5 Best Locks To Secure Your Paddle Board In 2024

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Paddle boarding is tons of fun, but what’s not fun is having your board stolen. Each year, thousands of paddle boards are swiped from docks and beaches. Our guide lists the 6 top paddle board lock options to keep your SUP safe.

Protect your gear; let’s lock it down!

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Why Is A Paddle Board Lock Important?

Theft PreventionPaddle boards are valuable items and can be an attractive target for thieves. A lock significantly reduces the risk of your board being stolen, especially when you’re away from it.
Peace of Mind:Knowing your paddle board is securely locked can provide peace of mind when you’re not around, allowing you to enjoy other activities without worry.
Increased Accessibility:A lock allows you to bring your paddle board to more places without the constant need to keep an eye on it. You can lock it up and go for a meal, shop, or explore the surroundings.
Insurance Requirements:Some insurance policies for sports equipment might require that you take reasonable steps to secure your items. Using a lock could be necessary to ensure insurance coverage in case of theft.
Long-Term Storage:For off-season or long-term storage, especially in shared spaces like garages or storage facilities, a lock helps keep your paddle board safe over extended periods.
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Types of Paddle Board Locks

Dock locks, straight security cable locks, coiled security cable locks, key locks, and combination locks are some of the most common types of paddle board locks available in the market.

Each type offers a different level of security and ease of use for securing your paddle board.

Dock Locks

Dock locks are a game-changer for paddle board security. They offer a sturdy solution when you’re ready to take a break on land.

Secure these locks directly to docks or fixed objects near the water, so once you loop them through your paddle board, would-be thieves face a tough challenge. Crafted from strong materials, dock locks can withstand harsh weather and resist cutting or tampering.

Moving away from the dock without worrying about your prized paddle board is pure bliss thanks to these reliable locking devices. Your next option to consider is straight security cable locks — another layer of deterrence designed specifically for keeping your gear secure while you’re off adventuring elsewhere.

Straight Security Cable Locks

Straight security cable locks offer robust protection for paddle boards, thwarting theft with a no-nonsense approach. They feature a thick, cut-resistant cable that secures your board to an immovable object like a roof rack or dock post.

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Their simplicity makes them easy to use; just loop the cable through the paddle board’s leash plug or fin slot and lock it in place.

Opt for straight security cable locks when you need reliable, straightforward paddle board security without fuss. Their durable construction withstands various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance season after season.

These locking devices suit paddlers who prefer uncomplicated yet secure storage solutions for their equipment—simply unlock, unwind the cable, enjoy your time on the water and lock it back up again in moments.

Coiled Security Cable Locks

Coiled security cable locks offer paddle board protection with a mix of convenience and strength. Their spring-like shape makes them compact for storage but they stretch out when you need to secure your board.

This type of locking device is perfect for paddlers who want to keep their gear safe without lugging around heavy chains or cumbersome locks.

Made from tough materials, these cables resist cutting and deter theft, making them an excellent choice for securing your paddle board while you grab a post-surf snack. They wrap tightly around your board and can be easily anchored to a roof rack, fence, or any sturdy object nearby.

Key Locks

Key locks are a popular choice for securing paddle boards due to their simplicity and reliability. These locks use a traditional key system to secure your board, providing peace of mind when storing or transporting it.

Key locks are straightforward to use, allowing for quick and easy access without the need to remember combinations or codes. With their durable construction and weather-resistant materials, these locks offer reliable protection against theft while ensuring convenience for paddle board owners.

Investing in a high-quality key lock can be an effective way to safeguard your paddle board from potential theft. Look for key locks that are specifically designed for water sports equipment, providing sturdy and dependable security for your valuable paddle board gear.

Combination Locks

Combination locks offer a convenient and keyless security solution for your paddle board. They are easy to use, allowing you to set your own unique code to secure your board without needing keys.

These locks provide reliable protection against theft and are ideal for those who prefer not to carry around additional keys while out on the water.

Now that we’ve covered combination locks. Let’s take a look at the top 5 paddle board locks available in the market today.

