The 7 Best Inflatable Fishing Paddle Boards Of 2024

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Are you tired of bulky, heavy fishing gear weighing down your adventures? The new Inflatable fishing paddle board designs have revolutionized the way we fish on the water, blending convenience with top-notch performance.

They let you paddle out to remote locations where the fish haven’t been disturbed by people or boat engines and give you the chance to spend some time fishing in the peace and quiet of the ocean.

This article unveils the seven best inflatable fishing paddle boards of 2024, each brimming with features to enhance your angling escapades. Discover your next catch from a whole new perspective!

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Top 7 Inflatable Fishing SUPS

  1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
  2. BOTE Rackham Aero
  3. THURSO Max Multipurpose
  4. BOTE HD Aero
  5. iRocker Blackfin CX
  6. ISLE Switch Hybrid
  7. Gili Meno

Let’s talk through each of them one-by-one so that you have all the details that you need to make an educated decision.

1 – Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

inflatable fishing paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 148.59 x 39.78 x 1 inches

– Weight capacity of 370 lbs

– Comes with SUP, backpack, board, swivel seat, paddle & pump.

– It fits into a small and portable bag when deflated.

– Super stable so that you can focus on fishing instead of balancing.

– Includes a bundle of high-quality accessories.

– The weight capacity is high, which allows you to bring coolers and other accessories without worrying about weight.
– It’s very heavy with all the accessories attached

– The traction pad is narrow and only really accommodates sitting on the board.

The Sea Eagle FS126 FishSUP is a really cool inflatable stand-up paddleboard that’s made especially for fishing. It’s 12’6″ long and comes with everything you need like a paddle, storage box, pump, a removable part for a motor, and even a backpack. You can also get an optional seat.

This paddleboard is super stable and easy to set up in less than 10 minutes. It’s got a bunch of neat features like non-slip pads on the deck, a 360-degree swivel seat for comfy sitting, built-in rulers to check your catch size, lots of attachment points for gear, and a spot to put an electric motor. It also has handy handles for carrying it around.

It’s awesome for fishing because you can sit, stand, fish, put a motor on it, or even troll. It’s really portable and much easier to handle than heavy boats. You can just keep it in your car trunk, ready to go.

The FishSUP 126 package is like a dream for anglers. It’s super stable, great for getting close to where the big fish are, and comes with a swivel seat and rod holders. Plus, everything packs up into a backpack, making it super easy to carry around. The board and all its features make fishing a lot more fun and convenient.

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2 – BOTE Rackham Aero

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 12’4” x 38″ x 7″

– Weight capacity of 400 lbs

– Comes with SUP, paddle, seat, fin, repair kit, pump, travel bag

inflatable fishing paddle board
– Compatible with so many accessories that you’ll never struggle to find them

– The board has a recess (dent) in the middle that protect you from the water and also increases stability

– Large weight capacity lets you bring a friend or gear that you want
– Difficult to inflate because it is big so look into an electric pump

The BOTE Rackham Aero is a super versatile inflatable paddle board that’s 12’4″ long and designed with fishing in mind. It’s got the highest capacity among BOTE’s inflatable boards, making it great for longer camping trips on the river.

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What’s cool is that it comes with a paddle seat you can take off. So, it can switch from a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) to a sit-on-top kayak. It’s also compatible with the APEX Pedal Drive and Rudder System, turning it into a pedal-driven board.

For fishing, there’s the Mini Rocket Rac with three rod holders – two for fishing and one for storing your rods. The board also features a Rail Rac System for adding extra gear, like rod holders or clips for your paddle. Plus, it’s compatible with the MAGNEPOD system, which is great for holding drinks and other accessories with magnets.

In the package, you get a bunch of stuff: the inflatable paddle board, a 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle, slide tracks, paddle holders, a pedal port, the paddle seat, a removable fin, Rac receivers, paddle and Sandspear sheaths, a repair kit, a hand pump, and a travel bag with wheels. This board is a top choice for anyone who loves fishing and wants a board that does it all.

