paddleboard air pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Can Inflate 3x Paddleboards In A Row
– Total Charge Time Of 2.5 Hours

This paddleboard air pump is absolutely incredible! When you take a look at the price, you expect to get something mediocre, but I was completely blown away by the product that Outdoor Master put together with this pump. This pump can inflate 3x paddleboards in a row without resting because of it’s unique cooling system.

It can inflate a regular paddleboard in about 13 minutes and it also includes an auto-off protection feature so you can just get it going and then leave it pumping while you do something else (and it will turn off on its own without over-inflating your board). It gives you 6 different valves to choose from so you can also inflate your other beach items like inflatable mattresses and balls.

The pump is also pretty small and can fit in the front of your SUP bag, so it’s convenient and also includes a handle to hold it easily.

The only drawback of this pump is it needs to be plugged into your car in order to operate because it doesn’t have a built-in rechargable battery. But if that’s not a problem for you then no worries! This is an awesome pump and it will give you the best bang for your buck that you’ll find anywhere.

– Incredible price for what you get
– Includes a long power cord and hose so it’s not a struggle to inflate your SUP
– Inflates a SUP in about 13 minutes
– Has a cooldown period of 20 minutes after use
– Needs to be plugged into the car to use.

Paddleboard Air Pump #4: AIRBANK Rechargable Pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Small And Portable
– Inflate 2x Boards In A Row

paddleboard air pump

The AIRBANK electric air pump is a really strong contender as an electric paddlboard pump. If I’m honest – this is something that I would REALLY consider if I was you. It is extremely lightweight (1.3kg) and small, making it extremely portable and easy to carry. It comes with a storage bag and also a nylon handle that lets you carry and it even fits into your backpack!

It has remarkable performance for its size, it can pump and SUP in around 8 minutes and it also includes all the other essential performance essentials like auto-off protection so you don’t have to worry about over-inflating your board.

The standout feature of this electric pump is its rechargeable battery, it is insane to think that this tiny little pump can inflate 2 boards. It also doubles as a power bank which is very convenient… And the batterly life is great! It just shows the improvements in battery power. It comes with different valves tha tyou can use to inflate different items like beach balls and camping mattresses.

– Lightweight and portable when compared to other pumps
– Inflates a SUP in around 8 minutes
– Rechargable battery that takes 2 hours to charge
– Doubles as a power bank
– Great battery life for its size
– Bag that comes with it is a bit lower quality


Paddleboard Air Pump #5: NIXY Ventus iSUP Pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Can Inflate 6x Paddleboards Without Overheating
– 10ft power cord

The Nixy Ventus pump was a strong contender to make our top 3 list, but it just missed out. It is still an extremely good pump and I would recommend it if you are interested in it.

Nixy has made significant enhancements with the Ventus pump, including the addition of their innovative cooling mechanism known as ‘Active Cooling Tech.’ This feature addresses one of the most common concerns in electric SUP pumps—overheating. The Ventus pump ensures a reliable and efficient operation, providing peace of mind to users. Utilizing the digital display and automatic shutoff, you can easily set your desired PSI (up to 20 PSI) and walk away, knowing that your board will be fully inflated in just 10 minutes.

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It comes with a convenient travel bag that features a carry strap and an inside zipper pocket to securely store the hose and its seven valve pieces. The 10-foot cigarette lighter cord makes it convenient to plug into your car’s power source. Additionally, the pump provides optional alligator clips, allowing you to attach it directly to your battery if preferred.

Overall, we are highly impressed with the Nixy Ventus pump, they have made big improvements with the cooling system so it’s something definitely worth considering.

– Includes a convenient travel bag
– Quick inflation compared to other pumps
– Long (10ft) cord so it’s easy to use it with your car
– Good price for what you get
– Includes crocodile clips if you want to use your battery to power it
– No rechargable battery so it needs to be attached to a car.
– Still overheats on hot days (especially the hose)

Paddleboard Air Pump #6: SereneLife Paddleboard Air Pump

paddleboard air pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 16PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Deflation Function
– Inflate 4x Boards In A Row

The SereneLife electric air pump stands out due to its ergonomic design and portable rechargeable battery, offering convenience for inflating inflatable paddleboards anywhere you desire.

This electric pump features an ergonomic design with a foldable carry handle, ensuring easy transportation and handling. It’s equipped with a user-friendly LCD display, which allows for easy use. And on top of that – it includes LED flashlights on the front, so you can use it during the nighttime (No other pumps have this).

The standout feature of this electric pump is its rechargeable battery, providing the freedom to inflate your paddleboard away from your vehicle. In case of power depletion, the pump also comes with a 12V power cord as an alternative power source so that you can charge it.

