Best Lightweight Inflatable Paddle Board Picks Of 2024

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If you like to paddle board light, and want to find the best lightweight paddle board options on the market… Then look no further!

In this article, we’ll break down what makes a great lightweight sup, and then give you some of the lightest board options to choose from for the 2024 season.

But to cut to the chase:

lightweight paddle board

“Out of all the lightweight paddle boards that we’ve tested – we believe the best one is the Isle Switch. Not only is it one of the lightest board options at just 19 lbs. But it is also a hybrid board that quickly converts into a kayak. Combine that with high performance on the water, and you have a blockbuster lightweight SUP that has won dozens of ‘best of’ awards for one reason… Because it’s excellent!”

Want more details? Let’s get into the reviews of these paddle boards.

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Top Lightweight SUP Boards To Buy In 2024

Here are the best lightweight paddle board picks that we considered.

Best Overall Lightweight Inflatable Paddle BoardISLE Switch
Best Value For MoneyBOTE Breeze Aero
Great For Heavier RidersAtoll 11 Paddle Board
Best Budget Light SUPROC Explorer
Best Accessories IncludedThurso Surf Waterwalker 132
Great Lightweight SUPGili Air
Best Lightweight SUP For Kids And WomeniROCKER 10′ Ultra

ISLE Switch (Best Overall Lightweight Inflatable Paddle Board)

lightweight paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11.6′ x 35.5″ x 6″

– Volume of 360 L

– Weight of 19 lbs

– Weight capacity of 425 lbs

– Front and back bungee for storage

– Great for beginner to advanced paddlers.

– Comes with a soft kayak seat that makes it really easy to convert into a kayak if you get tired on the water.

– This SUP has won more than a dozen ‘best of’ awards, because of the high quality materials that ISLE uses.

– The board is wide (35.5″) which makes it extremely stable and easy to use even for beginners.

– The pointed nose lets it easily handle choppy waters so you can take it out in the sea.

– To top it off – ISLE is well known for having amazing customer service.
– The paddle is aluminum which makes it heavier (and a bit slippery when wet). Consider getting a different paddle with this board.


The ISLE Switch is a top-notch, lightweight option for paddlers in 2024. Designed with hybrid versatility, it combines the functions of a kayak and a paddleboard, accommodating users up to 425 lbs. It’s built with Air-Tech Fusion Lite construction, making it ultra-durable and 25% lighter than standard inflatables, weighing just 19 pounds. It is the lightest board that we reviewed.

The Switch can effortlessly transform from SUP to kayak in seconds, thanks to the innovative ISLE-LINK connect system. It comes with a complete accessory bundle, including a high back elevated kayak seat, an adjustable paddle, hand pump, travel bag, and center fin.

The full coverage traction pad offers maximum comfort for activities like yoga, lounging, or fishing, making it the best overall lightweight paddle board on the market.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Inflatable paddle board
  • SUP Kayak Seat
  • ISLE Touring Center Fin
  • Manual iSUP Hand Pump
  • iSUP Travel Bag
  • 4-Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • 2 year warranty on materials
  • 60-day guarantee
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BOTE Breeze Aero (Best Value For Money SUP)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10.8′ x 33″ x 6″

– Weight of 20 lbs

– Weight capacity of 250 lbs

– Front bungee for storage

– Great for beginner to advanced paddlers.

– This paddle board is extremely affordable for a quality board.

– It is lightweight (20 lbs), which means that it’s easy to carry and transport.

– It’s stable and maneuverable on the water which makes paddling on it really fun.

– I love that they went for a dolphin shaped fin, which makes it much easier to track on the water.
– The side fins don’t detach which sometimes makes it a bit frustrating when you roll it up.

– There is no leash included so you will need to buy it separately.


This is one of the lightest boards on the market. The BOTE Breeze Aero inflatable stand up paddle board, at 10’8″ long and 33″ wide, is the perfect entry into paddleboarding. Known as ‘the flagship of fun,’ it’s designed for both beginners and experienced paddlers, offering exceptional stability with its 33″ width and extra-wide tail.

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This board is all about making paddleboarding accessible and enjoyable for everyone, encouraging adventures with family and friends. It incorporates the revolutionary MAGNEPod magnetic base for secure drink storage, enhancing your water experience. Weighing just about 20 pounds thanks to AeroUltra technology, it’s over 20% lighter than most inflatables, making it incredibly easy to transport and store.

