Drift Paddle Board: Detailed A-Z Review Of The Classic Floral SUP

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If you’ve been around water lately then you’ve probably seen a Drift paddle board. They are those fancy looking floral paddle boards that are so popular these days… And for good reason!

Drift really has managed to create a durable, versatile and fun-to-ride paddle board that could make you extremely happy.

That’s why I’m excited to do a detailed review of the Drift Native Floral paddle board.

Let’s get into it.

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Quick Overview Of The Drift Paddle Board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Made of military-grade PVC with a core of composite drop-stitch fibers.

– Dimensions of 10’8″ x 33″ x 6″

– Weight capacity of 250 lbs (113 kg)

– 1 year warranty

– Weight of 19 lbs (8.62 kg)

– Best use: Casual day-to-day riding with one person.

Overall Thoughts:


Using the Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has been a great experience. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and very stable, which makes it perfect for both beginners and more experienced paddlers. The durability is impressive thanks to its military-grade PVC construction, and the cushy EVA deckpad adds a lot of comfort. Although the accessories aren’t top-notch and inflating it by hand can be a bit challenging, these are minor drawbacks considering the board’s overall performance and value for money. Whether you’re heading to the ocean, a lake, or a river, the Drift paddle board is a reliable and enjoyable choice.

– Great value for money.

– Extremely lightweight, maneuverable and easy to transport.

– Stable and easy to use (even for beginners)

– Large and cushy EV deckpad that covers most of the board and makes it easy to move around.

– Plenty of storage space so you can attach coolers or other accessories.
– The accessories aren’t amazing quality.

– Difficult to inflate with the hand pump so consider getting an electric one.

– You have to hold down the nozzle to deflate
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What It’s Like Using The Drift Paddle Board

Easy to Use and Transport

I’ve been using the Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for a while now, and I have to say, it’s incredibly convenient. This board is extremely lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport. The carry backpack included with the board is a lifesaver, especially when I have to walk a bit to get to the water. Being inflatable means it stores compactly, which is perfect for travel and keeping my garage clutter-free – you can pack it down to just 38″ x 18″ x 12″ which is crazy considering that it’s a 10’8″ paddle board.

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Taking this board to different locations has been really easy. Whether I’m heading to the ocean, a lake, or a river, it’s hassle-free to get it to my adventure spot and that’s something that’s really nice about the Drift paddle board and it makes it accessible to more people (1).

drift paddle board deflated on the ground next to a white car.

Durable and Long-Lasting Construction

Durability was a big concern for me when choosing a paddle board, and the Drift has not disappointed. Made of military-grade PVC with a core of composite drop-stitch fibers, this board is tough and can handle the usual wear and tear. I’ve taken it out in some rough waters, and it holds up just as well as on calm lakes.

The construction is solid, keeping the board rigid and reliable under high pressure and weight. Knowing that it’s built to last gives me peace of mind during my paddling adventures. The large and cushy EVA deckpad covers most of the board, making it easy to move around and comfortable, even for long rides.

User-Friendly Experience on the Water

Using the Drift Inflatable Paddle Board has been a fantastic experience. The stability and performance of this board are impressive. Its size (10’8″ x 33″ x 6″) makes it stable enough for me , my friends and even an excited pup (I haven’t taken my dog on this yet though).

The board can handle a maximum weight of 250 lbs (113 kg), which is great when I want to bring along some extra gear.

drift paddle board lying on the edge of a lake.

The included accessories, like the performance paddle, double-action pump, and leash, make setup quick and easy. Plus, the design is not only stylish but also easy to spot on the water, which adds a layer of safety.

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Features of the Drift Paddle Board

Complete Kit for a Quick Start

drift paddle board bag on a womans back while walking in the forest.

The Drift comes with everything you need to get started:

  • Carry Backpack: Perfect for storing and transporting the board.
  • Double Action Performance Pump: Makes inflating the board quick and effortless.
  • Aluminum Performance Paddle: Lightweight and adjustable for efficient paddling.
  • Slide-in Center Fin: Provides good stability and tracking.
  • Coiled Leash: Keeps you safely connected to your board.
  • Repair Kit: Handy for minor fixes on the go.

Benefits of the Drift Paddle Board

High Rigidity and Stability

One of the first things I noticed was the board’s high rigidity, which made it easy for me to use. The solo fin setup really helps with tracking on the water, ensuring my ride is smooth and stable. I went to the water with some friends that don’t really paddle board and they could happily stand on this sup.

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It also has a slight rocker that helps you cut over the water which makes for a smoother ride. This is definitely better suited for flat water usage, but it will operate in the sea also.

A Full Set Of Accessories Included

I love that this board comes with all the necessary accessories. It made getting out on the water so much easier, and I didn’t have to worry about buying extras. Granted – the accessories aren’t the highest of quality but they still function (more on that later)

Eye-Catching Design

The Drift’s design is both stylish and practical. It’s easy to spot on the water, which is a nice safety feature. You can really see the quality in the design and production, and it offers a high-end experience every time I use it.

