Is A Connelly Paddle Board Good? The Pacific 10’6″ Review

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Are you looking for your next paddle board? Then I really recommend that you take a look at the new Connelly Paddle Board range, specifically the Pacific 10’6″.

This inflatable paddle board offers stability and comfort, making it perfect for riders of all ages. And along with a whole host of other benefits, it is definitely something seriously worth considering.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Connelly Pacific 10’6”, helping you make an informed decision for your water sports equipment. Get ready to experience the ultimate in paddle boarding with the Connelly Pacific 10’6”.

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Overview of the Connelly Pacific 10’6” Paddle Board

Connelly is a well-known and established water sports brand that has been around since 1965. They originally started by building mahogany and white cedar ski’s and then started to move into all different watersports. Now – in 2024 you can buy ski’s, wakeboards, paddles and even kneeboards from this company.

But without a doubt one of the best additions that they’ve made to their watersports range is the Pacific 10’6″ paddle board. Let’s review it…

connelly paddle board

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Key Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 10′ x 6″ x 34″

– Weight of 28 lbs (inflated)

– Volume of 322 lbs

– Weight capacity of 260 lbs

– 6” dual layer high pressure drop stitch construction

– Comes with a 1-year warranty

– Really good looking and high quality paddle board that looks great on the water.

– Love the addition of the integrated seat and backrest so you don’t have to buy one separately.

– Extremely stable and easy to get started on.

– The EVA deck pad is large and takes up a lot of space so you have plenty of room to move around on the board.
– Only has a single fin setups which makes it a little less stable. These fin setups are usually better for touring and flatwater paddling.

– The SUP is a little heavier than other paddle boards which makes it less maneuverable and harder to carry.

– The seat isn’t clipped down so when you walk with it, it will flap around which is something that I don’t like.

– The paddle is aluminum so it’s heavier than a carbon paddle.
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The Connelly CWB Pacific iSUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard) Package is a versatile and user-friendly option for paddleboarding enthusiasts. This package, ideal for those looking to enjoy a relaxed experience on the water, includes a 10’6″ paddleboard, designed with several unique features to enhance your paddling adventure.

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connelly paddle board

One of the standout features of this paddleboard is its integrated seat and backrest. This exclusive design by Connelly allows for a comfortable seating option directly on the board. When you’re not using the backrest, it lies flat against the deck, keeping it out of your way while standing. This feature is perfect for those moments when you want to switch from a standing paddleboarding experience to a more leisurely seated one. Simply lift the backrest, adjust the straps, and enjoy a different kind of on-water relaxation.

The construction of the paddleboard is robust and designed for durability. It features a 6” dual-layer high-pressure drop-stitch construction, ensuring the board remains rigid and stable in the water. This rigidity is further enhanced by fusion-wrapped rails, adding extra strength and durability to the board’s edges.

Storage and convenience have also been thoughtfully considered. The board comes equipped with deck cleats and a bungee cord storage system, allowing you to securely store your belongings while you’re out on the water. The soft sanded EVA pad provides a comfortable and grippy surface, which is especially useful when standing up and maneuvering on the board.

What’s Included:

  • 4 piece adjustable aluminum paddle
  • Carrying bag
  • High pressure pump
  • Patch & repair kit
  • Coiled leash
  • Removable 9″ fin
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Important Features Of This Connelly Paddle Board:

Let’s jump into some of the more important features on this SUP and my thoughts around each of them.

Traction Pad:

The EVA traction pad on the board extends from just behind the bungee cords to nearly the end of the board’s tail. This feature significantly enhances grip, and we observed that it provides comfort for both standing and kneeling positions.

This gives you a lot of space to move around on the board and this is a really nice feature. You can also take your dog on the board and your good boy will have a place to stand.

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In-Built Backrest and Seat

One of the stand out features that I love (and don’t love) about this board is the seat/back rest that is built into the board. Let’s talk about the benefits of this: It is really convenient! You can just pop it up and sit down on your board and it’s really easy. If you ever get tired then this is a huge win.