Whether you’re planning a spontaneous weekend getaway or a leisure day at the beach, the Breeze Aero is supremely portable, easily fitting into a trunk or being checked on a flight. Offering a blend of convenience, stability, and fun, it’s recognized for its great value for money in the paddleboarding world. So if you like to sup light – then this is a great pick for you.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • lightweight inflatable paddle board
  • 10″ removable Aero center fin
  • Manual iSUP Hand Pump
  • BOTE Travel Bag
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle
  • 1 year warranty on materials
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Atoll 11 Paddle Board (Great For Heavier Riders)

lightweight paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10.8′ x 32″ x 6″

– Weight of 21 lbs

– Weight capacity of 315 lbs

– Front bungee for storage

– Great for beginner to advanced paddlers.

– Great for heavier riders that still want to enjoy paddling.

– It is one of the lightest stand up boards that you’ll find on the water, even for it’s larger size.

– Extremely stable and easy to use even for beginners.

– Nice accessories included – the backpack is extremely comfortable and nice to use.

– This board stays extremely rigid even at lower inflation, which is nice if you don’t want to pump it up super hard.
– The fixed side fins get a little bent out of shape if you keep it folded for too long.


The Atoll paddle board is a standout for its ultra-light construction and durability, being 40% lighter than similar models thanks to its dual-layer PVC design. This 11ft board is enhanced for rigidity and stability, making it an excellent choice for heavier riders.

Its dimensions (132″L x 32″W) and 25-inch thickness provide a balanced blend of stability and performance, suitable for a variety of water conditions. The board features a fixed tri-fin design for improved tracking and ease of use, eliminating the worry about losing side fins. Additionally, the Atoll ISUP showcases a sleek, heavy-duty design with added features like front and back bungee tie-downs for securing your gear. Offering a mix of durability, performance, and ease of transport, it’s a great option for paddlers looking for quality and reliability.

Atoll backs this board with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, underscoring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Ideal for those seeking an adventure on the water, this paddle board is especially accommodating for larger individuals, ensuring everyone can enjoy the rapidly growing sport of paddleboarding.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • lightweight SUP
  • Removable center fin (2+1 (2 fixed side fins, one removable center fin)
  • Manual iSUP Hand Pump
  • Atoll Travel Bag
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle
  • 2 year warranty on materials
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ROC 10′ Explorer (Best Budget Light SUP)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10′ x 33″ x 6″

– Weight of 18 lbs

– Weight capacity of 350 lbs

– Front bungee for storage

– Great for beginner paddlers.

lightest board
– This is the lightest stand up paddle boards that I’ve ever found (18 lbs). This board will be easy to use even for younger riders.

– It comes with a really nice and lightweight paddle that is a nice inclusion to the package.

– Large EV deck pad lets you move around the board easily.

– It is a well designed budget board that is great for beginner riders.
– The board isn’t extremely fast on the water.

– Many riders will grow out of this board as they improve and will want something a bit faster on the water.


The Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board stands out as a top-rated choice on Amazon, thanks to its high-grade material that’s 50% stronger than competitor boards, making it a solid budget-friendly option. This 10ft paddle board is designed to accommodate users up to an impressive 350 lbs weight limit, showcasing Roc’s commitment to safety and reliability. Its extra-wide design ensures an incredibly stable and versatile experience for paddlers of all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

The board features a non-slip comfort deck that enhances safety and performance, making it ideal for both youth and adults looking to explore waterways. Roc’s dedication to quality is further highlighted by their industry-leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and their position as the only USA-owned and based paddle board company on Amazon, offering top-rated customer service. J

Joining the Roc family means getting a great budget board without compromising on quality or performance, suitable for everyone looking to enjoy the growing sport of paddleboarding.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • lightweight paddle board
  • Removable center fin (2+1 (2 fixed side fins, one removable center fin)
  • Manual iSUP Dual Action pump
  • Waterproof dry bag
  • Valve wrench
  • Leash
  • Heavy duty backpack
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle
  • 2 year warranty on materials
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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 (Best Accessories Included)

lightweight paddle board

Where To Buy: Amazon

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Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11′ x 32″ x 6″

– Weight of 23.7 lbs

– Weight capacity of 210 lbs

– Front and back bungee for storage

– Great for beginner to advanced paddlers.

– Love the accessories. It comes with an electric pump, great backpack and other key accessories that will make your life better.

– It’s lightweight (23.7 lbs) so it is easy to use and transport.

– I really like the design of the board, it looks great on the water and has a nice track pad that lets you move around the board.

– It is a good price for a great package.
– The center handle isn’t in the center. This makes it a bit awkward and unbalanced to carry.

– This isn’t the most stable board out of all of the boards we reviewed.


