Best Purple Paddle Board: 4 Amazing SUPs For Sale In 2024

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Here are the 5 different purple paddle board options that we will be going through:

CategoryPurple Paddle Board
Best Overall Purple Paddle BoardRed Paddle Co Sport 11’3″
Most Stylish Purple SUPSea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX
Great For BeginnersRoc Violet 10’6″
Best Budget Purple Paddle BoardGoplus 10’5″

Keep reading to see the pros and cons of each of these different SUPs so that you have all the information that you need to make a decision.

#1: Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3″ (Best Overall Purple Paddle Board)

purple paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’3″ x 32″ x 4.72″

– Volume of 258 liters

– Recommended inflation of 12 PSI

– Weight capacity of 240 lbs (110 kg)

– Weight of 24 lbs (10.88kg)

– Warranty of 1 year (5 years if registered)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

The Red Paddle Co’ is well known for being one of the top paddle board companies in the world for a good reason… Because they are really good! You’re getting a high quality paddle board that is durable and works well in the water (1). They have good customer support, so you’ll never feel stuck with questions or problems, along with a 5 year warranty that gives you peace of mind. This board is a bit more expensive, but it’s well worth it because of the quality of the SUP. Overall I love anything that this company creates and this board is a great option for you.

– High quality paddle board that will last for a long time if you look after it.

– Great customer support

– 5 year warranty is nice

– High rigidity and nice tracking in the water means that it’s stable and easy to use.

– Fast in the water and you can use it in any water bodies (rivers, sea or flat water)
– More expensive than other purple paddle boards.

Other Details:

The Red Paddle Co. 11’3” Sport Edition is a paddleboard that’s perfect for paddlers looking for a boost in performance because of its streamlined shape which helps it glide smoothly through water.

This board bridges the gap between the 11-foot and 12-foot 6-inch models, offering a balance of size and maneuverability. It features a durable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) construction and includes several accessories like a wheeled backpack, fins, a repair kit, and the efficient Titan 2 pump for quick inflation.

This is easily the best overall purple paddleboard on the market. The board comes with a one-year warranty, which extends to five years upon product registration. It supports up to 240 pounds and weighs 24 pounds on its own or 34 pounds with the included gear. Whether it’s for competitive paddling or a leisurely day on the water, this paddleboard promises top-notch performance and convenience.

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What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Red Paddle Co’ Purple Inflatable Paddle Board
  • ATB Wheeled Backpack
  • Repair Kit
  • Cell Phone Case
  • Titan 2-Pump
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX (Most Stylish Purple SUP)

purple paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’6″ x 34″ x 4.72″

– Volume of 334 liters

– Recommended inflation of 14 PSI

– Weight capacity of 350 lbs (159 kg)

– Weight of 20 lbs (9.07kg)

– Lifetime warranty

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is a beautiful purple paddle board that was designed by a local artist and then turned into this piece of art here. But not only is it beautiful but it’s also a good SUP. The 34″ width gives you a lot of stability on the water, making it easy for beginners to manage. Plus – it’s extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and use. Add a lifetime warranty to this paddle board and you have something that’s really hard not to love. Overall this is a great SUP that you’ll be really happy with.

– Lifetime warranty

– Really nice to look at, and it gets lots of comments on the water

– Extremely lightweight and easy to carry

– Large deck pad lets you move around the board as much as you want.

– Really nice accessories
– This is better suited for flat water (it will work in the sea, but it’s not where it truly shines)

Other Details:

The Diatom CX from Sea Gods is an inflatable stand-up paddleboard that combines style and functionality, making it perfect for any paddler, especially beginners. This board measures 10 feet 6 inches long and is 34 inches wide, providing ample stability and room for extra gear or even a pet. It’s crafted from durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and utilizes innovative CX (Cross Weave) drop-stitch technology, making it extremely lightweight at just over 20 pounds, yet strong enough to handle different water environments like lakes and oceans.

