Best Pink Paddle Board Picks Of 2024: 5 Perfect Inflatable SUPs For Sale

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You’d be surprised how many times I’m asked to recommend a pink paddle board. Most of the time it’s for a gift for a special lady (or young daughter), but some people just love pink! It doesn’t even have to be a ‘girly’ color (1).

That’s why in this article – I’m going to be going through the 5 best pink paddle board picks that are available in 2024 to make sure that not only you get something colorful… but also pink!

If you’re not looking for an entire article then here’s the quick summary:

“In my opinion, the best pink paddle board for most people will be the Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ because it is a high quality paddle board that comes at a really good price. Not only will this work for teens but also any adult that wants to ride it.”

But if you’re interested – then keep reading for more information.

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The 5 Best Pink Paddle Boards In 2024

CategoryPink Paddle Board
Best Everyday Pink Paddle BoardBluefin Cruise 10’8″
Runner Up For Best Pink SUPAqua Marina Coral 10’2″
Best Performance On The WaterFanatic Diamond Air Touring 11’6″
Best Budget Pink Inflatable SUPFunWater Tiki 10’6″
Best Pink Paddle Board For KidsThurso Prodigy 7’6″

Let’s go through these so you have all the information that you need to choose one.

#1: Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ (Best Everyday Pink Paddle Board)

pink paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’8 x 32.9” x 6.3” (325 x 82 x16cm)

– Weight of 11.2kg (24.69 lbs)

– Weight capacity of 331 lbs (150 kg)

– Volume of 260 L

– Recommended inflation 12-15 psi (max of 28psi)

Overall Thoughts:

Bluefin is well known for making some of the best paddle boards in the world, so when I saw that they made a pink SUP then it became an obvious choice. Not only is it a great price for everything you need to get onto the water, but it is really high quality also. There’s a reason why this board has won awards, and it’s because it’s great. Don’t think – if you’re looking for a great pink inflatable sup then this is your best pick.

– Great price for all the equipment that you need

– 5 year warranty so they actually stand behind their quality

– Great performance on the water – this is extremely stable and rigid with minimal flex

– Great SUP for beginners

– Comes with a full set of accessories that are also high quality
– The paddle doesn’t have indicators mentioning the length


The Bluefin Cruise SUP Board stands out as the best everyday pink paddle board in 2024, thanks to its award-winning UK design. Made with premium ESL and the market’s densest drop-stitch, it offers exceptional stability and versatility for stand-up paddleboarding and surfing.

The board’s standout features include an adjustable fibreglass paddle for efficient strokes, reflective D-ring mounts for safety, and an easy-to-use ABS chamber pump. With a commitment to sustainability, Bluefin plants a tree for every purchase. Designed for beginners up to 90Kg and under 6 feet tall, the Cruise 10’8 SUP is ideal for smooth and stable cruising, embodying a decade of material and safety innovation.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Bluefin Cruise Light Pink Inflatable SUP
  • Dual Action Pump
  • Bluefin Backpack
  • 3x Smartlock Fins (2x small and 1x large)
  • Fibre Glass Paddle
  • Waterproof Phone Case
  • Ankle Leash
  • Repair Kit
  • 5-year Warranty
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Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Aqua Marina Coral 10’2″ (Runner Up For Best Pink SUP)

pink paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10‘2″ x 31″ x 4.7″ (310cm x 78cm x 12cm)

– Volume of 238 L

– Max capacity of 231 lbs

– Max air pressure of 15 psi

– Weight of 19.8 lbs

Overall Thoughts:

If you’ve been around the paddle boarding space for a while then you’ve probably seen an Aqua Marina board. They are really common because they are well priced and high quality. The Coral isn’t an exception! It’s originally designed with women and teens in mind with its smaller size and light weight. This is an everyday pink paddle board that pretty much anyone would be happy with. It’s high quality and comes with really nice accessories so you’re in a good place if you buy this pink inflatable stand up paddle board.