The THURSO SURF Waterwalker 132 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a comprehensive solution for paddleboard enthusiasts looking for a blend of speed, stability, and versatility. Upgraded with a new woven reinforcement material, it offers improved performance while remaining light, catering to activities such as yoga, fishing, or simply enjoying a day on the water with a pet. Ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers, this board measures 11′ x 32” x 6” and supports up to 330 lbs, making it THURSO SURF’s largest all-around board. Its construction boasts the strongest structure on the market, featuring double layer construction with a military-grade outer PVC layer and carbon reinforcement rails for unmatched rigidity and durability.

What sets the Waterwalker 132 apart are its deluxe accessories, ensuring an unparalleled paddling experience. Among these, a carbon shaft paddle offers superior performance over traditional materials, being lighter and adjustable. The introduction of a rechargeable electric air pump simplifies the inflation process, allowing you to get on the water faster.

The board’s thoughtful design includes features like a GoPro mount, tool-less removable fins for customized setups, and expandable bungees for secure gear storage. THURSO SURF’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is backed by a two-year warranty, making the Waterwalker 132 an excellent choice for paddlers seeking a premium board with great accessories.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Lightweight paddle board
  • 3 piece Carbon hybrid paddle
  • Rechargeable electric air pump
  • Roller backpack
  • Removable center fin and side fins (2+1 fin set up)
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Gili Air (Great Lightweight SUP)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 11.6′ x 32″ x 6″

– Weight of 21 lbs

– Weight capacity of 250 lbs

– Front and back bungee for storage

– Great for beginner paddlers.

lightweight sup
– This is a lightweight SUP that is perfect for beginner riders.

– The board has high performance in all water conditions.

– Nice and stable so it is easy to use for beginners

– Great price
– The aluminum paddle is heavy and quite slippery when wet. I’d recommend getting a different paddle.

– This board flexes with heavier riders over 250 lbs (because it is made with a single layer of PVC)


The GILI Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an outstanding choice for those seeking a lightweight, versatile SUP that excels in all water conditions. Measuring 10’6 x 31″ x 6” and weighing just 19 lbs, it strikes the perfect balance between balance, weight, and size, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers. Constructed from cross-stitched, reinforced PVC, it boasts remarkable durability and stability, ensuring it can withstand dings, dents, or damage without compromising on performance.

Its 6″ thickness enhances stability, while the beautiful design features an extra-large diamond traction pad for activities like SUP Yoga or paddling with a pet. The board’s tri-fin setup ensures excellent maneuverability and ease of use. Notably, this SUP is not only designed for performance but also for convenience and portability, fitting all accessories into an easy-to-carry backpack.

Additionally, the GILI Air is committed to environmental conservation, with a portion of every purchase going towards saving our oceans and marine life. This combination of features makes the GILI Air a top-notch choice for anyone looking to explore the waters with a lightweight, durable, and socially responsible paddle board.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Aluminum paddle
  • Dual action SUP hand pump
  • ISUP backpack
  • Coiled 8′ ankle leash
  • 9″ snap-in center fin
  • Paid of snap-in side fins
  • 2 year warranty
  • 60 day guarantee
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

iROCKER 10′ Ultra (Best Lightweight SUP For Kids & Women)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10′ x 32″ x 6″

– Weight of 19.8 lbs

– Weight capacity of 260 lbs

– Front and back bungee for storage

– Great for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

– This is a shorter board so it is nimble and maneuverable on the water.

– It is very portable and travel friendly so it’s great if you like to travel

– Very lightweight and responsive on the water.

– Nice price for what you get.

– I found that it tracked really well on the water because of the 2+1 fin set up.
– This is not well suited for bigger paddlers, which is why we recommend it for kids and women.


The iROCKER All-Around 10′ Ultra Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is designed to deliver a blend of speed and maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for shorter and lighter paddlers, including women and kids under 5’5”. With its 260 lbs. weight capacity, it’s perfectly suited for solo adventures on the water. This board stands out for its innovative construction, featuring cross-thread drop-stitch technology that enhances the board’s rigidity and speed while keeping it lightweight and durable.

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The compact design ensures convenience, fitting effortlessly into a specially designed backpack for easy transportation, whether you’re heading to the beach or flying to your next water adventure. The inclusion of a 12V electric pump makes setup a breeze, allowing for quick inflation in under 12 minutes. iROCKER’s commitment to quality is backed by a 3-year warranty, assuring paddlers of a high-quality product with exceptional durability. This paddle board is a fantastic choice for those looking for a high-performance, convenient, and versatile SUP, especially suitable for women and kids looking to enjoy the water. If you want to sup light then this is a good pick for you.