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3 – THURSO Max Multipurpose

inflatable fishing paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’6 x 34” x 6”

– Weight capacity of 370 lbs

– Comes with SUP, paddle, seat, fin, pump, travel bag

– Has a 27″ ruler to measure your catch which is a nice touch

– High quality material that will last for ages

– Comes with a great paddle.

– Has many attachment points that you can use to mount accessories.
– It’s pretty heavy and slow in the water because of its size

The THURSO SURF Max inflatable paddle board is a great choice for anyone into paddle board fishing. It’s 11’6″ long, 34″ wide, and 6″ thick, offering top-notch stability and speed on the water. The deck is fully covered with a traction pad, making it comfy to sit or stand on, even when wet – perfect for fishing.

It’s built super tough with Double Layer construction, combining a woven drop-stitch core and a Military Grade outer layer. Plus, carbon reinforcement rails make it even more rigid and durable, just like a hardboard.

For fishing, it’s got loads of handy features. The board can support multiple riders or dogs, so you can bring a buddy or your pet along. It comes with a carbon shaft paddle, which is lighter and stronger than typical paddles and even floats. The board also has a GoPro mount, removable fins for different water conditions, and side D-rings for attaching a kayak seat, making it versatile for fishing trips.

The package includes a dual chamber pump for quick setup, a roller backpack for easy transportation, and a coiled leash for safety. THURSO SURF offers a two-year warranty, ensuring quality and reliability for your fishing adventures.

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4 – BOTE HD Aero

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’6 x 34″x 6″

– Weight capacity of 315 lbs

– Comes with board, paddle, bag, pump and fin

inflatable fishing paddle board
– Has many attachment points and scotty mounts that you can use to attach fishing accessories

– Really nice looking SUP that will get looks on the beach

– Easy and fun to paddle because it’s stable and wide.
– Doesn’t come with a leash so you need to get one separately.

The BOTE HD Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts. Designed as a “do everything” board, it’s 11’6″ long and comes in various colors, offering supreme versatility for all kinds of water adventures. It’s especially great for fishing due to its stability and ease of maneuvering, even in rougher waters.

One of the standout features of this board is its lightweight and portable design. Thanks to the AeroBOTE construction, it can easily be packed into a backpack-size for transport and storage, making it ideal for fishermen who need to move around or travel to different fishing spots.

The board’s design includes a wide base and entry rocker, enhancing stability and making it easier to handle. This is crucial for fishing, where steady positioning is key. The HD Aero is also compatible with BOTE rac systems, adding to its adaptability for various fishing needs.

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Another cool aspect is the MAGNEPOD Magnetic Retention System. This uses neo-magnet technology to keep your drinks and compatible accessories easily accessible – a convenient feature while out on the water fishing.

Lastly, the board’s durability is a big plus. Made with military-grade PVC skin, it can withstand rough handling, bumps, and scrapes, ensuring it lasts through many fishing trips.

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5 – iRocker Blackfin CX

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’6” x 34” x 6”

– Weight capacity of 485 lbs

– Comes with SUP, paddle, electric pump, bag, leash and fin

– This is a multipurpose board that you can use for paddling and is also great for fishing

– The electric pump is a great touch so you can easily pump the board up.

– Very lightweight at 30 lbs so it won’t be an issue to carry it

– Rolls up really small so it’s easy to transport.
– Not much – You can set this up to be an amazing inflatable fishing paddle board.

The Blackfin iROCKER Model CX is a top-notch inflatable stand-up paddleboard, especially for those interested in paddle board fishing but not needing a fishing rack. It’s 10’6″ long, 32.5″ wide, and 6″ thick, balancing speed and stability perfectly for both beginners and experienced riders. This board can hold up to 320 lbs, making it suitable for solo or duo riders.

What sets this board apart is its construction. It uses a cross-thread drop-stitch design, resulting in a lighter, sturdier board that moves faster and handles better on the water. It’s also compatible with a Kayak Conversion Kit and other iROCKER accessories, offering flexibility for different water adventures.

The compact design is a big plus. The board folds down into a small, padded backpack that’s easy to carry, fitting in cars or plane overhead bins. This makes it super convenient for fishermen who are always on the move.

