Aqua Marina Paddle Boards: Reviews Of Atlas, Coral & Fusion SUPs In 2024

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Choosing the perfect paddle board can be tough. The Aqua Marina paddle board brand is a big name in this game. Today, we’re examining their Atlas, Coral, Fusion and more models to make your decision easier.

In our opinion, the best Aqua Marina Paddle Board is the Fusion because of its great performance and value for money.

But there are a few more strong contenders so keep reading to learn more – and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite inflatable stand up paddle board!

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Overview of Aqua Marina Paddle Boards

“Aqua Marina Paddle Boards are really good. They have come in various types, each with distinctive features and specifications. These inflatable stand up paddle boards offer comfortable deck pads, anti-slip footpads, and are lightweight for ease of use on the water.”
range of aquamarine .sup board options

Types of Paddle Boards

There are many different Aqua Marian paddle boards available for you to choose from. Each of them caters to various paddling needs and preferences. Each model offers unique features, from inflatable paddle boards for easy transport to advanced all-around boards for more experienced paddlers.

  1. All-Around Paddle Boards: These are versatile and suitable for beginners to intermediate paddlers. They work well in calm waters such as lakes and slow-moving rivers. The wide design ensures stability, making them a great choice for those new to stand-up paddleboarding.

  2. Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUP): Perfect for adventurers who have limited storage space or like to travel. These boards come with a pump and can be inflated when needed, offering good stability and performance similar to hard boards.

  3. Advanced Paddle Boards: Designed for experienced paddlers, these models offer enhanced speed, tracking, and maneuverability. They’re ideal for those looking to tackle rougher waters or engage in SUP races.

  4. Yoga Paddle Boards: Featuring a large deck pad that provides a comfortable and anti-slip surface, these boards are tailored for stability and smoothness on the water, making them perfect for fitness enthusiasts who practice yoga or Pilates.

  5. Fishing Paddle Boards: With built-in mounts and more space on the deck, these paddle boards are equipped for anglers to store gear and move comfortably while fishing.

  6. Touring Paddle Boards: Sleeker in design than all-around models, touring boards cut through water efficiently for long-distance paddles. They offer increased speed and tracking ability, suited to more ambitious expeditions on the water.

  7. Racing Paddle Boards: Built for speed with their narrow shape and pointed nose, racing paddle boards let competitors slice through water quickly. However, they require skill due to less stability compared to wider models.

But which one should you choose?

In our opinion, the best Aqua Marina paddle board in 2024 is the Fusion.

This is because it is a high performing board that works in many different types of conditions, and it comes at a great price. So it can easily let you experience all the benefits that come from owning an awesome board (1)

Here are the rest of our favorite boards, where we review them and give you reasons why you should consider buying them (or not).

Great Value For MoneyFusion
Best All-AroundBeast
Perfect For WomenCoral
Top Pick For Intermediate RidersAtlas

Let’s get into each of them.

#1: Fusion (Great Value For Money)

aquamarina paddle board fusion

Where To Buy: Amazon

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Specs & Features:
– Length of 10’10” / 330 cm

– Width of 32″ / 81 cm

– Thickness of 6″ / 15 cm

– Volume of 338 L

– Max capacity of 330 lbs

– Max air pressure of 15 psi

– Weight of 19 lbs

– Really good value for money. It’s a nice price for a nice board.

– It weighs just 19 lbs which makes it easy to carry and light on the water

– The 10’10” size is a nice middle ground between boards, which makes it versatile for many water conditions.
– The aluminum paddle is pretty heavy, and it also gets slippery when you’re paddling.


The Fusion is well known for its exceptional stability and gliding capabilities, suitable for various conditions from flat water to small waves. The 2024 model, upgraded for better balance and payload, features a diamond grooving EVA footpad for grip and comfort, adjustable bungee cords for securing luggage, and additional stainless steel D-rings for attaching an optional seat.

Constructed with Aqua Marina’s exclusive Drop Stitch Light Technology, it’s the lightest board yet super stiff, ensuring a quality ride. This model also boasts a high-quality design with a removable center fin for easy installation, a quality rubber patched air valve for improved airtightness, and comes in a customized zip backpack for high portability.

Included are a paddle, pump, leash, and carry backpack, making it a great value for money option for both beginners and seasoned riders. Its design is inspired by nature, aiming to resonate with the surroundings, making it not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The only negative of this board is the paddle, but this is easily forgivable when you see the price.

What’s Included With This SUP:

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Beast (Best All-Around)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Length of 10‘6″ / 320cm

– Width of 32″ / 81 cm

– Thickness of 6″ / 15 cm

– Volume of 312 L

– Max capacity of 308 lbs

– Max air pressure of 15 psi

– Weight of 20.9 lbs

aqua marina paddle board
– Really stable and easy to paddle, which makes it a top touring paddle board.