What’s Included:

The kit contains:

  • Lightweight paddle board inflatable
  • Compact backpack
  • 12 V electric pump
  • 10′ coiled leash with key stash spot
  • 2 x 9 inch tethered flip lock fins
  • Carbon paddle board paddle.
  • 3 year warranty
Check Price ➡️ Amazon

How We Tested The Lightweight Inflatable Paddle Boards

We tested these sups by taking them out on various water bodies to gauge their performance in real-world conditions.

Our evaluation process included reading and analyzing customer reviews to understand common experiences and potential issues. We assessed the boards’ stability, durability, and overall user-friendliness, considering factors such as ease of inflation, portability, and accessory quality.

This comprehensive approach helped us gain a well-rounded understanding of each board’s strengths and weaknesses.

What Makes a Lightweight Paddle Board Great?

A lightweight paddle board is great because it offers easy portability and maneuverability, while still delivering high performance and durability. Lightweight boards make it easier to carry and transport, providing convenience without sacrificing quality or stability.

A lightweight paddle board for adults is great because it offers easy portability and maneuverability, while still delivering high performance and durability. Lightweight boards make it easier to carry and transport, providing convenience without sacrificing quality or stability.

Weight and portability

Choosing the best lightweight inflatable paddle board means focusing on weight and portability. These boards are easy to carry, making them perfect for adventurers who love to explore different waters.

The lighter the board, the less effort it takes to transport it from your car to the water. With innovative designs, these lightweight SUP boards can easily fold up and fit into a backpack, ensuring you can take them anywhere.

Portability also extends to travel convenience. Whether you’re going on a local outdoor adventure or flying to a tropical destination, a compact and lightweight inflatable SUP board fits effortlessly into your travel plans.

They inflate quickly when you reach your destination, offering immediate access to water sports fun without the heavy burden of traditional hard boards. This makes them an ideal choice for families and individuals who value ease of use alongside adventurous spirit.

Performance and durability

Moving from weight and portability, performance and durability also play crucial roles in finding the best lightweight inflatable paddle board. A high-performing board glides smoothly on water, making paddling easier and more enjoyable.

It responds well to turns and maintains good speed, ensuring a thrilling experience for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. The construction of these boards often involves advanced materials that contribute both to their lightness and ability to withstand rough use.

Durability ensures that your investment lasts many seasons of adventure. The top inflatable SUP boards come with sturdy materials like military-grade PVC, which can endure bumps against rocks or contact with sand without showing significant wear.

Some models feature reinforced seams that minimize the risk of air leaks, a common concern among inflatable products. This combination of strong build quality and thoughtful design makes each trip on the water as worry-free as possible, promising countless hours of fun for family-friendly outings, yoga sessions on calm waters, or solo explorations.

Why Should I Get A Lightweight Stand Up Paddle Board?

Getting a lightweight stand-up paddleboard (SUP) offers several benefits that can enhance your paddling experience, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Here are some reasons why you might consider a lightweight SUP:

Ease of Transportation:Lightweight SUPs are easier to carry from your vehicle to the water. This can be especially beneficial if you have to walk a significant distance to reach your paddling spot or if you’re traveling solo.
Increased Portability:A lighter board is simpler to handle, making it more convenient to transport, especially if you’re using public transport or flying to a paddleboarding destination. It also means less effort when loading and unloading your board.
Better ManeuverabilityLightweight boards tend to be easier to maneuver in the water. This makes them ideal for a variety of paddling styles, including surfing small waves, exploring narrow waterways, or practicing SUP yoga.
Less Fatigue:Carrying and paddling a lighter board reduces physical strain, which means you can spend more time on the water without feeling tired (2). This is particularly advantageous for longer paddling sessions or when exploring new areas.
Suitable for All Ages and Abilities:Their ease of use makes lightweight SUPs a great option for paddlers of all ages and skill levels, including children and older adults who might find heavier boards more challenging to manage.
Durability and Performance:Many lightweight SUPs are made using advanced materials and construction techniques that offer a good balance between weight and durability. These materials often contribute to a board’s performance, providing a stable yet responsive paddling experience.

Key Accessories To Get With Your New Lightweight Paddle Board

Here are our 23 favorite accessories for paddle boarding:
The 23 Best Paddleboard Accessories That You Need In 2024

When you buy a paddle board, it typically comes with a few key accessories like a carrying bag, repair kit, leash, and paddle. However, you might find yourself needing a few additional items to complete your paddle boarding setup. Here’s an overview of essential accessories to consider:

Paddle: Boards often include adjustable paddles made of aluminum or composite materials. While these paddles are durable and easy to transport, they can be on the heavier side. For a lighter and more rigid option, consider upgrading to a carbon fiber paddle for enhanced performance.

