Best Paddle Board Wall Mount: 5 Amazing Racks To Secure Your SUP In 2024

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Looking for a sturdy paddle board wall mount to hang up your SUP? Well look no further, because in this article I’m going to be going through 5x different options that are perfect for storing a paddle board.

Let’s get into it.

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Here are all the different paddle board wall mounts that I am recommending:

CategoryPaddle Board Wall Mount
Best Overall MountBest Marine Paddle Board Rack
Best Protection & PaddingRad Sportz Wall Rack
Great For Multiple SupsVahodegn Heavy Duty Hooks
Minimalist Wall MountNaked SUP
Most Stylish Wall MountHang 11 Leather Rack

Keep reading below as we go through each of them including the pros and cons.

#1: Best Marine Paddle Board Rack (Best Overall Mount)

paddle board wall mount

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 19.5″D x 2″W x 22″H

– Weight Capacity of 125 lbs (56.70 kg).

– Made of Coated Steel & Nylon Foam Padding.

– Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

– Weight of 8.15 lbs (3.7 kg)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is my favorite paddle board wall mount for one simple reason – because it’s a seriously good product! Not only is it supremely sturdy, but it also protects your board from scratches and bumps. They are a little bit more expensive than some of their competitors but overall there’s nothing not to love about this product. If you’re happy to spend a little bit more for a quality product, then this is the wall rack that you should go for!

– Really high quality product with nice cushioning and support straps.

– Easy to install, all you need is a drill.

– Really nice customer support

– Very sturdy and can handle any weight paddle board (up to 125 lbs).
– A little bit pricier than some of the other paddle board wall rack options.

Other Details:

The Best Marine wall mount are designed to securely store paddleboards, whether indoors or outdoors. These mounts are easy to install on walls in your shed, deck, or garage. Made from durable, powder-coated steel, each rack can support up to 125 pounds, making them strong and reliable. The racks also feature nylon foam padding to protect your paddleboard from scratches and nylon straps to ensure it stays securely in place.

Setting up the mounts is straightforward—just use a drill to insert three screws per mount. Based in Boston and family-owned, Best Marine is committed to providing excellent customer service and upholding the quality of their products, making these wall mounts a great choice for organizing and protecting your paddleboarding gear.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Rad Sportz Wall Rack (Best Protection & Padding)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of ‎29 x 13.5 x 3.75 inches

– Weight Capacity of 125 lbs (56.70 kg).

– Made of Powder Coated Steel & Nylon Foam Padding.

– Designed for indoor or outside use.

– Weight of 8.11 lbs (3.6 kg)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

Here is another really solid inflatable stand up paddle board wall mount that you’ll be really happy with. The big selling point of this wall mount is that it has extra cushioning that will protect your board a little bit better. This is something that becomes really important when you have hard (epoxy) paddle boards (1) that quickly get damaged. This is easy to install and works great, the only downside that I found is that it has a cheap paint that can get damaged really easily. This doesn’t hurt the performance of the product but kinda looks tacky. Otherwise it’s a great product.

– Great price

– Love the extra cushioning (especially if you have an epoxy paddle board)

– Easy to install with a drill

– You can use these outdoors and they resist damage from rain and salt.
– The paint is kinda cheap and get scuffed really easily.

Other Details:

The Rad Sportz Wall Mounts are ideal for securely storing paddleboards. These mounts are easy to install on various surfaces like walls, posts, or benches, making them versatile for either home or business use. Constructed from high-quality, yellow powder-coated steel, each mount can support up to 125 pounds, accommodating even the largest paddleboards.

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The design includes foam padding on the hooks to protect your board from scratches, ensuring it stays in pristine condition. Additionally, each mount comes with nylon straps and clips, providing extra security to keep your paddleboard firmly in place without the risk of falling. These sturdy and safe storage solutions are perfect for efficiently organizing your sporting equipment while saving valuable space.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Vahodegn Heavy Duty Hooks (Great For Multiple SUPs)

di paddle board rack for dock

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of ‎15 x 11 x 1 inches

– Weight Capacity of 50 lbs per hook (22.67 kg).

– Made of Low-Carbon Steel & Foam Padding.

– Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

– Weight of 1 lbs (0.45kg)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

These are heavy duty hooks that you can use if you have multiple sups. They are basically a generic hook that you can mount on any wall and they’ll serve their function. They don’t have much padding, but if you only have hard shell kayaks and inflatable paddle boards that won’t get damaged then this is fine. They come at a really cheap price and they can give you a makeshift solution really easily. There are good and bad elements to this, but for a person that is happy for a bit of diy, then it’s perfect.

– Great price

– Comes with 6 different hooks so you can store multiple paddle boards.

– Easy to use and install.