It comes with a 12V electric pump, so you can inflate your SUP quickly and easily, ready for your fishing adventure in no time. Plus, the board comes with a 3-year warranty, assuring high quality and durable materials. iROCKER’s commitment to quality and customer service makes this paddle board a solid choice for fishing enthusiasts.

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6 – ISLE Switch Hybrid

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11.6 x 35.5 x 6

– Weight capacity of 425 lbs

– Comes with leash, pump, backpack, board, attachable kayak seat and paddle.

– Handles really well in choppy water and the sea so you can fish anywhere.

– Extremely light considering how big the board is.

– High quality & durable materials that will last for a long time

– Easy to assemble
– Carries a higher price tag compared to other ISLE paddleboards.

– Pump provided is just okay, so look into an electric pump

The ISLE Switch Inflatable Hybrid Kayak-Stand Up Paddle Board is a cool choice for paddle board fishing because it’s really versatile and light. It’s a mix of a kayak and a paddleboard and can carry up to 425 lbs. You can switch it from a SUP to a kayak in no time, thanks to its easy-to-use ISLE-LINK system that uses special loops and hooks.

This board is made with a special kind of construction called Air-Tech Fusion Lite, making it super strong but also really light – it’s only 19 pounds! That’s super light for a kayak and paddleboard combo. It’s also comfy to use. The board has a full-length traction pad that’s soft and grippy, perfect for standing up or chilling out. When you use it as a kayak, it has a cozy seat and footrest.

It comes with all the gear you need, like a kayak seat, a paddle that you can take apart for travel, a hand pump, a travel bag, and a fin. The ISLE Switch is great for hanging out with friends, your dog, or just enjoying some quiet fishing time. And if you turn it into a kayak, the seat is really supportive and has a cushion that makes it easier on your back and legs. Plus, you can use the seat as a camp chair when you’re not on the water.

When picking out a board, make sure it can float you and your gear properly, especially if you’re planning on fishing or long trips. The more stuff you bring, the more buoyant your board should be.

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7 – Gili Meno

inflatable fishing paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11’6″ x 35″ x 6″

– Weight capacity of 400 lbs

– 5 fin options, leash, paddle, bag, SUP and pump

– Very stable and will let you fish without constantly wobbling

– Can hold up to 400 lbs of weight so you can bring equipment or a buddy on your fishing trip.

– Has 5 different action mounts and 3 scotty mounts which makes it easy to attach fishing accessories.
– The deck pad is a little bit smaller than other paddle boards so if you have a cooler or other fishing equipment on the board then there’ll be less space.

The GILI Meno Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a top pick for both newbies and experienced paddlers. It’s 11’6″, and is super stable with its 35” width. This board is great for all water types – lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Plus, it has a mount for your action camera to capture all the fun.

What makes the Meno stand out is its advanced fusion construction. It’s made with triple-layer fusion tech, making it both strong and lightweight. It also features Carbon Tech Rail technology for extra rigidity and stability.

GILI is also about helping the environment. They donate part of their sales to save oceans, coral reefs, and endangered sea creatures. So, buying this board means you’re also contributing to a good cause.

The package is loaded with premium accessories: the Meno SUP, a carbon fiber paddle, a rolling backpack for easy transport, a hand pump, an 8’ coiled leash, and a 5-piece fin kit.

GILI offers a 60-day risk-free trial and a 2-year warranty on the paddle board, plus a 90-day warranty on the accessories. The Meno is durable, built with dual-layer, fusion laminated PVC, and can hold over 450 lbs. It’s perfect for family fun – you can even bring your dog! Plus, every purchase helps protect our oceans and marine life.

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Where To Find Paddle Board Fishing Accessories:

You probably noticed that many of these SUPs don’t come with all the accessories that you actually need to start fishing.

This article is designed to give you the foundations (i.e. the SUP) that you should choose for paddle board fishing.

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What to Look for When Choosing an Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board

Consider the weight capacity, durability, added features, and price when choosing an inflatable fishing paddle board. Ready to find the best board for your next fishing adventure? Keep reading to discover the top 7 options for 2024!