Leash: A leash is crucial in many paddling scenarios, especially in lakes or oceans where your board could quickly drift away if you fall off. Opt for a coiled leash to avoid dragging in the water. For river paddling, avoid wearing a leash or choose one with a quick-release mechanism to prevent dangerous situations where the leash could get caught on underwater objects.

Life Jacket: While there are plenty of affordable life jackets designed for water sports like wakeboarding, ensure you pick one that is Coast Guard-approved if you’re adhering to stand-up paddleboard regulations.

Dry Bag: To keep your valuables dry and safe, a dry bag is indispensable. Available in various sizes, these waterproof bags can protect everything from your sunscreen and extra clothing to essential items like your phone and keys.

Roof Rack: For frequent paddlers who prefer not to inflate their board each time, a soft roof rack can be a cost-effective solution if a full rail and crossbar setup isn’t feasible.

Electric Pump: To save time and energy, consider investing in a battery-powered air pump for easy inflation.


In the search for the best lightweight stand-up paddleboards for the 2024 season, it’s clear that the market offers a diverse range of options tailored to meet the needs of various paddlers. From the best overall lightweight inflatable paddle board, the ISLE Switch, known for its hybrid versatility and exceptional lightness, to specialized boards like the iROCKER 10′ Ultra, designed with kids and women in mind, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prioritize stability, affordability, or the inclusion of premium accessories, the key lies in choosing a board that not only suits your paddling style but also enhances your experience on the water through ease of transportation, durability, and performance.

Lightweight SUPs are a game-changer, offering the freedom to explore waters far and wide with minimal effort. As paddleboarding continues to grow in popularity, investing in a lightweight board ensures you’re equipped for adventure, blending the best of portability and high-quality paddling experiences. Remember, the right board is the one that lets you enjoy every moment on the water to the fullest, making every paddling session an unforgettable adventure.


Is a heavier or lighter paddle board better?

The choice between a heavier or lighter paddle board depends on your intended use. Lighter paddle boards are easier to carry and maneuver, making them ideal for traveling and for paddlers who prioritize portability and ease of handling. They tend to perform well in calm water conditions and are great for SUP yoga, recreational paddling, and racing. Heavier paddle boards, on the other hand, can offer more stability and durability, especially in rough water conditions. They’re often constructed from more robust materials, making them suitable for activities like fishing, touring, or paddle boarding in ocean waves.

Is it worth getting the lightest paddle board?

Getting the lightest paddle board can be worth it if portability and ease of maneuverability are top priorities for you. Lighter boards are particularly beneficial for those who frequently travel with their SUP, have longer distances to carry their board from the car to the water, or prefer a board that’s easy to handle both in and out of the water. However, the choice should also consider other factors like stability, durability, and the specific activities you plan to use the board for.

best lightweight paddle board for adults

What happens if you are too heavy for a paddle board?

If you are too heavy for a paddle board, it may sit lower in the water, affecting stability, speed, and maneuverability. The board might feel sluggish and difficult to paddle, and you could have a higher risk of falling in. It’s essential to choose a paddle board with a weight capacity that accommodates your weight, plus any gear you plan to bring along, to ensure optimal performance and safety on the water.

Is a 10ft paddle board long enough?

A 10ft paddle board is long enough for most recreational paddling activities, especially for beginners to intermediate paddlers. It offers a good balance between stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for calm waters, such as lakes and gentle rivers. However, if you’re interested in touring, racing, or paddling in rough water conditions, you might benefit from a longer board that provides more speed and glide efficiency.

Why not to buy a cheap paddle board?

Buying a cheap paddle board can be tempting, but it may end up costing more in the long run due to potential issues with quality and durability. Cheaper boards might not be made with high-quality materials, leading to poor performance, less stability, and a higher likelihood of damage. Additionally, they may lack features that enhance the paddling experience, such as comfortable deck pads, bungee storage, and durable fins. Investing in a higher-quality board from a reputable brand can offer a better paddling experience, safety, and longevity.

Do inflatable paddle boards puncture easily?

Inflatable paddle boards are designed with durability in mind and are made from tough materials like military-grade PVC. They are not prone to puncturing easily under normal use. However, sharp objects, extreme impact, or improper handling can cause punctures or leaks. Most high-quality inflatable SUPs can withstand the usual wear and tear of paddle boarding activities. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of where you’re paddling and to carry a repair kit for any unexpected issues.

lightweight inflatable


1: BRETT WILLIAMS, NASM, How To Work Out Like a Paddle Board Champion, taken from

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