Are Pau Hana Paddle Boards Good? The Backcountry 10′ Solo Review

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Do you love paddle boarding but struggle with finding the right board for your adventures? Pau Hana Paddle Boards might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Their updated Backcountry 10′ paddle board is designed to be strong, compact and able to take on hiking adventures to find off the beaten path SUP spots. But is it good?

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Backcountry 10′ paddle board. We’ll cover its specs and features, performance on the water, and whether it’s a good investment of your time.

If you’re ready to find out if Pau Hana paddle boards are worth the hype, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Backcountry 10′ Solo!

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Overview of the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Paddle Board

Pau Hana Surf Supply is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative stand-up paddle boards (SUPs). Based in California, the company is driven by a passion for stand-up paddling and a spirit of play. The name “Pau Hana” translates to “the time after work” in Hawaiian, reflecting the company’s ethos of adventure and relaxation.

Pau Hana’s mission is to spread the joy of stand-up paddling, catering to various SUP lifestyles and providing an experience that combines fitness, relaxation, and adventure on the water. Their range of products is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of paddleboarders, from beginners to experienced users, and includes options for activities like yoga and backcountry exploration.

But without a doubt one of the best additions that they’ve made to their watersports range is the Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board. Let’s review it…

pau hana paddle boards

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Length of 10’10” (width of 30 inches)

– Weight capacity of 215 lbs

– Weight of paddle board is 14.8 lbs

– Volume of 240 L

– 2 year manufacturers warranty

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Our Verdict:

The Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo is a really good intermediate paddle board that is perfect for people that like to explore. It is small and compact when deflated, and light and maneuverable when inflated. Where it really shines is that it lets you take it on hiking or camping trips and go and SUP in exotic locations. This SUP is a little bit wobbly because of the smaller width but you quickly get used to that and it comes with some really top-notch accessories that have been well thought out and will make you really happy.

– Really small, compact and light which makes it easy to transport.

– High construction quality and works well in all types of water (including choppy water)

– Really nice accessories included and they’ve put a lot of thought into what is included.

– Fast and easy to inflate

– Nice performance and maneuverability
– The grip handle is off-center so it’s a little awkward to carry once inflated.

– A little bit wobbly based on the 30 inch width which takes a bit of time to get used to.
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The Pau Hana Backcountry Solo 10’10” Inflatable Paddle Board, in a sleek white, black, and teal design, is a game-changer in the world of paddleboarding. This pack includes everything you need for a SUP adventure: the board itself, a holdall for accessories, a compact pump, a unique paddle, a drybag backpack, a repair kit, a coiled leash, a paddle bag, and a couple of quick fins. What makes this board stand out is its focus on modularity and integration, designed to make paddleboarding more portable and user-friendly.

The highlight of this package is the paddle. It’s a patent-pending design with a rollable blade, making it super easy to store. You can set it up as a full-size SUP paddle or a Pack Raft canoe paddle. It’s all about being lightweight, compact, and really easy to handle.

The whole concept of the Solo SUP series is inspired by Japanese organization principles, aiming to ‘Spark Joy’ in the Konmari way. The team behind this spent loads of time packing and repacking, tweaking the design to hit just the right balance of size, weight, and practicality. The result? A revolutionary soft, rollable paddle blade that saves a ton of space.

They didn’t stop at the paddle. The backpack doubles as a drybag, perfect for keeping your stuff dry whether you’re on fresh or saltwater. It’s light, environmentally friendly, and versatile – you can even hitch it to a bike with a strap or carabiner.

Weighing just 23lbs in total, the Solo SUP package is designed for ease of transport, offering extra space for your day-hike essentials. It’s an invitation to explore those hard-to-reach backcountry lakes with ease. The board itself uses ultra-light woven drop stitch technology for added structure and rigidity, making it a sturdy yet portable option for adventurers.