– This board is really nicely sized for smaller paddlers or teens.

– It’s extremely lightweight (19.8 lbs) and maneuverable on the water.

– The EVA deck pad is large and gives you lots of grip and traction

– I really like that they color-coded everything (incl. accessories) to be the same raspberry pink color.
– The board could use more of a nose rocker to increase the speed a bit.


The Aqua Marina Coral is a top choice for an inflatable SUP paddle board, ideal for women and riders of all skill levels. Its 10’2” length and stable build make for smooth paddling on flat water and easy wave catching. The board’s standout look comes from its unique color and design, including a full deck and base print, a non-slip EVA footpad with diamond grooves for grip, and an improved air valve for tight sealing.

Using Drop Stitch Light and HF Welding Technologies, the Coral is both light and sturdy, easy to carry, and includes D-rings for a shoulder strap. This design focus on being lightweight and easy to handle meets a common need among women for gear that’s easy to move around with.

The board comes with everything needed to get started: a paddle, pump, safety leash, and a zip backpack. This set provides a complete kit for women looking for convenience and quality in their paddleboarding gear.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Aqua Marina Coral SUP
  • Eco-Friendly Circupack
  • Double Action Pump Liquid Air v2
  • Carbon Hybrid Pastel Paddle
  • Swift Attach Center Fin (Single Fin Setup)
  • Coil Leash
  • 2-In-1 Carry Strap
  • 1 Year Warranty
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Fanatic Diamond Air Touring 11’6″ (Best Performance On The Water)

pink paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’6″ x 31″ x 6″ (350.5cm x 78.7cm x 15cm)

– Weight of 8.85kg (19.51 lbs)

– Weight capacity of 198 lbs (90 kg)

– Volume of 299 L

– Recommended inflation 12 psi

Overall Thoughts:

There are plenty of excellent women’s paddle boards out there, and this one definitely earns its spot among them. My wife really enjoyed using this board. She liked everything from the attractive pink designs on the board to how well it performed in the water. This paddle board is perfect for any woman who wants to pick up some speed on the water with a top-notch touring board.

– Extremely lightweight (19.5 lbs) for a touring board making it easy to carry.

– Has a high rigidity and volume which makes it comfortable and easy for paddling.

– The wheelie backpack is high quality and fits the board well.

– Love the PURE paddle again, and also the details they’ve added to make it match the board.

– High performance on the water, similar to the Ray Air Premium.
– Higher price tag compared to other entry level sups.


The Diamond Air Touring 11’6” Inflatable SUP package by Fanatic is made with women who enjoy touring and trekking on water in mind. This pink set comes with everything needed: the board, a bag, pump, and paddle. It’s designed to be lightweight, strong, and good-looking. Suitable for female paddlers at any skill level, the board is great for smooth sailing and exploring calm areas.

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It takes cues from Fanatic’s 11’6” Ray Air model, offering great glide and ease in covering distances. The board is stable and comfy thanks to its size and firmness, and it has a deck net for securing your stuff while you paddle. This package is budget-friendly without cutting corners on quality, using Fanatic’s Drop Stitch Light technology for a blend of toughness and lightness.

The set includes the Diamond Carbon 35 paddle, which can be adjusted to fit your height and paddling style. With a strong carbon composite blade and a shaft that matches the board’s look, this package is not just practical but also the most fashionable option for women ready to hit the water.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Fanatic inflatable paddle board
  • 3-piece carbon fiber ‘PURE’ paddle (5% Carbon-Composite shaft and solid 8” ABS blade)
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP8
  • 1x Fly 19.5 Diamond Color
  • Coiled ankle leash
  • Premium wheelie backpack
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#4: FunWater Tiki 10’6″ (Best Budget Pink Inflatable SUP)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ (320cm x 83.8cm x 15cm)

– Weight of 7.9kg (17.6 lbs)

– Weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg)

– Volume – not indicated

– Recommended inflation 12 psi

Overall Thoughts:

The FunWater Tiki sells like crazy on Amazon because it is a solid budget-friendly paddle board. It’s not going to blow your mind with it’s durability and performance on the water, but if you just want something to ride on at a low price then this is a great option for you. It comes as a full entry-level package at a price that is more than reasonable, so if you’re not sure if the rider actually likes paddle boarding then this is a good option.