– Complete package with everything you need to get out on the water and have some fun.

– This is a very well rounded board that will let you do a little bit of everything (yoga, paddling, fishing etc.)

– It’s pretty lightweight (20.9 lbs) which makes it easy to carry to the water.
– This board is a bit thicker and bigger than other SUPs, which gives it great stability but makes it sacrifice some speed.

– This board becomes more limited for advanced paddlers because of it’s width.


The Aqua Marina Beast is a top-tier all-around inflatable SUP designed to cater to all levels of paddlers, from beginners to experienced. This 10’6″ board, part of the advanced series, stands out for its versatility, enhanced stability, and improved rigidity. It’s suited for a wide range of conditions, including flat water and small waves, making it ideal for individual riders or families.

The Beast features full deck and base quality printing, a non-print EVA footpad with diamond grooving for maximum grip, and an upgraded air valve for better airtightness. Its Drop Stitch Light Technology ensures an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio, positioning it as a highly valuable option on the market. The package includes a paddle, pump, safety leash, and a zip backpack, enhancing its portability and convenience.

With a max payload of 308 lbs and a volume of 300L, it also incorporates HF Welding and Heat Fusion technologies for superior durability and airtightness, making it a top choice for those seeking mobility and versatility in their paddling adventures.

What’s Included With This SUP:

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Coral (Perfect For Women)

womens sup[

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Length of 10‘2″ / 310cm

– Width of 31″ / 78 cm

– Thickness of 4.7″ / 12 cm

– Volume of 238 L

– Max capacity of 231 lbs

– Max air pressure of 15 psi

– Weight of 19.8 lbs

– This board is really nicely sized for smaller paddlers or teens.

– It’s extremely lightweight (19.8 lbs) and maneuverable on the water.

– The EVA deck pad is large and gives you lots of grip and traction

– I really like that they color-coded everything (incl. accessories) to be the same raspberry color.
– The board could use more of a nose rocker to increase the speed a bit.


The Aqua Marina Coral is an great all-around inflatable iSUP paddle board, perfectly suited for women and all levels of riders. Its 10’2″ length and stable design provide a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience, ideal for flat water cruising and catching small waves. Highlighted by its unique color design, the Coral stands out for both its aesthetics and functionality, with features like a full deck and base quality printing, non-print EVA footpad with diamond grooving for maximum grip, and an upgraded air valve for better airtightness.

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It incorporates Drop Stitch Light and HF Welding Technologies, ensuring the board is lightweight without sacrificing stiffness, making it easy to carry, especially with added D-rings for shoulder strap attachment. This makes the Coral not just visually appealing but also highly practical and effortless to transport, addressing a common preference among women for lightweight and manageable equipment.

The package includes a paddle, pump, safety leash, and zip backpack, offering a comprehensive solution for women seeking mobility and performance in their paddleboarding adventures.

What’s Included With This SUP:

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: Atlas (Top Pick For Intermediate Riders)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Length of 12‘0″ / 366cm

– Width of 34″ / 86 cm

– Thickness of 6″ / 15 cm

– Volume of 398 L

– Max capacity of 396 lbs

– Max air pressure of 15 psi

– Weight of 26 lbs

Atlas SÜP
– Extremely stable and easy to use on the water.

– High weight capacity means that you can ride with more than 2 people on the board.

– It opens up many opportunities for activities like surfing, yoga or even fishing.

– Solid tracking on the water considering that it’s a larger board (due to the thickness)

– Will give you room to grow into your SUP
– This is a bit of a slower board on the water because of its increased size and stability.

– Difficult to inflate so consider getting an electric pump with it.


The Aqua Marina Atlas is an advanced all-around inflatable SUP paddle board, perfect for intermediate paddlers seeking a versatile experience. Its 12’0″ length and 34″ width provide excellent stability and rigidity, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions and rider types, including heavier paddlers or families.

The board features full deck and base quality printing, a non-print EVA footpad with diamond grooving for superior grip, and an upgraded air valve for enhanced airtightness. Utilizing Drop Stitch Light Technology alongside HF Welding and Heat Fusion techniques, the Atlas offers an unbeatable stiffness-to-weight ratio, ensuring durability without compromising on performance. This model comes with a paddle, pump, safety leash, and zip backpack, offering great value and convenience.

With a maximum payload of 396 lbs, it’s designed to accommodate all levels of riders desiring mobility and the ability to paddle with luggage, making it an excellent choice for intermediate paddlers looking to advance their skills and take on new challenges.

