Megalodon Paddle Board: Is The ISLE SUP Worth The Hype?

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If you’ve ever seen a really big sup out on the water, then the odds are that was a Megalodon paddle board. These are big multi-person paddle boards that have exploded in popularity lately because of how many different uses they have.

Here’s how it performed:

Our Rating

“The ISLE Megalodon is truly a world-class paddle board that gives you so many options on the water. You can use it for yoga, fishing, relaxed paddling and even with multiple people. Coupled with some impressive accessories, this is a paddle board that you’ll never regret buying.”

megalodon paddle board

That’s why – I’m excited to walk you through a detailed review of this ISLE paddle board so that we can see together whether it’s worth the hype or not.

Let’s get into it. 🏄‍♂️

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Here Are The Results After Testing The Megalodon Paddle Board

Overall Thoughts:

The Isle Megalodon stand up paddle board is a blast, especially if you’re into the idea of a multi-person SUP. These boards are pretty versatile – whether you’re cruising on the lake with a bunch of kids or catching some small waves with friends or family members, the Megalodons have got you covered.

Think of the Isle Megalodon 15 as the ultimate party SUP. It’s perfect for big groups of family or friends looking to have a great time on the water, be it in a lake, the ocean, or a river (1).

That’s why I gave it a 8.5 rating.

– This board is extremely versatile and gives you lots of options. You can fish, do yoga and even paddle with multiple people.

– It’s really lightweight considering how big it is (the 12′ is 34 lbs and the 15 is 50 lbs) so you won’t struggle to carry it.

– The entire nose section is devoted to storage so you can easily pack in a cooler or a backpack with your clothes.

– Love the large deckpad because it is soft and cushy while allowing you to move around the board easily.

– I like that they included nose and tail grab handles so that you can transport it with more than 1 person.
– The board is difficult to inflate with the pump that ISLE provides. I’d consider getting an electric pump to make your life easier.

– I would have loved to see them including a paddle holder on the side of the sup so you can store your paddle when not using it.

Detailed Specs

Dimensions12′ or 15′
Width45′ or 56′
Weight34 lbs (15,42 kg) or 50 lbs (22.67 kg)
Recommended Capacity650 lbs (294 kg) or 1050 lbs (476 kg)
Volume700 L or 1081 L
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How We Tested The Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board

We took the paddle board out to test it in various water types to see how it handled. We tried it on a lake and in the ocean to check its stability and maneuverability. We also loaded it up with gear to see if it could hold up under weight and had different people of various sizes use it to test its balance and ease of use. We paid attention to how it performed in each setting and noted anything special, like how easy it was to carry to the water or how quick it was to set up.

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Summary Of Key Performance Areas

Stability:The boards are extremely stable and easy to use. Even if you choose the 12′ or the 15′ it will be stable and a big reason for that is the width (45′ or 56′). The truth is that this board is basically like a boat on the water and the bigger 15′ board can handle up to 4 adults.
Maneuverability:Being maneuverable is never something that this sup wanted to achieve. It’s big and it’s catered towards comfort. Obviously the smaller one will be better so consider that when you’re deciding which one to buy.
Glide:The Megalodon paddle board comes with a 4+1 fin setup (4 small fins and 1 large one) and this actually tracks really well and stays in a consistent straight line.
Turning:The SUP is actually easier to turn than you think, like it’s not nimble but it’s really not bad at all. All you do is position yourself at the back and paddle in the direction you want.


Our advice? If you’re mostly going to use the SUP with just another person, the 12′ Megalodon is a solid choice. While it’s not ideal for solo use, it still handles pretty well if you’re paddling alone. But if you’re aiming to get as many friends or family on board as possible, the 15′ Megalodon is your go-to. We always bring it out for group hangouts at the lake or sea. It’s great for those times when you want everyone together on the water.

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What Else Should I Know About The Megalodon?

Here’s a quick summary video that I found that will give you a really nice overview of this inflatable sup before we get more in-depth about the accessories.

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Let’s talk about what else you should do know about the Megalodon paddle board.


megalodon paddle board

Just like ISLE’s other inflatable SUPs, the Megalodon is built tough. They use a method called ‘Airtech Fusion Light’ that takes a really strong PVC layer and sticks it onto a core layer that’s stitched together super tightly. Thanks to this technique, the Megalodon ends up being both sturdy and light.


megaladon paddle board

Isle made the Megalodon boards, both the 15’ and 12’, wide from the front to the back. This design lets you fit two people side by side at the front, middle, and back, so you can really pack it with folks.

