Everything You Need To Know Bike Paddle Boarding

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Are you looking for a new way to have fun on the water? A bike paddle board is an innovative new product that combines cycling and stand-up paddleboarding. This article will guide you through the basics, tips, and gear needed to get started with this exciting activity.

Get ready to discover a world of adventure!

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What is Bike Paddle Boarding?

Bike paddle boarding is a unique and innovative water sport that combines elements of cycling and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). This activity involves a specially designed bike that is mounted on a pair of pontoons or a floating platform, allowing the rider to pedal and navigate on water, much like they would on land with a bicycle. The concept is similar to stand-up paddle boarding, but instead of paddling with an oar, the rider uses the pedal mechanism to propel and steer the bike on the water.

The bike paddle board typically features a frame similar to a traditional bicycle, complete with handlebars, a seat, and pedals. However, instead of wheels, it has a floating apparatus attached to the bottom. This floating base can be pontoons, a single large float, or a modified SUP board, designed to provide stability and buoyancy on the water.

bike paddle board

This sport offers a unique way to enjoy waterways, providing a fun and engaging method of exploration and exercise. It’s suitable for calm waters like lakes, calm rivers, and coastal areas with minimal waves. The activity combines the physical workout of cycling with the tranquillity and scenic experience of paddle boarding, making it an appealing option for outdoor enthusiasts and water sports lovers.

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Benefits Of A Bike Paddle Board:

And it’s not just pretty to look at, because bike paddle boards actually have a lot of benefits attached to them.

Full-Body WorkoutBike paddle boarding engages various muscle groups. Pedalling works your lower body, while maintaining balance and steering engages your core, arms, and back. This results in a comprehensive workout that can improve overall fitness.
Low-Impact ExerciseLike traditional cycling and SUP, bike paddle boarding is a low-impact activity, making it easier on the joints compared to high-impact sports. This makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels, including those with joint issues or recovering from injuries.
Cardiovascular HealthThe continuous pedaling motion provides a good cardiovascular workout, helping to improve heart health, increase stamina, and boost endurance.
Balance and CoordinationBalancing on a floating bike requires coordination and core strength. Regularly engaging in this activity can enhance your balance and coordination, which is beneficial in everyday activities and other sports.
AccessibilityBike paddle boarding can be more accessible for those who find traditional SUP challenging. The bike’s structure offers additional support and stability, making it easier to balance than standing on a paddle board.
Mental Health BenefitsBeing on the water and engaging in physical activity can have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. The scenic views and connection with nature can also contribute to mental well-being and relaxation.

Which Bike Paddle Board Should You Buy?

When you read about a bike paddle board, you’ll often hear about the Redshark brand, but to be honest with you it’s not my favorite. I would rather recommend this brand:

The DIVTEK SUP Water Bike

bike paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 126″L x 42″W

– Made of Aluminum-1000D 0.9mm polyurethane tarpauli

– 1 year warranty

– Weight capacity of over 220 lbs

– Easy to assemble and transport – the bike comes with simple instructions that you can follow step by step so anyone can set it up within about an hour.

– The seat is high quality and comfortable for longer rides. It’s nice a cushy.

– This bike paddle board is extremely stable because of the two pontoons. You can even take it into choppy waters and it’ll work.

– It’s a really fun way to spend time on the water and you don’t need to go through a learning curve like with a regular SUP.

– It’s user friendly for all ages. We had a 10 year old with us when testing and he could ride on it.
– Unfortunately it doesn’t come with brakes which means that you need to be careful when paddling near people and boats.

– There is a learning curve with the steering. It’s a little weird at the beginning but you get the hang of it quickly.
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The DIVTEK Water Bike is a cool mix of a stand-up paddleboard and a water bike, giving you a fun way to enjoy being on the water. It’s great for anyone who loves outdoor activities, whether you’re chilling on a lake, cruising down a river, or exploring the ocean. This inflatable SUP water bike is super easy to set up and carry around, making it a great pick for all kinds of adventures.

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What’s neat about this water bike is that it’s made with top-notch materials, so it’s tough and stable when you’re out on the water. It’s light and simple to steer, which is awesome for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already into water sports.

The bike’s made with a combo of aluminum and 1000D 0.9mm polyurethane tarpaulin, so it’s pretty sturdy. It’s about 126 inches long and 42 inches wide, and it weighs around 25 kilograms. DIVTEK offers a 1-year warranty, which is pretty cool.