– Solid and sturdy when placed in the right wall.
– Not much padding so don’t use these for more delicate hard paddle boards.

– Lighter weight capacity of 50lbs per hook, so you’ll need to use multiple hooks for heavier sups.

Other Details:

The Vahodegn Wall Mounts are a practical solution for storing paddleboards and other large items in your garage or outdoor space. Made from high-quality, low-carbon steel, these hooks are sturdy and durable, with a powder-coated finish that resists rust. Each hook can support up to 50 pounds, suitable for even heavy paddleboards. The design features a 15-inch jumbo arm that accommodates items up to 13 inches wide, ensuring a secure fit for your paddleboard.

Installing these hooks is straightforward; they can be mounted on various wall types including drywall and wall studs, helping you to maximize space off the ground. The set includes six hooks, complete with EVA arm protectors, 12 screws, and 12 anchors to provide everything you need for setup. These wall mounts not only organize your equipment efficiently but also help keep your space tidy and clutter-free. They offer a reliable storage solution, perfect for anyone looking to store paddleboards or other bulky sporting equipment.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: Naked SUP (Minimalist Wall Mounts)

paddle board wall mount

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of ‎12.2 x 7.09 x 1.57 inches

– Weight Capacity of 50 lbs (22.67 kg).

– Made of Aluminum & Heavy Duty Felt

– Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

– Weight of 1.63 lbs (0.74kg)

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Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is a product that I didn’t expect to be good, but it really did surprise me. They are really nice and great to use. Not only are they minimalist so they save on storage space, but they also look really good on the wall. They are great quality and hold up for a long time, plus they’re easy to use and set up. Honestly at the price they are listed at – this is a screaming bargain for most people. The only downside is that there is not much paddling and each set will only be holding one SUP with the lower weight capacity, but for most people this will be a great solution for you!

– Really nice minimalist design that looks great on the wall.

– Easy to use and set up with a drill

– High quality and a solid size that will fit your board perfectly.

– Great value for what you get.

– Saves a lot of storage space with the design.
– Not much padding, it uses a felt covering so it’s not super protective.

– Lower weight capacity so only use it with sups that are within that weight limit (50 lbs)

Other Details:

The Naked SUP wall mount offers a simple and effective way to store your paddleboard. This wall mount is constructed from solid aluminum, ensuring it’s lightweight yet sturdy enough to securely hold your paddleboard. It’s also rust-proof, making it ideal for use even after you come in from the water.

The design of the rack is minimalistic, perfect for displaying your paddleboard in your home and keeping it out of the way when not in use. The arms of the rack are lined with heavy-duty felt, which protects your board from scratches and provides a firm grip to prevent it from sliding. This is great as an inflatable paddle board wall mount.

This wall rack is not only functional but also serves as a stylish display option, allowing you to show off your paddleboard’s design. It’s a space-efficient storage solution that keeps your paddleboard safe and easily accessible, ideal for any paddleboarder looking for a practical solution that also looks good.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#5: Hang 11 Leather Rack (Most Stylish Wall Mount)

paddle board wall mount

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of ‎3.74 x 0.98 x 31.5 inches

– Weight Capacity of 35 lbs (15.87 kg).

– Made of veg-leather and oak wood

– Designed for indoor use.

– Weight of 0.48 lbs (0.22kg)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is a paddle board wall mount that is more of a style choice than a practical one. Don’t get me wrong – it works really well, but if it’s right for you or not depends on your intentions. If you have a vacation home that this will look great in, then do it. It’s a solid product that works well. But if you’re just looking for a convenient storage solution then I’d recommend other products that have higher weight capacities.

– Looks really nice on the wall, it acts as a style piece that people will talk about.

– It is made from real leather and oak wood.

– The installation is easy to do and it comes with all the hardware required

– High quality materials (you can see that the company is passionate about what they make)

– Great price.
– Lower weight capacity of 35 lbs

– Can’t use these outdoors.

Other Details:

The Hang 11 wall mount offers a stylish and functional way to display your paddleboard. Made from sustainably sourced oak wood and featuring vegetable-tanned leather straps, this mount combines strength, durability, and eco-friendliness. The design is not only practical, freeing up floor space, but also turns your paddleboard into a piece of art, adding a touch of style to any room.

The leather straps are soft to protect your board from scratches and dings, ensuring it remains in top condition while on display. This mount is versatile enough to be used in various settings like garages, bedrooms, or living rooms and is suitable for various types of boards.

Installation is straightforward and quick, requiring only two screws and anchors, all of which are included. You can set up the mount on any wall in just a few minutes. With a weight capacity of up to 35 lbs, it securely holds your paddleboard in place, offering a reliable and attractive way to store and showcase your board.