The boards have a bit of a curve (rocker) at the nose to help glide through small waves and choppy water. But if you’re looking to surf bigger waves, you’ll need to work on your technique, like moving people from the front to the back as you catch and ride the wave. But this is a more advanced technique that can have an entire article devoted to it.

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Key Features Of The Megalodon Inflatable SUP:

Here are the key standout features on this paddle board.

Nose & Tail Grab Handles:

These reinforced handles make it easy to carry the board, even when it’s loaded with gear. They’re handy for moving along riverbeds, docks, or shorelines and can also be used to tie the board to docks or attach a leash.

6 Point Front Bungee:

The 6 point front bungee cord gives you a lot of storage space so you can pack along a cooler or a bag with dry clothes. There is plenty space with this paddle board for goodies, and it really shines by allowing you to pack some beers or food for a trip with your friends.

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Brushed Traction Pad:

The new traction pad is soft and has grooves for better grip and comfort under your feet. It’s gentle when you’re kneeling or chilling on the board, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

megalodon paddle board

Rounded Carry Handle:

Just like the front bungee, this updated handle is easy to grip and comes with neoprene cushioning. It’s designed for easy carrying, no matter the weather.

Rail Mounted Grab Handles:

Similar to the nose and tail handles, these reinforced handles make carrying the board simple, even with gear. They’re also great for tying up the board or attaching a leash.

Dual High Pressure Valve:

A durable inflation valve that can handle up to 17 PSI, making inflating or deflating quick and easy. It locks in place, so you don’t have to fuss with it.

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What’s Included:

megalodon paddle board

Paddle: The Megalodon comes with Isle’s hybrid travel paddles, which are pretty cool. They break down into three pieces, making them easy to carry around. They’ve got carbon fiber shafts and nylon blades, plus locks that stop them from twisting or rattling. You get two paddles with each Megalodon SUP, but if you’re planning on having four people paddle, you’ll need to grab a couple more.

Pump: The Megalodons are a bit unique because they have two inflation valves, but it’s all for the same air chamber inside the board. You’ll get two pumps with it, both are the kind that work both ways but have only one chamber.

Honestly, it’s a good idea to go for an electric pump if you’re getting a Megalodon. It’ll save you a lot of effort and get your 15’ board ready in less than 10 minutes.

Note: The 12’ and 15’ Megalodon iSUPs don’t come with leashes or backpacks. There are D-rings for attaching a leash if you want, but remember, leashes can get tricky with more than one person on the board, so always wear a life jacket on the Megalodons.

What Are Some Other Paddle Boards Similar To The Megalodon?

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So, what’s the final word on the Isle Megalodon paddle board? It’s pretty clear this board is a solid choice if you’re looking for fun on the water with friends or family. It’s versatile enough for yoga, fishing, or just paddling around, and it’s big enough to fit a crowd. Sure, inflating it can be a bit of a workout (2), but grabbing an electric pump can fix that problem fast. While it doesn’t come with a paddle holder or a leash, it’s not a deal-breaker.

The Isle Megalodon 2.0 scores big for being super stable, easy to carry (thanks to all those handles), and having tons of storage space. If you’re after a SUP that’s all about bringing people together and having a good time, this one’s a winner. Find a Megalodon paddle board for sale and see how it can turn your lake or seaside adventures up a notch.

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How do you fold an Isle paddle board?

Easy peasy. Start by making sure it’s fully deflated. Then, fold it in half lengthwise to line up the edges. From the nose, roll it tightly towards the tail. As you roll, press out any trapped air. Once it’s all rolled up, strap it to keep it tight, and you’re good to go.

Can the Megalodon handle rough waters?

Yep, it’s pretty tough. The Megalodon is designed to be stable and durable, so it can handle choppy lakes or mild ocean waves. Just remember, it’s big, so while it’s stable, you’ll want to have some paddling experience under your belt for rougher conditions.

How many people can fit on a Megalodon paddle board?

The 15’ Megalodon is a real party boat; it can hold up to 7 adults comfortably. The 12’ version is a bit smaller but can still handle about 4 adults without feeling too crowded.

Is it hard to paddle the Megalodon by yourself?

It’s doable but not ideal. The board is big and meant for multiple people, so paddling solo can be a workout. It’s manageable on calm water, but if you’re alone, a smaller board might be easier to handle.

Do I need any special gear to use the Megalodon?

Not really. It comes with everything you need to get started: the board, a couple of paddles, and a pump. You might want to grab an electric pump to save time and energy on inflating. And while it doesn’t come with a leash or backpack, you can easily add those if you want. Just make sure you have a life jacket for safety, especially when paddling with a group.

megalodon paddle board

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