Weight capacity

Inflatable fishing paddle boards come with varying weight capacities, so it’s important to consider your needs and preferences. The Bote Rackham Aero 12’4″ and the Blackfin Model XL are top picks known for their high weight capacity, making them suitable for anglers with heavy gear or those looking to bring along a furry companion.

Some inflatable paddle boards can support up to 500 pounds of weight, providing stability and peace of mind for any fishing adventure.

Additionally, when choosing an inflatable fishing paddle board based on weight capacity, keep in mind the combined weight of you, your gear, and any additional passengers or pets. This will ensure that the board you select can comfortably accommodate everyone while maintaining buoyancy and stability on the water.


When it comes to choosing an inflatable fishing paddle board, durability is a crucial factor to consider. The best boards are constructed with advanced materials and reinforced seams to withstand rough handling and potential punctures while out on the water.

Look for boards that feature military-grade PVC construction, carbon rails, or triple-layered drop-stitch technology for added strength and longevity. These durable features ensure that your inflatable fishing paddle board can handle the rigors of fishing in various water conditions without compromising its performance.

In addition to robust construction, top-rated inflatable fishing paddle boards often come with innovative design elements such as protective outer layers, impact-resistant bottoms, and reinforced fins to enhance their resilience against abrasions and impacts.

Added features (e.g. Tackle Rac, Bucket Rac, camera mount)

Inflatable fishing paddle boards often come with added features to enhance your fishing experience. Here are some of the popular added features you can look for when choosing an inflatable fishing paddle board:

  • Tackle Rac: Conveniently store and access your fishing gear while on the water with built-in tackle rac systems.
  • Bucket Rac: Keep your bait and other essentials within reach using the bucket rac attachment for easy access during your fishing adventures.
  • Camera Mount: Capture memorable moments on the water by mounting a camera to document your catches and outdoor experiences.
  • Rod Holders: Securely hold your fishing rods in place, freeing up your hands for paddling or reeling in a catch.
  • D-ring Attachments: Easily secure additional gear such as coolers or dry bags using the D-ring attachments on the paddle board.
  • Paddle Holder: Keep your paddle secure and out of the way when focusing on landing a catch or enjoying other activities on the water.
  • Multi-purpose Deck Attachment Points: Utilize versatile deck attachment points for securing various accessories, from fish finders to extra storage options.


Moving on to the aspect of price, it’s important to consider your budget when choosing an inflatable fishing paddle board. While there are affordable options available, higher-priced boards often offer additional features and better durability.

Keep in mind that the best value isn’t always the cheapest option – quality and performance should also be taken into account.

When comparing prices, look for deals from reputable brands like Bote, Blackfin, Thurso Surf, and ISLE. These companies offer a range of options with varying price points to suit different budgets.


In conclusion, choosing the best inflatable fishing paddle board in 2024 can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With the options that we reviewed above you will have the perfect foundation to start fishing.

These portable paddle boards not only offer stability but also ample space for gear storage and the flexibility to sit or stand while fishing. The durability and added features make them suitable for various outdoor water activities such as recreational paddling and even paddleboard yoga on the water.

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What key factors should I consider when choosing a fishing SUP?

Look at weight capacity to ensure it can handle you and your gear, durability for longevity, stability for fishing ease, portability for convenience, added features like rod holders for enhanced fishing, and price to match quality with your budget.

Why is the weight capacity so important?

Boards vary in weight capacity, important for safety and how much gear you can bring. Higher capacity means more gear and stability.

What are the durability features to look for in an inflatable fishing paddle board?

High-quality boards often feature military-grade PVC and construction techniques like triple-layer drop-stitch for longevity and resistance to damage.

What features should I look for in a fishing SUP?

Enhanced fishing experience with features like tackle storage, rod holders, camera mounts, and D-ring attachments for additional gear.

How does price indicate quality and what brands are recommended?

Price often reflects quality and features. Brands like Bote, Blackfin, Thurso Surf, and ISLE offer a balance of cost, quality, and fishing-specific features.

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