5 Best Paddle Board Electric Motors In 2024

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Looking for the perfect electric motor for your paddle board? In 2024, the options are more exciting than ever. This article will guide you through the top picks and what to consider when choosing one.

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Types of Paddle Board Motors

There are many different paddle board motors available, like battery-operated fins, motorized add-on kits, electric trolling motors, and inflatable SUPs with integrated motors. These are the main types you’ll probably come across.

Battery Powered Fins

Battery-powered fins give your paddle boarding a boost by using their batteries to help move you forward, making it easier to paddle.

These fins come with different speed settings, making it easier to move smoothly even in strong currents. They’re great for both beginners and those who paddle over long distances, making things more convenient and efficient.

Plus, they’re better for the environment since they don’t produce any emissions while you’re using them.

Motorized Conversion Kits

Motorized conversion kits are special because they can make almost any stand-up paddle board move faster and with less work for you.

Choosing one of these kits lets you change your regular paddle board into one that has a motor.

These kits typically come with an electric motor, a battery box, a charger, a control unit, and everything you need to attach it all to your board.

Electric Motor Mounts

Electric motor mounts make it easy to attach a motor to your paddle board. They’re made to be simple to install and work with many kinds of paddle boards.

By using an electric motor mount, you can quickly turn your paddle board into one that’s powered by a motor, giving you extra speed and strength in the water. Whether you’re fishing or just want to go farther with less work, an electric motor mount is a handy way to improve your paddle boarding.

Motorized Paddle Board

An inflatable SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) with a built-in motor is a handy and flexible choice for those who enjoy paddle boarding. These boards have a motor included right in their design, which makes them easy to carry around and set up.

With an inflatable SUP, you can quickly pump it up or let the air out, making it easy to store and take with you. The motor adds extra power and speed, helping you paddle more effectively.

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Whether you’re on calm lakes or facing stronger currents, an inflatable SUP with a motor lets you handle different kinds of water easily, without losing out on how well it performs.

Now that you know the different types of paddle board electric motors that you’ll see in the wild. Let’s talk about some of the best picks for 2024.

CategoryPaddle Board Electric Motor
Best Motor MountScubajet Pro All-In-One Kit
Best Budget Motor MountSubnado Twin Scooter Set
Longest Battery LifeBixpy Jet J-2
Fastest Speed MotorSublue Whiteshark 2 Conversion Kit
Best For Casual PaddlersBoost Electric Fin

Let’s go through each of these one by one so that you have all the information you need to make a decision.

#1: Scubajet Pro All-In-One Kit

paddle board electric motor

Where To Buy: Scuba.com

Key Features:
– Max speed of 4.5 mph with a ride time of 2 to 4 hours

– Charge Time: 3 to 6 hours

– Length: 16.5″ or 22.8″

– Engine power: 200 W or 400W

– Weight: 6.6 lbs or 10 lbs (incl. battery)

– It has up to 4 hours of run time, which is quite a long day on the water.

– It’s fun to use and you can notice the speed on the water (light people can go up to 6-7 mph)

– The remote watch is accurate and easy to use.

– Can be used for scuba diving and snorkeling also.
– Quite big so it’s not incredibly portable

– The Bluetooth link they give has to be attached to the surface of the board which takes up a bit of space.


Initially designed for scuba divers, the Scubajet Pro now features a special adapter set that makes it compatible with smaller watercraft such as paddle boards and kayaks, facilitating easy movement through the water.

This motorized attachment is really versatile. You can use it on its own or to add extra power to your water activities. It fits both kayaks and paddle boards and even has a version you can hold in your hand for snorkeling or scuba diving. The Scubajet Pro comes in three different power levels and can keep going for up to 4 hours, helping you enjoy longer trips.

A cool thing about the Scubajet Pro is that it’s totally eco-friendly, producing no emissions. It has a battery system that you can add more batteries to for longer use, and it’s designed to work with any paddle board. It also comes with a wireless remote that you wear on your wrist, making it easy to control. It’s a great tool for anyone into water sports, providing lots of options and controls for activities like kayaking, freediving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding.

Check Price ➑️ Scuba.com

#2: Subnado Twin Scooter Set (Best Budget Motor Mount)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Features:
– Max speed of 4 mph with a ride time of 1 hour

– Charge Time: 1.2 hours

– Length: 14.84 * 2.75 * 2.75 inches

– Engine power: 14.33 lbs of thrust

– Weight: 3 lbs

paddle board electric motor
– Really inexpensive for two electric motors

– Acts as a portable power bank for your other devices if you want to charge your phone or something else.