What’s Included With This SUP:

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Things to Consider When Buying Your First Paddle Board

When buying your first paddle board, it’s important to consider the type of paddle board, size and volume, material, weight capacity, shape, fin system and price.

These factors will ensure you choose the right one for your needs and preferences. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

Type of Paddle Board:Determine the type of paddling you’ll be doing. All-around boards are versatile for beginners and can be used in various conditions (2). Touring boards are designed for longer distances on flat water, while inflatable boards offer convenience and storage benefits.
Size and Volume:The size of the board (length, width, and thickness) affects stability, maneuverability, and speed. Volume determines buoyancy; more volume supports more weight. Beginners should look for a wider, longer, and thicker board for stability.
Material:Paddle boards are typically made from epoxy (rigid) or reinforced PVC (inflatable). Epoxy boards offer better performance and speed but are harder to transport and store. Inflatable boards are great for storage and transport, suitable for beginners, and are surprisingly durable.
Weight Capacity:Check the board’s maximum weight capacity to ensure it can support your weight plus any gear you plan to bring along.
Shape:The shape of the board influences how it performs in the water. Wider boards are more stable, while boards with pointed noses are better for speed and paddling in straight lines.
Fin System:Fins add stability and tracking. Some boards come with a single fin, while others have a 3-fin setup. Removable fins offer versatility for different water conditions.
Price:Set a budget but be willing to invest in quality. While higher-priced boards often offer better materials and performance, there are also good quality, budget-friendly options for beginners.

Are There Any Other Aqua Marina SUPs To Consider?

Yes – Aqua Marina has a bunch of other boards that you can look into buying.

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Here is a quick list of SUPs you could look at:

  • The Race 12’6″ is a great board for racing.
  • They have the Vibrant 8’0″ which is a nice pick for kids.
  • The Mega 18’1″ is great for holiday homes because it allows for multiple paddlers.
  • The Wave 8’8″ is their flagship surfing SUP so if you’re into that then its worth considering.
aqua marina paddle board

What Size Aqua Marina Paddle Board Should I Buy?

The size of the SUP board you should buy depends on several factors, including your weight, experience level, and the type of paddling you plan to do. Here’s a general guideline to help you decide:

1. Weight Capacity

  • Board volume and weight capacity: Ensure the board has enough volume and weight capacity to support your weight plus any gear you might carry. A board that’s too small will sit lower in the water and be less stable.

2. Board Length

  • Short boards (under 10 feet): Good for kids, surfing, and maneuverability in waves.
  • Medium boards (10 to 12 feet): Ideal for all-around use and versatile for different water conditions. Suitable for beginners due to their stability.
  • Long boards (12 to 14 feet): Best for long-distance touring and racing. They offer great glide efficiency and speed but can be harder to maneuver for beginners.
Here’s how to figure out the perfect size:
The Perfect Ratio: How To Use Science To Figure Out What Size Paddle Board You Need

3. Board Width

  • Narrow boards (29 to 30 inches): Faster and better for touring and racing but less stable. Recommended for more experienced paddlers.
  • Wide boards (31 to 33 inches or more): Offer more stability, making them better for beginners, yoga, fishing, or if you plan to paddle with pets or children.

4. Board Thickness

  • The thickness of the board affects its volume and, therefore, its buoyancy. Most boards range from 4 to 6 inches thick. A thicker board (6 inches) is recommended for heavier paddlers or those wanting more stability.

5. Activity Type

  • All-around: If you’re a beginner or looking for versatility, a medium-length (10 to 12 feet) and wider board (31 to 33 inches) is a good choice.
  • Touring: For long distances on flat water, go for a longer (12 to 14 feet), narrower (29 to 30 inches), and possibly thinner board if you’re experienced, for better efficiency and speed.
  • Surfing: Shorter boards (under 10 feet) with more rocker (curve) are preferable for maneuverability in waves.
  • Yoga/Fishing: Stability is key, so opt for a wider board (32 inches or more).
aqua marina paddle board

6. Experience Level

  • Beginners: Should lean towards longer, wider boards for more stability.
  • Intermediate to advanced paddlers: Can opt for boards tailored to specific activities (racing, touring, surfing) or narrower and potentially shorter boards for more speed and maneuverability.

Is Stand Up Paddle Board Hard To Learn?

No, stand up paddle board is not hard to learn. It is generally considered an accessible and relatively easy sport to learn for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Most people can achieve a basic level of proficiency within a few hours of practice. Here are a few reasons why SUP can be considered easy to learn:

  1. Stable Boards: Many beginner SUP boards are designed with stability in mind, featuring a wide base that helps maintain balance on the water.

