Are Adventure Kings Paddle Boards Worth The Hype? Detailed A-Z Review

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Let me guess… You’re thinking of getting a paddle board and everywhere that you look you see the brand Adventure Kings. Now you’re wondering if a Kings stand up paddle board is actually good… Right?

If that’s you – then you’re in the right place because in this article I will be diving into Adventure Kings and their paddle boards to give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Ready? Let’s do this…

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Overview Of The Kings Stand Up Paddle Board

Adventure Kings is a well-known Australian brand that specializes in outdoor, camping, and 4WD equipment. The brand has gained popularity for offering a wide range of products that cater to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers at competitive prices. Their product line includes items such as swags, rooftop tents, awnings, portable refrigerators, solar panels, generators, and of course… Paddle boards!

One of the key selling points of Adventure Kings is its commitment to making outdoor and camping gear more accessible and affordable without compromising on quality. This approach has allowed many Australians to explore and enjoy the outdoors without the need to invest heavily in equipment.

And their big goal shines through with their paddle board… Because it is a really good, budget-friendly option to get on the water. Let’s review it…

kings stand up paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10’6″

– Weight capacity of 150 kg

– Made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

– Comes with the board, leash, fin, bag and paddle.

Our Verdict:

The Kings stand up paddle board is a really good entry-level paddle board that is perfect for people that want to get out on the water without destroying their bank account. It is stable and secure when inflated, which makes it good for beginners that haven’t mastered standing yet. And it comes with everything you need to get on the water. The downsides of this paddle board is that there is a lack of storage space because there is only one bungee storage spot, and the accessories are basic so you might consider upgrading them.

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All around – if you’re looking for something budget-friendly, durable and reliable to work for years to come then this is a good SUP for you.

– Comes with everything that you need to get started.

– Has a large EV deck pad so you can move around on the board without slipping.

– Love that they use a tri-fin set up because it makes it work with a wide range of conditions and areas.

– Stable, secure and extremely hardy.

– Really great price for what you get.

– You can get different packages that include dry bags, kayak seats or even cricket sets.
– The accessories are basic – you can see that they cut costs here.

– It only has one set of bungee storage spots so you’re a little limited on space if you want a cooler to bring drinks and food.

– No pump included so you’ll have to grab this separately.
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Summary Of The Kings Stand Up Paddle Board:

The Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board and Neoprene Kayak Paddleboard Seat combo is a dream kit for anyone looking to dive into paddleboarding without breaking the bank. This 10’6″ board is a champ, boasting a hefty 150kg weight limit and designed with stability in mind, making it a perfect match for beginners. It’s not just about size; the board is crafted with heavy-duty 6” drop stitching and rocks a three-fin design for better control and a non-slip foam grip for extra safety. Plus, it comes with a paddle and a super convenient backpack for easy transport.

Diving deeper into the specs, the board is made from durable PVC with a 6” drop stitch core and comes with an aluminum paddle with a reinforced plastic blade. Despite its strength, the board itself is surprisingly light, weighing in at just over 8kg with the fin attached. The recommended inflation pressure is 15PSI, ensuring it’s rigid enough for a stable ride.

kings stand up paddle board

For those looking for an upgrade in comfort, the kayak seat is the cherry on top. Adjustable and made from tough polyester and neoprene, it’s compatible with all Kings kayaks and the inflatable stand up paddleboard, promising a comfy paddle no matter where you’re headed. Together, this setup is an affordable, durable, and beginner-friendly choice for anyone eager to hit the water with confidence.

What’s Included:

  • 10’6″ Paddle Board
  • Two-piece alloy paddle
  • Removable centre fin
  • Coiled leg leash
  • Transport backpack
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Also includes a kayak seat (this can be swapped with something else.)

kings stand up paddle board
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Important Features Of The Kings Stand Up Paddle Board

Construction Quality:

This is an inflatable stand up paddle board that is made up of Drop-Stitch Technology that has tens of thousands of polyester threads woven into a matrix between the top and the base of the board.

This creates higher pressures which results in a rigid, more responsive board that has no trouble holding its shape at higher pressures and keeping you afloat.

They even went as far as getting a three-tonne four wheel drive car to drive over it to prove that it can withstand these extreme pressures… It didn’t pop!

Pretty awesome right?

Traction Pad

The EVA traction pad on the board extends from just behind the bungee cords to nearly the end of the board’s tail. This feature significantly enhances grip, and it provides comfort for both standing and kneeling positions.

