Best Paddle Board Stickers: 15 SUP Decals You Can’t Miss

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It might just be me, but I LOVE paddle board stickers. I know it sounds weird, but there’s something about having something on your car that represents what you love, so that you can connect with other people while out and about in your car.

That’s why – In this article I’m going to give you 15 amazing stand up paddle board stickers that you can use on your car or your paddle board.

Keep reading because this is about to get exciting.

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15 Best Paddle Board Stickers

Let’s get into the list.

#1: SUP Sticker

paddle board stickers etsy

Nothing screams paddle boarding like a big SUP sticker on your car. Is is a SUP or is it a SUP? 🤙

Where To Buy: Amazon

#2: Life Is Better On A Paddle Board Stickers

This is a really cute combination of flowers and a paddle board that will look great on any car.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#3: Wahine Girl On Stand Up Paddle Board Stickers

I love this one! I love the feeling of seeing a tropical island in the background and it looks amazing.

Where To Buy: Amazon

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#4: Heart Love SUP Sticker

paddle board vinyl sticker

This is a classic sticker of the silhouette of a cute girl that loves paddle boarding. Sounds like my type of woman.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#5: Paddle Me Sticker

large paddle board stickers

Here is a bit of a racy one. Would you paddle that?

Where To Buy: Amazon

#6: Wavy SUP Sticker

paddle board car stickers

I personally like this one a lot. It is simple, looks great and leaves no doubt about how awesome a SUP is.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#7: Puppy On A Board Sticker

paddle board decals

Now this is a pup I could get behind. Not to mention he paddles also! How great?

Where To Buy: Amazon

#8: Tropical Paddle Girl Sticker

Here’s probably the most tropical sticker that I found. Not to mention that it gives some serious island vibes which always makes me feel happy.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#9: Paddle Girl Vinyl SUP Sticker

Here’s another sexy silhouette. I really like how simple it is, it gets the job done perfectly.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#10: Tropical Doggo Paddle Board Stickers

Nothing like paddling with a good boy! I just wish that I could get mine to sit that still.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#11: Sunset Man On Paddle Board Sticker

paddle board stickers amazon

I personally think this is my favorite sticker. There’s something about the epic sunset and the paddle board that makes me want this a lot.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#12: Paddle Board Pirate Sticker

paddle board stickers custom

If you’ve always wanted to be in a ‘SUP gang’ or a ‘Paddle Pirate’ then know is your moment. Don’t let me down.

Where To Buy: Amazon

#13: Groovy Paddle Road Trip Sticker

paddle board stickers for sale

I don’t know what to tell you, but this seriously reminds me of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine, just groovier and they SUP. Water mystery?

Where To Buy: Amazon

#14: My Heart Beats For SUP Stickers

waterproof stickers for paddle boards

This is for you if you’re seriously passionate about SUP. Like if you like it so much that your heart beats like this for it. If you know, you know…right?

Where To Buy: Amazon

#15: Groovy Doggo Stand Up Paddle Boarding Stickers

inflatable paddle board stickers

I love when I see people with their pups on the water. Now you can have a reminder to take your good boy/girl out onto the water more.

Where To Buy: Amazon

Why Get Paddle Board Stickers For Your Car or SUP?

Here are some reasons why someone might want to put paddle board stickers on their car:

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Showing Off What You LoveIf you’re all about paddle boarding, a sticker is a simple way to say, “Hey, I love this!”
Finding Your TribeStickers can help you spot fellow paddle board enthusiasts. It’s like a secret handshake on your car (1).
Keeping the Stoked Feeling AliveA quick glance at your sticker can remind you of awesome times on the water, especially during the daily grind.
Cool FactorSome stickers just look cool. They add a bit of personality to your car.
Supporting Your FavesIf there’s a brand of gear you swear by, a sticker is a way to show your support or even brag about a sponsorship.
Conversation Starters:Ever had someone chat with you about your sticker in a parking lot? It’s an easy way to meet like-minded folks.

Can You Put A Sticker On A Paddle Board?

Yes, you can put stickers on an inflatable paddle board, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure they stick properly and don’t damage the board. Inflatable paddle boards are made from PVC material, which can handle stickers well if the surface is prepared correctly.

man paddle boarding prone with sticker

Here’s how to do it:

First, you’ll want to clean the area where you plan to place the sticker. Use a gentle cleaner to remove any dirt, grime, or oils from the surface. This step is crucial because any residue can prevent the sticker from adhering properly. After cleaning, make sure the area is completely dry.

Choose stickers that are durable and waterproof, since your paddle board will be used in water. Vinyl stickers are a good choice because they’re designed to withstand exposure to water and sunlight without peeling or fading quickly.

When applying the sticker, carefully position it where you want it and smooth it down firmly from the center outwards to avoid air bubbles. Some people use a credit card or a similar flat tool to help with this. Make sure the edges are securely adhered to the board.

It’s also a good idea to give the sticker some time to bond before taking the board into the water. Waiting 24 hours is generally sufficient.

Remember, though, that while stickers can personalize your board and make it stand out, removing them later might leave a residue or damage the board’s surface. If you think you’ll want to remove the stickers eventually, consider using ones that are known to come off cleanly.

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So there are the 15 cool paddle board stickers that you can slap on your ride or your board to show off your love for hitting the water on your SUP. These stickers range from chill vibes to straight-up declarations of your paddle board obsession. They’re perfect for adding a personal touch to your stuff and letting everyone know about your passion.

Choosing a sticker is more than just picking a design. It’s about finding something that feels like you. Maybe it’s a sunset scene that takes you back to your favorite paddle boarding memories, a sticker that gets you and your dog in on the action, or something that screams, “Yeah, I’m all about this SUP life.” These little pieces of art are not just for show; they can kickstart conversations, help you meet folks who are into the same stuff, and add a bit of fun to your gear.

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Can I stick these on any paddle board?

Yep, you totally can. Whether your board is solid or inflatable, stickers should stick on just fine. Just make sure the spot you’re sticking it on is clean and dry before you slap that sticker on. And remember, vinyl stickers are your best bet since they can handle the water and sun without peeling off after a few rides.

Will these stickers come off in the water?

Not if you’ve picked the right kind. Go for waterproof and durable stickers (like vinyl ones) that are made to survive the water and sun. If you stick ’em on right, they shouldn’t peel off every time your board takes a dip.

How do I get a sticker off if I change my mind?

If you wanna swap stickers or just clear your board, heat gently with a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive, then peel off slowly. If there’s sticky residue left, rubbing alcohol or a sticker removal spray can clean it up. Just be gentle to avoid damaging your board.

Are there stickers for my car that won’t damage the paint?

Absolutely. Look for stickers specifically made for cars. These are designed to stick well but also come off without leaving a mess or damaging the paint. When in doubt, vinyl stickers are usually a safe bet for both your board and your car.

Can putting stickers on my paddle board affect its performance?

Not really. Stickers are so lightweight and small that they won’t change how your board handles in the water. The only thing they might affect is how cool your board looks cruising on the water or chilling on the beach.

So go ahead, deck out your board and car with some awesome stickers that shout out your paddle boarding love. It’s all about making your gear a bit more you.

paddle board stickers

1 – Billy Shaw Susanto, The Evolution Of Communication And Why Stickers Matter, Taken from:

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