The water bike comes with everything you need like handlebars, a propeller, pedals, a seat, and even a pump, along with other stuff to set it up. It’s recommended for adults and is pretty easy for beginners to get the hang of. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the DIVTEK Water Bike is a great way to have some fun on the water!

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Why Do I Prefer This Over The Red Shark SUP Bike?

Like I mentioned before – the other main competitor is the Red Shark water bike. Now – the reason that I prefer this one is because of a few things:

  • It is half the price – these bikes are pretty expensive and I don’t believe that the Red Shark is twice as good so it doesn’t justify the hype. The Red Shark was first to market so the price is elevated.

  • The seat on this bike is amazing – The reality is you’re going to spend some time sitting on this and it can hurt your ass. I found this seat much softer than the Red Shark so it’s another factor.

  • This is much easier to use – The Red Shark has a single paddle board underneath it so you have to balance on that. This comes with double pontoons which make it really easy to balance.
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How to Assemble, Transport, and Use A Bike Paddle Board

Assembling the a bike paddle board is a easy. It’s also portable and can be easily transported, making it perfect for use in various bodies of water.

bike paddle board

Easy assembly process

Assembling the water bike is a breeze. Simply unpack the components and follow the straightforward instructions provided. The inflatable board can be easily attached to the bike frame, and in no time, you’ll be ready to hit the water for an exhilarating biking and paddleboarding adventure.

Once you’re done, disassembling is just as effortless, making it convenient to transport and move to different water bodies for new paddling experiences.

With its user-friendly assembly process, this versatile water bike opens up endless possibilities for outdoor fun on lakes or at the beach. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced enthusiast in stand-up paddleboarding or cycling, this easy-to-assemble option offers a seamless transition between biking on land and paddleboarding on water.

Portable and can be moved with ease

This bike paddle board is designed to be highly portable, making it effortless to transport and move around. Its inflatable nature allows for compact storage and easy handling, enabling users to take it with them on various water adventures like lakes, beaches, or other bodies of water.

Being able to move with ease makes the this ideal for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and cycling. The convenience of portability adds an extra level of accessibility and freedom for those looking to engage in adventure sports near their favorite waterfront locations.

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Popular Accessories And Products Bought With A Bike Paddle Board

You can pair your paddle board bike with these popular accessories and products to have more fun on the water.

  1. Electric Pump: An efficient electric pump helps inflate the paddleboard quickly and effortlessly, ensuring you spend more time on the water.

  2. Paddle Board Leash: A sturdy paddle board leash is essential for safety, as it keeps the board close in case of falls or waves.

  3. Waterproof Dry Bag: A reliable waterproof dry bag is crucial for storing essentials such as snacks, water, phone, and other valuable items while paddling.

  4. Adjustable Paddle: An adjustable paddle allows customization to fit your height and paddling style, offering comfort during extended rides.

  5. Life Jacket: A Coast Guard-approved life jacket provides peace of mind and safety while enjoying water sports with the water bike.


In conclusion, bike paddle boarding is an exciting and innovative way to enjoy the water, blending the thrill of cycling with the serenity of stand-up paddleboarding. The DIVTEK SUP Water Bike, with its ease of assembly, stability, and comfort, stands out as a highly recommended option, especially when compared to pricier models like the Red Shark.

This sport is not only fun but also offers a fantastic full-body workout and is accessible to a wide range of ages and fitness levels. With the right accessories like an electric pump, paddle board leash, and life jacket, you can enhance your experience and safety on the water.

Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or just looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors, bike paddle boarding is definitely worth trying.

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How can I start bike paddle boarding?

Start by finding a calm, shallow body of water and securing your inflatable paddle board. Then, attach the included seat to your bike and enjoy a ride to the water’s edge where you’ll inflate your board and slide it into the water.

Can anyone do bike paddle boarding?

Yes, bike paddle boarding is suitable for all fitness levels and ages as long as they know how to swim.

How do I steer while bike paddle boarding?

To steer while bike paddle boarding, simply shift your weight in the direction you want to go or use the adjustable handlebars on some models.

What is the main benefit of combining biking with paddleboarding?

The primary benefit is that it offers an enjoyable full-body workout that combines cardiovascular exercise from cycling with core strength and balance training from paddling.

Are there any specific safety tips for bike paddle boarding?

Always wear a life jacket, check weather conditions before heading out, stay aware of boat traffic, and bring along essential safety gear such as a whistle and sunscreen.

Here is what you need to wear while paddle boarding (or bike paddle boarding):
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bike paddle board
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