NIXY Newport G5 Inflatable SUP Review

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Recently I got early access to try out NIXY Sports‘ brand new paddle board – the NIXY Newport G5… And I absolutely loved it! It is an all-around inflatable paddle board that upgraded the NIXY Newport G4 in every way – and it’s an absolute no-brainer opportunity for the price that it’s currently listed at!

Keep reading to see our detailed NIXY paddle board review.

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NIXY Newport G5: Summary Of The Results

– It is well built, extremely stable and very functional – it’s great for everything from paddling in the ocean to playing around in a lake

– Is extremely rigid and has minimal flex, which makes it really easy to balance on (we had a beginner stand in 30 seconds on this board)

– Heavy duty construction + 3 year warranty shows that NIXY stands behind the product that they created

– Nice speed on the water and it’s really easy to use.

– Lots of D-rings and action mounts give you a lot of options to attach things like fishing rod mounts or kayak seats.
– I would love to see a paddle fastener attached in future models to lock the paddle into place when out on the water

Were There Any Downsides?

I legitimately struggled to find any downsides to this paddle board, it really was excellent. So instead of categorizing these as negative points, I’ll rather mention something that I recommend that they add.

1 – I would love to see them add a paddle fastener that lets you attach your paddle to the side of the SUP when you’re out on the water into future generations of this board.

Other than that, I don’t have any other feedback (and I was nit-picking here). Really it is a great SUP that I am more than happy to keep using over and over again.

man standing with the new nixy newport g5 sup

Detailed Specs:

Here are all the detailed specs that you need to know about the board:

Length10’6″ (320 cm)
Width32″ (81.30 cm)
Thickness6″ (15.24 cm
Weight21 lbs (9.79 kg)
Max Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs (136 kg)
Volume300 L
Recommended Inflation15 PSI / 1 BAR
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How We Tested The NIXY Newport G5

We recently took the new inflatable SUP onto a lake and river so that we could get an understanding of how it performs in still water, along with strong currents in a river.

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Generally we focussed on answering these questions with the review:

1 – Is It Easy To Use?
3 – How Does It Function In Different Conditions?

So keep reading as we answer these questions one-by-one.

NIXY Newport Paddle Board: Detailed Review

Let’s get into the review portion where we talk about why we gave it the rating that we did:

Is It Easy To Use?

This is categorized as an ‘all-around’ paddle board so the goal that NIXY had when they were making it is to allow you to do a little bit of everything, and I think that they really achieved that.

Any new paddle board is a little bit wobbly when you first get your bearings with it, but within a minute I was extremely comfortable on the board.

When inflated to 15 PSI this board is extremely rigid, it has almost zero flex to it. We had a 90 kg (198 lbs) guy bouncing on the board to test the flex and there was almost nothing.

man testing the flex of a nixy newport g5 paddle board
💡 This makes this paddle board extremely stable and easy to get going on even if you’re a complete beginner.

One of our friends who is a complete beginner stood on this paddle board within the first 30 seconds of trying it because of the high level of stability:

NIXY really nailed it when it comes to designing a board that is easy to use for everyone. It is also something that you could easily grow into as you continue to improve at paddle boarding.

How Does It Function In Different Conditions?

We took it into 2 different water conditions:

  • A calm lake
  • And a river with a strong current

It performed brilliantly in both conditions. This board is extremely easy to move around with and because of the 32″ width you can turn it with a few strokes on each side of the board.

It also showed some really nice tracking. With one center fin it was pretty easy to paddle against the current in the river. The SUP held it’s line and overall I couldn’t have asked for much more from it.

Our recommendation – this is a paddleboard that is designed more for flatwater use, it will function in the sea but if you’re looking for something more catered towards trying out surfing then you should also check out the NIXY Huntington sup.

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Other Specs:

Let’s get more into the construction and board materials.


Nixy Newport G5

The NIXY Newport G5 is made using high-quality PVC and enhanced with FusionTech construction and secure welded seams.

Because of NIXY’s process, the Newport G5 is both very durable and lightweight.

It was really easy to carry, lift up and move around to where I needed it to go.

Plus – I strongly believe that it will last for a long time. You can see that there was effort made in the construction, the seams were all welded neatly, the EVA deckpad is soft and grippy, and you can see lots of small touches applied – like them telling you exactly how hard to inflate it on the inflation nozzle.

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Board Design & Shape

Like I said before, the NIXY Newport G5 is an all-around board that is most suited for flatter water conditions. But this does NOT mean that it doesn’t function well in the sea or rivers.

The board has a slight rocker in the nose, which helps to cut through small chop and waves – but it won’t be enough rocker if you are looking to surf down a steep wave. If you’re looking to do that then you’ll need to put a lot of weight onto the back of the board and hone your technique.

nixy newport g5

But when it comes to navigating a river or lake then this functions perfectly. They opted for a semi-rounded nose that is somewhere in between the pointed nose of a surf board and the rounded nose of a yoga paddle board, and this is a happy in-between that is classic when it comes to all-around paddle boards.

You can see that the construction quality is high with this, and that they truly paid attention to the shape and board design. This is NOT some big corporation cranking out garbage, you can see that it was designed for paddlers in mind and that is something that I really liked.

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Other Features:

You can see a summary of all the key features of the new NIXY G5 sup ranges below:

Image Taken From NIXY Sports Website


The NIXY Newport G5 paddle board has a single 9″ fin that fits nicely into a US universal fin box. It is really easy to use and doesn’t require any tools. You just slot it into the groove and then screw it in with your fingers and it works nicely.