The board is designed for easy transport, packing down into a wheelie backpack, and it’s airline-ready, so you can take your adventure worldwide. It includes all the essentials: a triple-action manual pump, a three-piece paddle, a leash, and a fin, plus the convenience of portage handles for easy carrying. Sea Gods’ commitment to quality is backed by a lifetime warranty, assuring you of its durability and performance. Whether you’re out for a leisurely paddle or exploring new waters, the Diatom Ten6 is your ideal companion for a beautiful life on the water.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Sea Gods Diatom CX purple paddle board
  • 3-Piece Carbon-Fiber Paddle
  • Luxury wheelie bag
  • Sea Gods 2-Pump
  • Coiled Leash
  • Repair kit
  • Removable fin
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Roc Kahuna 10’6″ (Great For Beginners)

purple paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″

– Recommended inflation of 14 PSI

– Weight capacity of 350 lbs (159 kg)

– Weight of 18 lbs (8.16kg)

– 2-year warranty

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is a great entry level paddle board! It is thick and wide compared to it’s size, making it really easy to balance on even for complete beginners. It comes with a nice accessory set up with everything you need to get on the water, even if the paddle is a little heavy. But again – it’s an entry level paddle board at an amazing price so you can’t expect everything to be the best. I also love that they included a seat so that you can convert this into a kayak if you get tired of standing. Overall this is a really good purple paddle board that you’ll love using for a long time!

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– Extra wide design makes this extremely easy to balance on.

– This board is lightweight so it will work for both teenagers and adults.

– Extremely rigid and strong

– Nice accessories – Comes with a kayak seat

– Great price
– I would have preferred to see a carbon fiber paddle instead of the aluminum one.

Other Details:

The Roc Kahuna purple paddle board measures 10 feet 6 inches, offering a wide and stable design that’s ideal for both youth and adults, regardless of their paddling skills. Made from high-grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), it’s noted for being 200% stronger than competitor boards, making it a reliable choice for all types of water conditions.

This board is great for those looking for a durable and safe paddleboarding experience, with a leading weight capacity of 350 pounds. It’s not just about strength, though. The board’s extra wide design ensures excellent balance and stability, which is perfect for all skill levels and various water adventures.

Roc paddle boards come with top-quality accessories, including an adjustable aluminum paddle, a dual-action hand pump for faster inflation, a detachable fin, a safety leash, a waterproof bag for essentials, and a durable backpack for easy transportation.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • ROC Kahuna Purple Paddle Board
  • Dual-Action Hand Pump
  • Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • Detachable Fin
  • Comfort Safety Coil Leash
  • Waterproof Accessory Bag 
  • 4 Stainless Steel D-rings (already attached)
  • Durable Backpack
  • Comfort Cushion Seat
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: Goplus 10’5″ (Best Budget Purple Paddle Board)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’5″ x 30″ x 6″

– Recommended inflation of 14 PSI

– Weight capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg)

– Weight of 22 lbs (9.97kg)

Overall Thoughts:

Our Rating

This is a solid budget paddle board that will be amazing for the right person. If you’re looking for the bare minimum for a great price, then this is a nice setup. It comes with all the accessories you need to get going and hit the water. It is a bit more narrow than other sups, making it a bit more wobbly, but they added a 3-fin setup that counteracts this with extra stability while moving. It’s small, easy to transport and overall a nice purple paddle board that you’ll be happy with.

– Really nice price

– Really nice tracking with the tri-fin set up

– Includes all accessories you need to get going.

– Really easy to transport based on it’s smaller size
– It is more narrow than other SUPs so it is a bit more wobbly.

Other Details:

The Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is a versatile and sturdy choice for water enthusiasts of all skill levels. At 10.5 feet long and 6 inches thick, this purple paddle board is made from high-quality EVA and drop-stitch construction, ensuring it can handle a lot of pressure without losing shape or bursting. The material also offers good friction to keep you stable and prevent slipping.

The Goplus paddle board comes fully equipped with all the essentials: a carry bag, an extendable paddle, a fin, a manual pump, and a repair kit. These accessories make it easy to set up and start your adventure quickly. Plus, it’s convenient to transport and store thanks to its lightweight design and a carry handle on the board once inflated.

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Whether you’re into cruising, surfing, water yoga, or fishing, this paddle board is suitable for various water settings, including oceans, lakes, and rivers. It gives you a fun and safe way to enjoy different water activities with friends or solo.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Goplus purple paddle board
  • Coiled leash
  • Valve wrench
  • Repair kit
  • Detachable center fin (3+1 fin setup)
  • Travel backpack
  • 3-Piece adjustable paddle
  • Hand pump
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

How Do I Know What Purple Paddle Board To Buy?