The deckpad is soft, cushy, and easy on the knees if you want to kneel on it. This is also handy if you get tired easily because you can just kneel on the board and it doesn’t hurt your knees.

Drift paddle board floating lazily in a lake on a cloudy day
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Drawbacks of the Drift Paddle Board

Accessories Aren’t Amazing Quality

While the board itself is great, the accessories aren’t the best quality. The paddle and pump work, but they feel a bit flimsy compared to the board.

Difficult to Inflate with the Hand Pump

Inflating the board with the hand pump can be challenging and time-consuming. I’d recommend getting an electric pump to make the process easier and quicker.

Here are the best electric air pumps on the market right now:
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You Have To Hold Down The Nozzle To Deflate

This was an interesting drawback that I didn’t expect – and it’s because it just seems so inefficient. Basically the inflation valve needs to be held down with your finger to deflate the board. Most SUPs have a twisting motion on the nozzle that allows for automatic deflation, but Drift decided to have a manual one. It’s not a big deal, but it makes deflation slight more frustrating.

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top level view of a man paddle boarding in the ocean

Buying Guide

When looking for a paddle board, especially an inflatable one, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

1. Material and Construction

  • Look for boards made from military-grade PVC with composite drop-stitch fibers for durability and rigidity.
  • Check if the deckpad is cushioned and covers a significant portion of the board, ensuring comfort during long rides.

2. Size and Weight Capacity

  • Ensure the dimensions fit your needs. For example, the Drift is 10’8″ x 33″ x 6″, providing ample stability.
  • Check the weight capacity. The Drift handles up to 250 lbs (113 kg), suitable for most riders and some extra gear.

3. Portability

  • Consider the board’s weight and how easily it can be transported. The Drift weighs 19 lbs (8.62 kg) and comes with a carry backpack, making it very portable.
  • If you plan to travel frequently, an inflatable board that packs down compactly is ideal.
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4. Included Accessories

  • A good paddle board package should include a paddle, pump, leash, fin, and a repair kit. The quality of these accessories can vary, so check reviews for insights.

5. Ease of Inflation and Deflation

  • Hand pumps can be strenuous, so investing in an electric pump might be worthwhile.
  • Check the deflation mechanism; some boards, like the Drift, require holding down the nozzle manually.

6. Warranty and Customer Support

  • A warranty, like the Drift’s 1-year warranty, provides peace of mind. Good customer support can be crucial if you encounter issues.
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Maintenance and Care Tips

Taking good care of your paddle board will ensure it lasts for many years. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your Drift paddle board:

  • Rinse After Use: Always rinse your board with fresh water after using it in salt water or dirty water. This prevents corrosion and keeps it looking new.
  • Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure: UV rays can damage the board over time. Store it in a shaded area or use a UV protective cover.
  • Store Properly: Deflate the board when not in use and store it in the carry backpack. Keep it in a cool, dry place to avoid mold and mildew.
  • Check for Damage: Regularly inspect your board for any signs of wear and tear. If you find any small holes or tears, use the repair kit (without glue) that comes with the board to fix them.
  • Handle with Care: Avoid dragging the board on rough surfaces to prevent scratches and damage.

Here is a quick video guide for you:

By following these tips, you can keep your Drift paddle board in excellent condition and enjoy many adventures on the water.


Overall, the Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers great value for money. It’s extremely lightweight, stable, and easy to use, even for beginners. The durability and design make it a solid choice for casual day-to-day riding. While the accessories could be better, and inflating it by hand can be tough, the benefits far outweigh these minor issues. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced paddler, the Drift is a fantastic option to consider.

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Drift Paddle Board FAQs

How durable is the Drift paddle board?

The Drift paddle board is made of military-grade PVC with a core of composite drop-stitch fibers, making it extremely durable. It can handle rough waters and usual wear and tear without any issues.

Is the Drift paddle board suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Drift paddle board is very stable and easy to use, even for beginners. Its large and cushy EVA deckpad provides great traction and comfort, making it perfect for those new to paddle boarding.

How easy is it to transport the Drift paddle board?

The Drift paddle board is lightweight, weighing just 19 lbs (8.62 kg), and comes with a convenient carry backpack. This makes it super easy to transport, whether you’re walking a bit to the water or traveling.

What accessories come with the Drift paddle board?

The Drift paddle board comes with a carry backpack, double-action performance pump, aluminum performance paddle, slide-in center fin, coiled leash, and a repair kit. These accessories make it easy to get started right away which is a big plus in my opinion, because it can get really expensive to buy accessories separately.

Can I use an electric pump to inflate the Drift paddle board?

Yes, you can use an electric pump to inflate the Drift paddle board. In fact, it might be a good idea since inflating it with the hand pump can be a bit challenging and time-consuming. An electric pump will make the process quicker and easier. It also allows you to deflate the board and make it more compact (which indirectly makes it easier to pack).

drift paddle board

1 – Scarlett Keddie, ‘I Tried Paddleboarding And It’s Way More Accessible Than You’d Think’, taken from: https://womenshealth.com.au/best-guide-paddle-boarding-exercise-tips/

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