– Great price

– Comes with all the accessories that you need to get out on the water

– Very portable and easy to use

– High quality paddle board and feels really solid
– I find the accessories quite average, this seems to be where they reduced the cost.


The FunWater Tiki inflatable pink SUP is the best budget pink paddle board that I’ve found. Crafted from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and remarkably light at 17.6 pounds, it’s designed for easy transport and setup. The board dimensions are 10’6″ in length, 33″ in width, and 6″ in thickness, with a notable capacity of up to 330 lbs, making it stable for a wide range of paddlers and water conditions. Its ultra-light construction includes a dual PVC layer, offering a 35% weight reduction compared to similar models while enhancing its durability, particularly along the board’s rails.

The design prioritizes safety and ease of use, with a 33” board width and three removable fins for improved balance. FunWater backs this product with proactive customer service, including a 30-day return policy and extended warranties—three years for the paddle board and one year for the accessories, ensuring a reliable and satisfying paddling experience.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • FunWater Tiki Paddle Board
  • 3-piece Aluminum Paddle
  • Hand Pump
  • 3x fins (1 large and 2x small for the tri-fin setup)
  • Coiled ankle leash
  • Carry backpack
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Repair kit
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#5: Thurso Prodigy 7’6″ (Best Pink Paddle Board For Kids)

pink paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions 7’6″ x 30″ x 4″

– Volume 150L

– Weight Capacity of 80 lbs (36kg)

– Weight of 19 lbs (8.62 kg)

– Recommended inflation 12 psi

Overall Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a paddle board for a kid then this is a good place to look. Not only is this little pink sup made from a well-known brand, but it also makes it really easy to get going. It is very wide compared to its length which makes it super easy to balance on and get back onto if you fall off. It’s lightweight and easy to pump up… And it looks really nice! If I was going to get a child a SUP that they will love then this is what I’d buy.

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– It is lightweight and easy to carry for kids. Weighing just 19 lbs this is really nice because you won’t need to carry it for them.

– It has a large deck pad that allows lots of space to move around.

– This is a wide and thick paddle board that makes it extremely stable – allowing kids to build confidence as they learn to SUP.

– Really nice price.
– This board would benefit from a larger center fin to make it easier for tracking and stability purposes.

– No pump included


The THURSO Surf Prodigy is designed with young paddlers in mind, ranking as one of the top SUPs for kids out there. Suitable for juniors of any skill level, this 7’6” board balances stability and ease of movement, perfect for users up to 165 lbs. Although it doesn’t come with a pump, its durable double-layer construction made from military-grade PVC makes it as sturdy as a hardboard. The package includes an adjustable carbon shaft paddle that’s not only light but can also be converted into a kayak paddle, adding to its versatility.

This board features three removable fins, allowing for different setups depending on water conditions, which can improve either stability or tracking. THURSO Surf’s dedication to quality shines through in their thorough analysis and testing, ensuring the board surpasses standard expectations for younger paddlers.

The SUP comes with a two-year warranty, assuring long-term performance and satisfaction, and equips a young paddler with everything needed to begin their adventures on the water.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Thurso hot pink paddle board 7’6″
  • 3-piece carbon shaft paddle
  • 3x fins (tri-fin setup)
  • Coiled ankle leash
  • Carry backpack
  • 2-Year Warranty
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Why Choose a Pink Stand Up Paddle Board?