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What’s Included:

  • 10’10” SOLO SUP™
  • 2 X 6″ QUICK FINS
pau hana paddle boards
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Important Features Of Pau Hana Paddle Boards

Construction Quality:

pau hana paddle boards

This paddle board is designed to be small and compact. It is a high quality material and is made up of an ultra-light woven drop stitch technology.

This is basically two layers ultra-light material lined with woven cloth that are attached at thousands of points where a fiber connects the top and the bottom of the board. The drop stitch technology gives substantially more structure and rigidity to the inflatable.

It might feel a little bit flimsy when you’re on it because it is really light – but I was really happy with the quality of this board. It serves its exact purpose and it was really nice to ride on it.

Traction Pad

The EVA traction pad on the board extends from just behind the bungee cords to nearly the end of the board’s tail. This feature significantly enhances grip, and it provides comfort for both standing and kneeling positions.

It is soft and cushy and provides you with ample space to move around the board. I did notice that the bungee cords do infringe a bit on the track pad so you might feel them when paddling, but it’s not a really big deal.


This board comes with a two fin setup (twin) which makes it good for surfing. It helps your SUP yield high turning radius, but take a nose dive when it comes to stability, control, and tracking.

This is one of the reasons why I see this as more of an intermediate board. It’s a bit wobbly. It can work for beginners but it will just make the process of standing for the first time a little bit longer.

The fins snap in and out easily and you must remember to take out the fins when rolling it up.

Carry Handle

There is a single carry handle in the middle of the SUP. It is made of nylon and it makes it easy to carry the board even for children. The only issue is that it is off-center so you have to carry it at a slight angle when it’s inflated.


The ‘transportability’ is where Pau Hana paddle boards really shine. It is small and compact when you deflate it and you can easily carry it and take it on hikes to exotic spots if you want (which is the intention behind it).

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It is actually so small and compact that you can put the pump in the middle and wrap the SUP around it to save on some space when carrying it.

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Other Included Items

Like I mentioned before – It comes with all of these goodies included. Let’s talk a bit more about these items.

pau hana paddle boards


I liked the pump, it is sturdy and well made and does it’s job. Personally I am a big fan of electric paddle board pumps because they make life easier but this works well.


I loved the bag because it’s a 64L dry bag that will keep all your items dry when you paddle. So all you do is pump up your paddle board and then put your clothes in the dry bag. If you accidentally drop the bag then it floats and your clothes stay dry which is amazing.

The paddle is nice. It is lightweight and has good acceleration on the water so I was happy with what they included.

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Comparison to Other Paddle Boards

This Pau Hana paddle board fits into the category of a beginner / intermediate budget board.

If you are looking for other similar examples then I would recommend the following:

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In conclusion, the Pau Hana Backcountry Solo 10’10” Inflatable Paddle Board stands out as a versatile choice for paddleboarders, especially those keen on adventure and exploration. With its compact, lightweight design, and unique features like the rollable Solo Paddle, this board is tailored for ease of transportation and functionality, making it ideal for reaching remote waterways. The inclusion of high-quality accessories further enhances the value of this package. While it may be slightly wobbly due to its width. And the off-center carry handle might be a bit awkward, these are minor trade-offs considering its overall performance and the freedom it offers to explore new SUP locations.

The Pau Hana Backcountry Solo is a strong contender in the market, especially for intermediate paddlers looking for a board that combines portability with performance.

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How stable is the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board?

The Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board is designed for stability, making it suitable for various skill levels and water conditions.

Can the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board handle rough waters?

Yes, the design of the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo makes it capable of handling rough waters with ease and stability.

Is the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board lightweight and easy to transport?

The Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo paddle board is lightweight and features a grab handle, making it effortless to transport to and from the water.

What type of water activities is the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo suitable for?

The versatility of the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo makes it suitable for various water activities such as fishing, recreational paddling, or fitness workouts on calm or moving waters.

Does the deck layout of the Pau Hana Backcountry 10′ Solo provide ample storage space?

Yes, there are multiple attachment points and bungees on this model to secure gear while enjoying your time on the water.

pau hana paddle boards
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