– Easy to set up and use. It comes with a paddle board bracket so that you can easily attach it to your SUP.

– I really liked the single ring finger controller because it frees up your hands to paddle.
– Only lasts for about an hour (depending on rider weight)


The Subnado Underwater Scooter by Waydoo is an affordable electric motor option for paddle boarders looking to speed up their water adventures without breaking the bank. This compact device is the size of a small soda bottle, lightweight at just 3lbs, yet powerful, offering up to 14.33lbs of thrust with a highly efficient propulsion system. Its 98Wh battery is airline-approved for easy travel.

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Designed for simplicity and convenience, it features an intuitive finger-ring controller for one-finger operation and comes with a variety of mounting options for hands-free use, such as on your leg or a gas cylinder. It’s durable enough for depths up to 197ft, making it suitable for both recreational diving and fun in the pool, with easy operation even for kids.

The Subnado also supports accessory attachments, including cameras for capturing underwater moments. Its proprietary battery system recharges quickly in just 1.2 hours, offering up to 56 minutes of cruising time. The package includes a 100W charger, leg mounting kit, cylinder bracket, and a paddle board bracket for effortless gliding on water, enhancing the paddle boarding experience for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Check Price ➑️ Amazon

#3: Bixpy Jet K-1 (Longest Battery Life)

paddle board electric motor

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Features:
– Max speed of 5 mph with a ride time of 80 minutes at top speed (12 hours at slowest speed)

– Charge Time: 5 hours

– Engine power: 378 kW

– Weight: 9 lbs

– Really long lasting battery life. You can easily go a full day with this paddle board electric motor kit.

– It’s lightweight and easy to hook up to your SUP

– It has a kill switch that turns off the motor if you fall off the board.

– Pretty fast compared to other models
– The motor is relatively noisy compared to other models.

– You need to buy the attachment mounts separately.


The Bixpy K-1 Outboard Kit is an excellent electric motor choice for paddle board enthusiasts seeking long battery life to extend their water adventures. It features a 378 Wh battery that powers the motor for roughly 80 minutes at full speed or up to 12 hours on lower settings. The entire setup is incredibly lightweight at just 10 lb, including the battery and motor, making it perfect for kayaks, inflatable watercraft, and paddle boards.

The motor boasts a quick release mechanism for easy removal and a warp speed feature for instantly reaching maximum speed. It’s controlled by a wireless Bluetooth remote with 12 forward and 3 reverse speeds. However, it’s important to note that a mounting adapter is needed for attaching it to your watercraft and must be purchased separately.

The Bixpy K-1 combines power with convenience, offering 33lb of thrust in a compact and durable design, making it ideal for anyone looking to power their personal watercraft for longer explorations, fishing sessions, or simply to ensure an effortless return after a day out on the water.

Check Price ➑️ Amazon

#4: Sublue Whiteshark 2 Conversion Kit (Fastest Speed Motor)

Where To Buy: Amazon

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Key Features:
– Max speed of 7 mph with a ride time of 45 minutes at top speed

– Charge Time: 4 hours

– Engine power: 452 kW

paddle board electric motor
– Really fun and fast on the water

– The waterproof backpack is a nice addition to the package

– Really inexpensive price.

– Easy to attach to your paddle board with the mounts they provide.

– The controller allows for easy speed adjustments
– Limited battery life at top speed so you don’t get to enjoy the speed as much as you want to.

– Quite bulky and big so it’s more difficult to transport it.


The Whiteshark 2 Tini Underwater Scooter and Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit bundle is an innovative solution for paddle board enthusiasts seeking speed on the water. This set transforms nearly any paddleboard into an electric one, compatible with the Tini underwater scooter.

The Tini system allows for two-speed controls, reaching up to 7km/h, powered by a rechargeable 98Wh lithium battery lasting up to 45 minutes, with an optional 158Wh battery for extended use. The kit includes a waterproof backpack with a 30L capacity, featuring a dry-wet separation design, making it ideal for carrying your gear in any weather condition. Control is made simple and efficient through a wireless controller, providing easy speed adjustments. The lightweight design and quick installation process, requiring no tools, make it convenient for any adventure.

This bundle is perfect for paddle boarders looking to enhance their experience with added speed, offering a dual-engine option for even greater power. Note, the Tini motor must be purchased separately.