Choosing a pink stand-up paddle board (SUP) isn’t just about looking good; it’s got a bunch of cool benefits:

Being Seen:Pink really pops on the water, making you more visible to others like boat drivers and fellow paddlers. It’s a smart safety move.
Showing Your Style:Pink stands for all sorts of things—fun, femininity, and just being yourself. If you dig pink and want to stand out, it’s a great pick.
Great for Pics:Pink SUPs look awesome in photos against the water, perfect for sharing with friends or on social media.
Making Friends:A pink board can get people talking, whether it’s finding folks with similar interests or connecting over causes like breast cancer awareness.
Holding Value:A pink SUP can be a hot item if you ever want to sell it, thanks to its standout look.
Supporting a Cause:Pink is also the color of breast cancer awareness. Riding a pink board can show support for the cause, reminding others about the importance of cancer research and support.
pink paddle board sup

All in all, going for a pink SUP is about safety, self-expression, and maybe even supporting a good cause.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Pink Paddle Board

When picking out a pink paddle board, there are a few things you’ll want to think about to make sure you get one that suits you well.


First off, consider how visible the pink is. A brighter pink will make you stand out more on the water, which is good for safety. You’ll also want to think about the shade of pink itself—whether you’re into a softer, pastel pink or something more vibrant, pick a color you’ll love seeing every time you hit the water.

father and daughter walking on beach while she holds a pink paddle board

Size & Weight

Next, think about the size and weight of the board. Make sure it’s something you can comfortably carry and manage in the water (2). If it’s too big or heavy, it might be tough to handle, especially if you plan on taking it on solo trips.

Quality Of Materials

The quality of the board is super important, too. Look for one made from durable materials that can handle your adventures without getting easily damaged. And while we’re on the subject of quality, check out the board’s features like fins for stability, a non-slip deck, and maybe even D-rings for securing gear.

Aligns With A Greater Cause

Lastly, consider if the board aligns with any causes you care about, like breast cancer awareness. Some brands might support these causes, which could be a nice bonus to your purchase.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll find a pink paddle board that’s not just great to look at but also perfect for your paddling needs.


Wrapping this up, choosing a pink paddle board is not just about picking a board that looks good. It’s also about being safe and standing out while you’re having fun on the water. Whether it’s for you or as a gift, a pink board brings a mix of cool looks and practical benefits.

Remember to think about how bright you want the pink to be, the size and weight of the board, how tough it is, and if it supports any causes you care about, like breast cancer awareness. With the top picks for 2024, including the versatile Bluefin Cruise and the kid-friendly Thurso Prodigy, there’s a pink SUP out there for everyone.

In the end, picking a pink paddle board is a way to show off your style, maybe make some new friends, and even help out a good cause. So, if you’re thinking about going pink, now’s the time to dive in and start some colorful adventures on the water.

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Why would someone choose a pink paddle board?

People pick pink paddle boards for several reasons. Pink boards are super visible on the water, which is great for safety because it makes you easy to spot. They also let paddlers express themselves with a color that stands for fun and individuality. Plus, pink boards look amazing in photos and can signal support for causes like breast cancer awareness.

Is a pink paddle board as durable as other colors?

Yes, the color of a paddle board doesn’t affect its durability. The key factor is the material it’s made from. Boards made with high-quality materials like military-grade PVC are sturdy, regardless of their color. Look for features like double-layer construction to ensure your pink board lasts.

Can men use pink paddle boards too?

Absolutely! Paddle boarding is for everyone, and choosing a board color is all about personal preference. Pink paddle boards can be a great choice for anyone who likes the color or wants to support a cause.

Are pink paddle boards only for beginners?

No, pink paddle boards come in various models suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting or you’re an experienced paddler looking for a high-performance board, there’s likely a pink option that meets your needs.

How can I ensure my pink paddle board is visible for safety?

To make sure your pink board enhances your visibility on the water, go for a brighter shade of pink. Also, consider additional safety features like reflective decals or adding a safety flag to your board. Picking a board with a wider profile can also help you stand out more to others around you.

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