It is soft and cushy and provides you with ample space to move around the board. I did notice that the bungee cords do infringe a bit on the track pad so you might feel them when paddling, but it’s not a really big deal.

The one negative with this is that it only has one set of bungee cords which means you have a little less storage.

Fin Setup

kings stand up paddle board

This SUP uses a tri-fin setup (also known as a thruster setup). This is a common configuration that offers a balance of stability, control, and maneuverability. This setup includes one larger centre fin flanked by two smaller side fins.

The main centre fin is removable while the other 2 fins are fixed. This isn’t a problem at all and is very common with paddle boards these days.

There are a few key benefits of this:

Versatility:The tri-fin setup is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions and paddle boarding activities, from flat water paddling to surfing waves. It’s a good all-around choice if you enjoy various types of paddle boarding.
Maneuverability:The side fins in a tri-fin setup help improve the board’s maneuverability, making it easier to make sharp turns and navigate through waves. This is particularly beneficial for paddle surfing, where turning and control are essential.
Stability: While the larger centre fin contributes to tracking (keeping the board straight on flat water or during strong currents), the side fins add a degree of lateral stability. This can be especially helpful in choppy water or when catching waves, as it helps prevent the board from rolling side to side.
Control in Waves:For paddle boarders interested in surfing, a tri-fin setup offers better control on the face of the wave and during turns. The side fins provide grip on the wave, allowing for more dynamic surfing techniques.

Carry Handle

There is a single carry handle in the middle of the SUP. It is made of nylon and it makes it easy to carry the board even for children. This board is relatively lightweight also so that’s a big perk to this SUP.

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The ‘transportability’ of the Kings paddle board is decent. They give you a large backpack that easily fits all your gear inside it.

The bag is good quality but it’s lacking style. There is no branding or design to it, which might bother some people but I didn’t really mind.

The bag serves its purpose, it’s easy to transport the SUP with it and in my eyes that’s good enough considering the price that you can grab this SUP for.

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Other Included Items

Like I mentioned before – It comes with all of these goodies included. Let’s talk a bit more about these items.

Alloy Paddle:
The paddle is an aluminium alloy that can be broken into two-pieces so that it can fit in the bag easily. This paddle is pretty heavy but you can’t expect anything different from a paddle that isn’t carbon fibre.

Coiled Leash:
The leash is basic. It’s comfy and doesn’t lead to chafing which is always a win for me. It serves it’s purpose and you’ll be fine with it. I like that they included a coiled leash instead of a straight leash – the benefit of coils are they don’t snag on rocks and seaweed in the water.

Removable Fin:
The fin is a dolphin shaped fin and it was included to make it easy to go straight in the water. The thruster fin setup makes this an everyday board that is good for touring and paddling comfortably.

Comparison to Other Paddle Boards

The Kings stand up paddle board fits into the category of a beginner / intermediate budget board.

If you are looking for other similar examples then I would recommend the following:

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The Adventure Kings Stand Up Paddle Board emerges as a solid, budget-friendly option for those new to paddleboarding or seeking an affordable entry into the sport. Its durable construction, complete with Drop-Stitch Technology, ensures a rigid and responsive ride, capable of withstanding extreme pressures. The included tri-fin setup enhances stability, control, and maneuverability, making it suitable for a variety of conditions.

While the basic accessories and limited storage space might be drawbacks for some, these are minor compared to the board’s overall value. With everything needed to start paddling, including a kayak seat and transport backpack, the Adventure Kings SUP stands out as a practical choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike. It proves that quality and performance can come without a hefty price tag, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious adventurers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Adventure Kings Stand Up Paddle Board suitable for beginners?

Yes, its stability, secure inflation, and comprehensive package make it an excellent choice for beginners.

Can the Adventure Kings SUP handle rough water?

Yes, the tri-fin setup and rigid construction provide good stability and control, making it capable of handling choppy waters.

Do I need to buy any additional accessories to start paddleboarding with the Adventure Kings SUP?

The package includes all essentials like the board, paddle, fin, leash, and backpack. However, a pump is not included, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

How does the Adventure Kings SUP compare to more expensive paddle boards?

While it may lack some of the advanced features and premium materials of higher-priced boards, it offers remarkable value and performance for its price, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Can I use the Adventure Kings Stand Up Paddle Board for paddleboard yoga?

Yes, its stable design and large EVA deck pad provide a comfortable and secure surface suitable for yoga and other activities.

kings stand up paddle board
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