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Which Paddle Board Wall Mount Should You Choose?

Here’s a quick rundown of five different paddle board wall mounts to help you find the perfect one for storing your SUP.

First up, the Best Marine Paddle Board Wall Mount is a top pick for its robust design. It’s built from coated steel and nylon foam padding, making it strong enough to hold up to 125 lbs. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and offers excellent protection against scratches, thanks to its cushioning and support straps.

Next, the Rad Sportz Wall Mount stands out for offering the best protection and padding. This mount is also capable of holding up to 125 lbs and features extra padding to keep your hard boards safe from damage. It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for durability and a bit of extra care for your board.

For those with multiple paddle boards, the Vahodegn Heavy Duty Hooks might be just what you need. These hooks are robust, each holding up to 50 lbs, and they come as a set of six, making it easy to store several boards at once.

If you prefer a cleaner, more minimalist look, the Naked SUP is an excellent minimalist wall mount. Made of aluminum and heavy-duty felt, it’s lightweight yet strong enough to hold 50 lbs. It’s perfect for showcasing your paddle board without making the mount itself too noticeable.

Finally, the Hang 11 Leather Rack offers a stylish option with its combination of oak wood and vegetable-tanned leather. This mount is more about aesthetics, holding up to 35 lbs, and works great in homes where style is as important as functionality.

How To Mount A Paddle Board Wall Rack

paddle board wall mount with 2 hooks

Mount your wall mount is a simple process that anyone can do, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Pick the Spot: Find a place on your wall with enough room for your board and where it won’t get bumped.
  2. Find the Studs: Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall because that’s where your rack will need to go for the best support.
  3. Mark the Spots: Hold the rack against the wall at about waist height and use a level to make sure it’s straight. Mark where the screws will go with a pencil.
  4. Drill Holes: Drill small holes where you marked. These are pilot holes that help you screw in without splitting the wood or messing up your wall.
  5. Put in Wall Anchors: If you’re not drilling into studs, pop wall anchors into these holes. They’ll help hold the screws in place.
  6. Screw the Rack In: Align the rack with your pilot holes or anchors and screw it in securely but not too tight.
  7. Check Stability: Put your paddle board on the rack gently to make sure it holds well and feels stable.
  8. Secure Your Board: If your rack has straps or a lock, use them to keep your board from slipping off.

Just follow these steps and you should be golden. Most of the paddle board wall mount options come with instructions so you don’t need to worry about it.


Choosing the right paddle board wall mount can greatly enhance your storage solutions, keeping your board secure and displayed beautifully. Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or capacity for multiple boards, there’s a wall mount on this list to suit your needs. From the robust and protective Best Marine Paddle Board Wall Mount to the stylish Hang 11 Leather Rack, each option offers unique benefits tailored to different preferences and requirements. Remember to consider the specific features such as weight capacity, material durability, and installation ease when selecting your ideal paddle board wall mount. These racks are great for paddle board storage outside.

Installing these racks is generally straightforward, and with the right tools and a bit of time, you can create a functional and appealing storage area in your home. By following the simple installation guide provided, you’ll ensure your paddle board is mounted safely and ready for your next adventure on the water. Happy paddling and enjoy the neat and organized space!

paddle board wall mount
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Can paddle boards be left outside?

Sure, you can leave your paddle board outside, but it’s not the best idea for long-term storage. The sun, rain, and temperature changes can wear down the material of your board. If you have to keep it outside, try to cover it or store it in a shady spot.

Is it OK to leave a SUP inflated?

Yes, it’s okay to leave your SUP inflated if that’s more convenient for you. Just be careful not to leave it fully inflated in hot weather, as the air inside expands and might cause the board to warp or even burst. It’s also a good idea to lower the air pressure if you’re storing it for a while.

Is it better to store a paddle board inflated or deflated?

It depends on your storage space and how often you use the board. Deflating your board can save space and reduce the risk of it getting damaged when not in use. However, if you’re hitting the water often, keeping it inflated might save you some time and effort. Just remember to check the air pressure and make adjustments as needed.

How do you mount a paddleboard?

Mounting a paddleboard on a wall rack is pretty straightforward. First, find a suitable spot on the wall where the board won’t be in the way. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall for a secure mount. Mark the spots where the screws will go, drill pilot holes, then screw the rack securely into the wall. Most racks will have a manual, so follow those specifics to ensure your board hangs correctly and securely.

Can you use a kayak rack for a paddle board?

Yes, many kayak racks can also hold a paddle board. The key thing to check is the depth and shape of the rack to make sure it can accommodate the size and shape of your paddle board. Also, ensure the rack padding is soft enough to protect your board from scratches or dings.

paddle board wall mount

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