Now the negative – it kinda flaps around when the board is upside down. This isn’t an issue when the board is in use, but if you carry it then it flaps around because it’s not clipped down. This wasn’t a problem for me but it’s something worth considering.

Bungee Cords:

The bungee system up front is a good size for securing a dry bag, PFD, water bottle or other essentials that need to come along for the ride with you.

The bungee cords are also close enough to the traction pad that you can easily reach them when kneeling so this makes it really easy and convenient to use. This is really nice because you can easily access everything that you need at any time on the water.

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The 9″ plastic fin is designed to help with tracking and keep you flowing in the right direction. It is a solid, high quality fin and it’s easy to take it out when you’re storing it and then put it back in during use.

Because this board only allows for a 1 fin – it is easy to maintain and it makes it faster on the water. But this also makes the board a little less stable. It is also best suited for flat water and long distance touring because of the single fin setup.

Carry Handle:

There is a single carry handle in the middle of the SUP. It is made of nylon and it makes it easy to carry the board even for children. When using the paddleboard the handle doesn’t really get in the way so it’s not a problem.

Other Included Items:

Like I mentioned before – It comes with all of these goodies included. Let’s talk a bit more about these items.

I liked the pump, it is sturdy and well made and does it’s job. Personally I am a big fan of electric paddle board pumps because they make life much easier but this works well.

The bag is quite large and it makes it easy to transport the Connelly paddle board. It makes it easy to pack up the board and it fits nicely.

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The paddle is average. They decided to go with an aluminum paddle which I still question – because it’s heavy and doesn’t float. It does it’s job but I think that it’s a missed opportunity with the paddle. You might be happier with a different paddle.

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Comparison to Other Paddle Boards

This Connelly paddle board fits into the category of a beginner / intermediate budget board.

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After reviewing the features, benefits, and customer feedback for the Connelly Pacific 10’6” paddle board, it’s clear that this is a good paddle board and a solid option for beginner / intermediate paddlers.

Recap of the key features and benefits

The Connelly Pacific 10’6” paddle board offers a stable and non-slip comfort deck, making it suitable for both youth and adults. Its lightweight and durable design ensures portability and long-lasting performance.

The premium SUP accessories, including an integrated backrest, EVA deck pad, bungee cord, and convertible paddle, provide a comfortable and secure stand up ride.

This inflatable stand up paddle board not only delivers great performance on the water but it is also really nice to use.

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Final recommendation for the Connelly Pacific 10’6” as the best paddle board option.

After reviewing the key features and benefits of the Connelly Pacific 10’6”, it’s clear that this paddle board stands out as a top choice. Its stable design, lightweight construction, and non-slip comfort deck make it suitable for both youth and adults.

connelly paddle board

With premium SUP accessories and durable build, it offers a comfortable and secure stand-up ride. The Connelly Pacific 10’6” is undoubtedly a good option for many people.

This versatile paddle board provides an enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels, offering durability, stability, and ease of use. It’s a reliable choice for water sports enthusiasts looking for a high-quality SUP board with integrated backrest, bungee cord storage system, deck cleats for tie-downs, and convenient paddle conversion feature – making it truly great choice among outdoor recreation gear.

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Connelly Paddle Board: FAQs

How stable is the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board?

The Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board offers excellent stability, making it suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Is the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board easy to transport?

Yes, the lightweight design of the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board makes it easy to transport to and from the water.

What type of paddling is the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board best suited for?

The versatile design of the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board makes it well-suited for various activities including recreational paddling, fitness workouts, and yoga on water.

Can I use the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board in different water conditions?

Yes, the versatile nature of this paddle board allows for enjoyment in various water conditions such as calm lakes, rivers, or even small waves at the beach. I found that it worked best in flatwater but it will also function in the sea.

What additional features does the Connelly Pacific 10’6″ paddle board offer?

The Connelly Pacific 10’6″ includes a bungee system for gear storage while enjoying your time on water along with an integrated soft sanded EVA pad providing comfort and secure traction when standing or kneeling on the non-slip surface.

connelly paddle board
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