It’s important to note that the SereneLife pump has a maximum inflation capacity of 16 PSI. However, considering that most paddleboards only require inflation up to 15 PSI, this limitation should be sufficient for most users.

– Rechargable battery that can inflate 4x SUPs
– LED Flashlights for nighttime use
– Auto-Off Functionality
– Can inflate multiple SUPs consecutively
– Includes a deflation option
– Battery controls are sometimes a bit buggy
– Only inflates up to 16PSI

Paddleboard Air Pump #7: SeaMax SUP Pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Deflation Function
– Inflate 3x Boards In A Row

paddleboard air pump

The Seamax SUP20D is a versatile and dependable pump that offers rapid inflation due to its one-way diaphragm valve, ensuring efficient and speedy performance.

Durability is a key feature of this pump, as it incorporates an integrated sand filter that safeguards against the ingress of dust and sand particles. Additionally, the outtake chamber helps to minimize noise while the pump is in operation, providing a more pleasant experience (because it’s not noisy at all!)

Portability is another advantage of the Seamax SUP20D, featuring a convenient carry handle similar to that of the Outdoor Master pumps. Moreover, it offers a deflation function, allowing for easy removal of air from the paddle board prior to packing it away.

It is important to note that one potential issue with this pump is the possibility of overheating, which can lead to the melting of the piston seals. The piston seals are essential internal components, and without them, the pump will not function properly. However, this is typically not a concern when inflating only one or two SUPs.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the Seamax SUP20D does not come with a rechargeable battery. Therefore, to power the pump, you will need access to a car or a battery pack.

– Has a sand filter to protect the pump from sand damage
– Great price
– You can use it for deflation also
– Comes with alligator clips to connect it directly to your car battery
– Comes with 7x different valves for all uses
– Potential for over-heating
– No rechargable battery (so you need a car to operate it)

Paddleboard Air Pump #8: Outdoor Master Cachalot

Where To Buy: Amazon

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Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Deflation Function
– Inflate 2x Boards In A Row

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable and portable electric pump that gets the job done, look no further than the OutdoorMaster Cachalot. This pump is designed to efficiently inflate two boards or similar inflatables consecutively, making it an excellent choice for paddle board sessions where 12V power is readily accessible.

While the Cachalot does not possess the advanced cooling system found in the OutdoorMaster Shark II, it still offers nearly all the other features of its counterpart. Just like the Shark II, the Cachalot is equipped with a user-friendly digital display and digital pressure gauge that remains easily readable in any lighting condition. Powered by 12V DC power sourced from your car outlet, it delivers consistent performance. Additionally, the Cachalot supports a pressure range up to 20 PSI, ensuring compatibility with various inflatables such as iSUPs, inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats, and even some air mattresses. To enhance its versatility, the pump comes with a range of nozzles. Furthermore, mirroring the Shark II, the Cachalot features convenient functions including an auto-off feature and a deflate function.

While the Cachalot does have a few limitations, it certainly warrants consideration if you require the inflation capabilities of the Shark II but don’t necessarily need to inflate more than two boards consecutively and prefer a more budget-friendly option.

– Great design and quality
– Can inflate up to 20PSI
– Great display and easy to use
– Includes a deflation option
– No rechargable battery so you need a car to operate it
– Can only inflate 2x SUPs without cooling down
– Doesn’t come with a carry bag

Paddleboard Air Pump #9: Morpilot SUP Pump

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– 20PSI High Pressure Pump
– Auto-Off Protection Feature
– Deflation Function
– Inflate 2x Boards In A Row

The Morpilot air pump is a solid competitor on the paddleboard air pump scene. It is a powerful 20 PSI pump that comes with a convenient bag and 5 different valves for pumping different accessories. And it does it quickly! It takes about 7 minutes to pump up a regular 15PSI paddleboard, which is 25% faster than any other pump.

And not only that, but it also includes all the functionality that you need (like deflation, auto-off protection and more).

But there are a few minor cons with this paddleboard air pump. The biggest downsides are that it’s a bit harder to use with the limited LED screen that they use, this isn’t a big deal but there is just less information available. It doesn’t save manually adjusted PSI settings – so if you want to fill up a mattress to 14.5 PSI for some reason then it won’t save the settings. And finally you need a car to operate it.

Besides the above, this is a great pump that you should definitely consider buying.