I love that they went with the universal fin option because if you lose your fin then you can easily just go to any surf store or order another one online without all the hassle that comes with other fin models.

I also like that they went with a single fin set up because it makes it much easier to fold up and transport the board without having to manage other flexi fins.

Here is a quick summary of how to attach the fin:

Traction Pad

The traction pad is made of a nice, thick and durable EVA foam that is really soft and cushy.

We also really like how it covers a large part of the board which gives you lots of space to move around without losing grip.

I love the authentic wooden look of the deckpad and also how they added small details like the NIXY logo on it to make it feel like there is a large amount of attention to detail here.

The deckpad is soft enough that you could sit on the board or even go on your knees and be happy on it for a long time.


The board comes with 3 handles (one in the center, one in the nose and one in the tail) that are made of a high quality fabric that is thick and easy to hold. This set up gives you plenty of spaces to grab onto while moving the sup around and it is more than enough.


The board includes 12 different D-rings that you can use to attach various things like extra bungees, water bottles, coolers, etc.

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Action Mounts

Another feature that I really liked with this paddle board is that they included 5x M8 action mounts that you can use to attach things like fishing rod holders, cups and more.


The NIXY Newport G5 has a 4-point front bungee and a 6-point back bungee that gives you plenty of room to store things like your sandles, paddles, hats and whatever else you have with you. I really like how much storage space they provided with this board.

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NIXY Newport G5: Accessories

Disclaimer: I did not receive a paddle or carry bag with my early-access paddle board, so I will not be including these as part of my review.

Electric Pump

We use the NIXY Ventus electric pump to inflate and deflate the paddle board. This is sold separately and I would strongly suggest that you get one to make things easier.

You can read our detailed review of the NIXY Ventus electric pump to find out more information about it.

It also comes with a NIXY paddle board manual that explained everything about the paddle board and the pump so it’s really easy to use.

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What Other Accessories Should You Get?

If you take a look at the NIXY website you’ll see that they have many other accessories that you can choose from.

Here’s what I would choose along with this board (and electric pump:)

#1: Ventus Battery Pack

Where To Buy: NIXY Sports

As it currently stands, the NIXY electric pump needs a car to power it, but this battery pack solves that problem so that you can inflate your SUP at the beach or wherever else you are paddling.

The next accessory that I would get is:

#2: Premium Kayak Seat

Where To Buy: NIXY Sports

This recommendation depends on what you want to use the sup for, but my wife absolutely loves to sit and paddle around on the water with seats. These are also really convenient for things like fishing.


The NIXY Newport G5 inflatable SUP is an outstanding option for both beginners and seasoned paddlers looking for an all-around paddleboard. Its performance in various water conditions—from calm lakes to rivers with strong currents—is great, thanks to its strong construction and stable design. The board is easy to maneuver, and its versatility allows for a wide range of activities on the water. It’s a pretty sup, and it scores high on functionality and durability, with a wood-finish EVA deckpad that adds a touch of visual appeal.

For anyone considering a reliable, functional, and user-friendly inflatable SUP, the NIXY Newport G5 comes highly recommended. It ticks all the right boxes for quality, performance, and price, making it a worthwhile addition to any paddleboarders collection. Plus – when you look at the NIXY paddle board price that is listed, you shouldn’t think twice about this.

Summary Of The Findings:

CategoryOur Findings
VersatilityThe SUP was extremely versatile, it handled a river with a strong current really easily and it was completely manageable. (9.5/10)
ConstructionIt is very lightweight and has high quality construction, there was a high level of rigidity even when we tried to flex the board. (9.5/10)
StabilityThis is the boards major highlight for me – we had an absolute beginner try out the NIXY Newport G5 and he stood within the first minute because of how stable it is. (10/10)
AppearanceIt’s good to look at and we got compliments on the water. I really like the wood finish EVA deckpad and I think it enhances the aesthetics (9/10)
PerformanceThis is an all-around paddle board that is designed to give you a ‘little bit of everything’ and I think that it truly achieves this. There’s not much more you can ask for from a paddle board (9.5/10)
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Are NIXY paddle boards good?

Absolutely! NIXY paddle boards are known for their high-quality construction and great performance. They are versatile, stable, and built to handle a variety of water conditions, making them excellent for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Where are NIXY paddle boards made?

Nixy paddle boards are designed in the USA, and they are manufactured using high-quality materials sourced globally. Their design focuses on durability, performance, and user satisfaction.

Is it better to paddleboard with one fin or three?

It depends on the conditions and your paddling needs. A single fin setup, like on the NIXY Newport G5, offers good tracking and is easier to handle in most water conditions, making it great for general use. A three-fin setup can provide better stability and control, especially in rough waters or when surfing. If you’re just cruising on calm water, one fin is usually sufficient.

How do I know if my paddle board is good?

A good paddle board should be stable, durable, and suitable for the water conditions you plan to explore. Check for a board that has a firm construction when inflated, offers enough surface area for stability, and includes features that suit your specific paddling style and activities. Reviews and recommendations can also help guide your choice.

What is the lifespan of a paddle board?

The lifespan of a paddle board can vary depending on its construction material, usage, and maintenance. A Nixy sup can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years with proper care.

Always do the following to maintain yours:

  • Rinse your board with fresh water after use,
  • Store it out of direct sunlight when not in use
  • Check for any air leaks or damage regularly to ensure it remains in good shape.
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