  2. Adjustable Paddles: Paddles can be adjusted to your height, making it easier to maintain proper form and balance while paddling.

  3. Flat Water Learning: Starting on calm, flat water without currents or waves makes it easier to get the hang of balancing and paddling on the board.

  4. Simple Equipment: Aside from the board and paddle, you don’t need much equipment to start, and the gear is straightforward to use.

  5. Progress at Your Own Pace: You can start by kneeling on the board before standing up, allowing you to progressively build your confidence and balance.

  6. Versatility: SUP can be as relaxing or as challenging as you want it to be, from gentle paddling in calm waters to more intense sessions in waves or participating in SUP yoga.

However, like any sport, mastering SUP and developing advanced skills, such as handling choppy water, strong currents, or surfing waves, will require practice, balance, and physical fitness. It’s also important to learn proper paddle techniques to avoid fatigue and ensure efficient movement through the water.

Should I Get Any Other Accessories?

Yes, while your paddle board will come with the basic essentials, there are several accessories that can enhance your paddle boarding experience, ensuring safety, convenience, and enjoyment.

There are things like an aqua marina paddle board seat that will make your life much easier. Also they have a great kayak range that you can look into.

Here are my favorite accessories for paddle boarding:
The 23 Best Paddleboard Accessories That You Need In 2024


Selecting the right Aqua Marina paddle board involves matching your needs and skill level with the board’s features. Whether you’re drawn to the Fusion for its exceptional value, the Beast for all-around versatility, the Coral for its suitability for women, or the Atlas for intermediate paddlers, Aqua Marina offers a diverse range of inflatable SUPs to suit various preferences and conditions.

aqua marina paddle board

Consider board size, material, and specific design features that align with your paddling goals. Aqua Marina’s boards cater to all—from beginners exploring calm lakes to seasoned adventurers tackling challenging waters. Paddleboarding is easy to pick up, offering a blend of outdoor exploration and fitness.

With Aqua Marina, you have the tools to dive into paddleboarding, combining ease of learning with the potential for adventure. Choosing the right board sets you up for enjoyable and fulfilling experiences on the water.

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Common Aqua Marina Paddle Board FAQs

Is the Aqua Marina SUP easy to transport?

Yes, Aqua Marina SUPs are designed for easy transport. Being inflatable, they can be deflated, rolled up, and packed into a carry backpack, making them highly portable and perfect for adventurers with limited storage space or those who like to travel.

How long does the Stand Up Paddle take to set up?

Setting up an Aqua Marina SUP usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. This includes unrolling the board, attaching the pump, inflating it to the recommended air pressure, and attaching the fin and any other accessories. Electric pumps can reduce this time significantly.

How long does the Aqua Marina SUP take to deflate?

Deflating an Aqua Marina SUP is quick and easy, typically taking just a few minutes. You simply open the valve to let the air escape, and once the air is out, you can roll up the board for storage.

Is there any downside to an Aqua Marina paddle board?

The main downside to Aqua Marina paddle boards, as with most inflatable SUPs, is that they may not offer the same performance level as hard boards in terms of speed and maneuverability. Additionally, the aluminum paddles that come with some models may be heavier and less comfortable for longer paddling sessions.

Inflatable versus hard paddle board?

Inflatable paddle boards offer great portability, ease of storage, and are generally more durable when it comes to impacts (2). Hard boards, on the other hand, provide better performance, speed, and maneuverability. The choice depends on your priorities: convenience and transportability (inflatable) versus performance (hard).

What is the max weight recommended for an Aqua Marina paddle board?

The max weight capacity varies by model but generally ranges from around 231 lbs (105 kg) for the Coral, up to 396 lbs (180 kg) for the Atlas. It’s important to check the specific model for its weight capacity to ensure optimal performance and stability.

Are Aqua Marina SUP boards good?

Yes, Aqua Marina SUP boards are well-regarded for their quality, durability, and performance. They offer a wide range of models to suit different skill levels and activities, making them a popular choice among paddlers.

Is it safe to paddle board in the ocean?

Paddle boarding in the ocean is safe with the right precautions. It’s important to be aware of the weather and water conditions, use a leash, wear a PFD, and have a good understanding of ocean currents and tides. Beginners should start in calm, sheltered areas before venturing into open water.

Is a heavier or lighter paddle board better?

A lighter paddle board is generally better for most paddlers as it’s easier to carry, maneuver, and accelerate. However, heavier boards can offer more stability, especially in choppy water. The ideal weight depends on your specific needs, including where you’ll be paddling and your personal preferences.

aqua marina paddle baord


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