– Inflates a 15PSI sup in just 7 minutes
– Includes deflate function
– Great price
– Includes a good warranty for 1 year
– Has a power bank functionality
– Doesn’t save manually adjusted PSI
– A little bit harder to use with the small display
– No rechargable battery (need a car to run it)

So there you go – those are our 9 top paddleboard air pump picks on the market right now, so how do you choose one? That’s the next section…

How to Choose the Perfect Paddleboard Air Pump

With the wide array of electric paddleboard air pumps available above, selecting the perfect one for your needs can be overwhelming. Here are some additional tips to help you make an informed decision:

Pump Type and CompatibilityEnsure the pump you choose is compatible with your paddleboard’s valve. Some pumps come with multiple nozzle attachments, catering to various valve types.
Inflation SpeedLook for pumps with high inflation rates. Faster inflation means less time waiting and more time on the water.
PortabilityConsider the pump’s size and weight, especially if you plan to carry it on your paddleboarding trips.
Noise LevelElectric pumps can be noisy, which might disturb the serene atmosphere of paddleboarding. Opt for models with noise reduction features.
Pressure GaugeA built-in pressure gauge helps prevent over-inflation and ensures your board is inflated to the correct PSI.
Power SourceCheck the power source of the pump – whether it’s battery-operated or needs a power outlet.
Price and WarrantyCompare prices and check for warranties to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

I have considered all of the above with my recommendations for you, but it’s always worth doing your own research to make sure that you make the right purchase.

Tips for Using Your Electric Paddleboard Air Pump

Once you’ve acquired your first electric pump, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to sip a refreshing drink or apply sunscreen while your board inflates. To help you make the most of your electric pump and ensure the protection of your board, we’ve compiled some general tips for you.

Ensure your valve pin is in the locked position:

Avoid the disappointment of hearing a rush of air escaping from your iSUP when disconnecting the hose by double-checking that your valve pin is up and securely locked before connecting the air hose.

If, by chance, you forget to keep the valve pin up and some air escapes between disconnecting the hose and closing the valve, always check the amount of PSI lost. Even a small loss of air can have a significant impact on your board’s performance. If you’re only a few PSI away from the recommended range, it’s advisable to take a few extra minutes to re-inflate the lost air.

Exercise caution when inflating multiple SUPs consecutively:

While many electric pumps claim the ability to inflate two boards in a row without requiring a break, it’s prudent to assess the temperature of your pump after inflating the first board to determine if it needs a rest.

Various factors, including hot climates, can contribute to the risk of your pump overheating. Additionally, there’s a possibility of the pump’s vent system getting clogged with sand or dirt, especially if you frequently inflate to higher PSI levels.

When in doubt, it’s always better to give your pump a 5-10 minute break between inflating boards rather than being left with a non-functional pump. This is why we recommend carrying a manual pump as a backup.

Utilize a protective surface:

One of the few ways to cause significant damage to your iSUP is by exposing it to constant contact with concrete or other hard surfaces. To safeguard your board’s exterior PVC layer from scratches and scrapes, it’s a great practice to inflate your SUP on top of towels, a tarp, or a landing mat.

Inflate to the recommended PSI limit, avoid exceeding it:

We all recognize that higher PSI levels enhance an iSUP’s performance. However, with the convenience of an electric pump handling the inflation process, there might be a temptation to exceed the recommended PSI. It’s important to note that over time, this can lead to damage and compromise the integrity of your iSUP. Prolonged overinflation can cause components to pop or break, and the marginal improvement in performance is not worth the potential harm.

Utilize your electric pump for deflation:

Deflating your board is a straightforward task, and it’s easy to overlook the deflate option on your electric pump. It’s highly recommended to employ your electric pump to fully deflate your iSUP, as it effectively removes any remaining air, making it significantly easier to roll up and pack away your board. Failing to fully deflate your iSUP can result in permanent damage to the board shape over time.

Incorporating these tips into your paddle boarding routine will help you optimize the use of your electric pump while safeguarding the longevity and condition of your board.

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Which pump is the most powerful?

Outdoor Master: The Whale stands out as the most powerful pump on our list, providing exceptional performance and compatibility with various paddleboard valves.

Can I use these pumps for inflatable kayaks?

Absolutely! Many of the electric paddleboard air pumps mentioned here come with nozzle attachments that can inflate inflatable kayaks and other inflatables.

How long does it take to inflate a paddleboard?

The inflation time varies depending on the pump and the size of the paddleboard. However, with the high-speed pumps mentioned in this article, you can expect an average inflation time of 5-10 minutes.

Are electric pumps noisy?

While some electric pumps can be noisy, the SeaMax SUP Pump on our list features noise reduction technology, ensuring a quiet inflation experience.

Do these pumps come with a warranty?

Yes, most of the pumps mentioned in this article come with a warranty. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s website or contact the seller for specific warranty details.

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