Deciding which purple paddle board to pick comes down to what matters most to you. Here’s a quick guide:

Best Overall: Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3″ This paddle board from Red Paddle Co is the top pick because of its high quality. It’s a bit pricier, but you get a durable board that’s great in the water and a five-year warranty if you register. It’s stable, fast, and easy to handle, making it well worth the investment for serious paddlers.

Most Stylish: Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 CX If you want a board that looks as good as it performs, the Diatom Ten6 CX is the way to go. It’s designed by an artist, so it really stands out. Besides its style, it’s lightweight, easy to carry, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s perfect for all skill levels and very stable, which is great for beginners.

Great For Beginners: Roc Kahuna 10’6″ The Roc Kahuna is ideal for beginners. It’s thick and wide, which makes it super stable and easy to balance on. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started, and it’s priced really well, making it a fantastic entry-level option.

Best Budget: Goplus 10’5″ The Goplus is the best choice if you’re watching your budget. It’s a bit narrower, which means it can be a tad wobbly, but it’s equipped with a tri-fin setup that helps keep it stable in the water. It includes all the necessary accessories and is easy to transport.

Each of these options has its own perks, so pick the one that best fits your needs and get ready to hit the water!

cute dog on a purple paddle board

Important Tips For Buying A Paddle Board

Here’s some straightforward advice to help you make the best purchase and have a great time on the water:

Choose the Right Size:Make sure the paddle board you choose fits your height and weight. A longer and wider board offers more stability, which is great for beginners. If you’re more experienced or want speed, go for a narrower and shorter board.
Consider the Material:Paddle boards come in various materials, such as inflatable PVC or solid epoxy. Inflatables are great for easy storage and transport, while solid boards generally offer better performance and speed.
Check the Weight Capacity:Ensure the board can support your weight plus any gear you plan to bring along. Overloading a board can make it unstable and hard to maneuver.
Accessories Matter:Even with a less expensive board, having the right accessories can really make a difference. Look for kits that have a good hand pump, a lightweight paddle, and a solid backpack for carrying it all. Wheels on the backpack? Even better.
Give It Time:Learning to paddleboard can be tricky at first. Go for a SUP that’s wide enough (around 30”-34”) to help you stay balanced as you’re starting out. Your board will seem to perform better as you get better at using it, so don’t rush to judge it.


When it comes down to choosing the perfect purple paddle board, it really hinges on what you value most—whether it’s quality, style, beginner-friendliness, or budget. Each board listed offers something unique, from the durable and high-performing Red Paddle Co Sport, to the visually striking Sea Gods Diatom, the beginner-friendly Roc Kahuna, and the budget-wise Goplus.

Remember, the right paddle board will not only fit your budget but also match your skill level and lifestyle. Don’t rush your choice. Consider how each board’s features align with your needs. And once you’ve made your pick, embrace the learning curve. Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and have a ton of fun on the water.

purple paddle board with pretty girl sitting on it

So gear up, get out there, and enjoy the waves on your new purple paddle board!

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What color paddle board should I get?

The color of your paddle board is really up to your personal preference. Some people choose colors like yellow or red for higher visibility on the water, which can be important for safety. Others might prefer colors like blue or purple that blend more with the water or simply look cool. Think about what you like and any safety considerations based on where you’ll be using it.

Why are some paddle boards so cheap?

Paddle boards can vary a lot in price, often due to the materials they are made from and the brand. Cheaper paddle boards are typically made from less expensive materials and might not include accessories like paddles or pumps. They can be a good option for casual use, but they might not last as long or perform as well as more expensive, higher-quality boards.

Are lighter paddle boards better?

Lighter paddle boards have their advantages—they are easier to carry and maneuver, which makes them a great choice for traveling or for paddlers who might have difficulty with heavier boards. However, very light boards might also be less stable in rougher water. It’s all about finding the balance that works for your needs and the conditions you plan to paddle in.

How do I know if a paddle board is right for my skill level?

Beginners should look for wider, more stable boards, typically around 30 to 34 inches wide, which help with balance as you’re learning to paddle. More experienced paddlers might opt for narrower, faster boards that offer better maneuverability and speed. Consider how comfortable you are on the water and what kind of paddling you plan to do.

Can I use my paddle board for yoga or fishing?

Absolutely! Many paddle boards are versatile enough to be used for activities like yoga and fishing. If that’s your interest, look for boards that have a wider deck and more stability. Some boards also come with features like D-rings and mounts that can hold yoga mats, fishing rods, or even seats, making them even more adaptable to different activities.

purple paddle board

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