Check Price ➑️ Amazon

#5: Boost Electric Fin (Best For Casual Paddlers)

paddle board electric motor

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Features:
– Max speed of 5 mph with a ride time of 40 minutes at top speed

– Dimensions of 35.43 x 13.78 x 41.34 inches

– Weight of 3.3 lbs

– Charge Time: 2 hours

– Engine thrust: 20 lbs

– Clips in like a fin and can be installed out of the box in about 5 minutes.

– Goes up to 5mph which is pretty fast considering.

– Great price.

– Opens up options for fishing and other activities
– The motor isn’t silent

– Lower battery life (I’d recommend buying the replacement battery)


The Fin by Boost Surfing is an electric motor designed for surfboards, SUPs, and kayaks, ideal for casual paddlers looking to enhance their water experience. This lightweight and compact motor is easy to attach to any board within 5 minutes, just like fitting a regular fin.

Its construction from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and ABS Plastic makes it durable and shock-resistant, ready to withstand rough conditions at a weight of just 2.7 lb. The Fin boasts a 3500 mAh battery capable of extending your water sessions significantly, with up to 100 minutes in SUP Assistance Mode, 70 minutes in Trolling Mode, and 40 minutes in Wind/Current Resistance Mode.

Offering a powerful thrust of 20 lbs, it provides a notable speed and agility boost to your watercraft, with minimal drag and resistance. Control over the motor is maintained through a remote, allowing you to adjust speed as needed. This makes the Fin an excellent addition for those seeking a little extra power during their leisure paddling sessions.

Check Price ➑️ Amazon

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Board Electric Motor

Here are a few of the most important factors you should consider when choosing which electric SUP motor to buy.

Compatibility:Ensure the electric motor is compatible with your paddle board. Some motors are designed for specific types of boards, such as inflatable or hard boards.
Power and Speed:Consider the power output of the motor, usually measured in watts or thrust (lbs). This will affect how fast and how easily you can maneuver through the water. Think about the type of water conditions you’ll be facing and choose accordingly.
Battery Life:Look at the battery life or runtime of the motor on a single charge. It should be sufficient for the length of your typical paddle boarding sessions. Consider how battery weight affects the board’s handling and balance.
Weight and Portability:A lightweight and compact motor is easier to carry and less likely to affect the stability and performance of your paddle board. Check if the motor makes the board too heavy or difficult to transport.
Ease of Installation and Removal:Look for a motor that can be easily installed and removed from your paddle board. This is particularly important if you plan to use your board both with and without the motor.
Control System:Consider how the motor is controlled. Some models come with wireless remotes or other control systems that make it easier to adjust speed and direction while on the water.
Price:Electric motors for paddle boards can vary widely in price. Set a budget and consider the features that are most important to you within that budget.

Considering these factors will help you choose an electric motor for your paddle board that meets your needs, enhances your paddling experience, and provides reliable performance in the conditions where you plan to use it.


Selecting the right electric motor for your paddle board in 2024 can significantly enhance your water adventures, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler. From the versatile Scubajet Pro All-In-One Kit to the budget-friendly Subnado Twin Scooter Set, the long-lasting Bixpy Jet K-1, the fast Sublue Whiteshark 2 Conversion Kit, and the casual paddler-friendly Boost Electric Fin, there’s an option to suit every need and preference.

By considering factors such as compatibility, power and speed, battery life, weight and portability, ease of installation, control system, and price, you can find a motor that complements your paddle boarding experience perfectly. Remember, the right electric motor can transform your paddle boarding into a more enjoyable, efficient, and exciting sport, allowing you to explore further and with less effort. So, choose wisely and prepare to make waves in 2024 with the best electric motor for your paddle board.

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How do electric motors enhance the paddle boarding experience?

Electric motors can enhance the paddle boarding experience by assisting with paddling, enabling users to embark on longer excursions and explore new areas without becoming fatigued.

Can I install an electric motor on any type of paddle board?

Not all paddle boards are compatible with electric motors. Before attempting installation, you must ensure that your specific paddle board is designed to accommodate an electric motor.

What is the average speed range of a paddle board equipped with an electric motor?

Paddle boards equipped with electric motors typically have a speed range between 4-6 miles per hour, depending on factors such as battery capacity and water conditions.

Are there any safety considerations when using a paddle board with an electric motor?

When using a paddle board with an electric motor, it’s essential to be mindful of other watercraft, swimmers, and wildlife in the area and always prioritize safety while navigating.

Do I need any special skills to operate a paddle board with an electric motor?

Operating a paddle board with an electric motor does not require special skills but familiarizing yourself with basic navigation techniques and understanding the motor controls is advisable for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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