#1: Onefeng Tie Down Strap

paddle board lock

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 1″(W)×10′(L)

– Load limit of 600 lb

The Onefeng Sports Lockable Tie Down Strap is perfect for paddle boarders who need a secure way to transport their boards. These straps are extra durable, featuring three stainless steel braided cables within the nylon, making them uncuttable and theft-resistant. They’re 10 feet long, lockable with a key, and have a 600 lb load limit, ensuring your paddle board stays in place. Plus, they’re designed to be gentle on your car’s paint when you leave it on your car, thanks to the silicone sleeve covering. When not in use, they can be neatly stored away with a magic sticker. A practical, secure solution for protecting your SUP

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#2: Vamo Premium Tie Down

Where To Buy: Amazon

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Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 1″(W)×14′(L)

– Load limit of 700 lb

paddle board lock

The Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs are ideal for paddle boarders. These 14-foot straps are made with durable nylon and reinforced with three stainless steel cables, ensuring your paddle boards stay secure and scratch-free. They’re designed to be user-friendly for all finger sizes and feature a silicone sleeve to protect your car’s paint. With a load capacity of 700 pounds, they can hold 1-5 SUPs safely on your vehicle. The set includes two straps and comes with a storage bag, keeping everything tidy and dry in your car. A convenient and reliable choice for your paddle boards.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Kanulock Tie Down Straps

paddle board lock

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 1″(W)×11′(L)

– Load limit of 680 lb

Kanulock’s reinforced stainless steel tie down straps, offer a secure way to tie down paddle boards on your roof rack. They function like regular straps but with added security: they’re locked with a key, and the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables, making them uncuttable by knives. This design prevents anyone from easily stealing your board. They’re simple to use, reduce wind noise, and ensure your paddle board can’t be slid out of the straps, providing peace of mind when transporting your board.

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#4: DocksLocks Cable Lock

Where To Buy: Amazon

– 10 mm diameter and 20 feet long

– Weight of 1.4 lbs

paddle board lock

The DocksLocks weatherproof coiled security lock is a top pick for paddle boarders needing theft protection. This versatile lock features a steel cable, perfect for securing paddle boards. Its unique design allows it to fit through narrow spaces, like paddleboard scupper holes. Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant, it’s ideal for outdoor use, with a vinyl coating to prevent scratches. The lock itself is keyless, offering a 4-digit resettable combination for convenience. It’s coiled for easy storage and comes in 5ft to 25ft lengths. Trusted since 2002, DocksLocks ensures your paddle boarding gear stays safe and secure.

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#5: Seattle Sports Cable Lock

paddle board lock

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– 6mm diameter and 20 feet long

– Weight of 2.29 lbs

The Seattle Sports cradle cable lock is a versatile and secure choice for paddle boarders. It’s designed to lock up paddle boards, along with other crafts, up to 18 feet long. This 20-foot lock is compatible with various mounts, including roof racks and wall mounts. The cable is made of 6mm galvanized steel, vinyl-sheathed to prevent corrosion and avoid scratches to your board or vehicle. It’s a simple yet effective theft deterrent, providing peace of mind for paddle boarders looking to protect their gear. Ideal for those who prioritize security in their paddle boarding adventures.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Board Lock

When choosing a paddle board lock, consider the type of lock that best suits your needs, as well as its durability and weather resistance. Portability and compatibility with your paddle board are also important factors to take into account.

Paddle Board Lock

Type of lock

Dock locks, straight security cable locks, coiled security cable locks, key locks, and combination locks are the main types of paddle board locks available in the market. Each type offers unique features to cater to different security needs for paddlers.

Understanding the pros and cons of each lock type can help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements for securing your paddle board against theft or unauthorized use.

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Durability and weather resistance are crucial factors to consider when choosing a lock for your paddle board, as they directly impact the lock’s effectiveness in protecting your valuable equipment from potential theft or damage caused by exposure to external elements.

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When considering the durability of a paddle board lock, it’s essential to prioritize materials that can withstand outdoor elements and potential tampering. Look for locks made from robust stainless steel or hardened steel cables, as these are highly resistant to cutting and corrosion.

Opt for models with weather-resistant coatings to ensure longevity in various conditions, providing reliable protection against theft and unauthorized access.

Choosing a durable paddle board lock ensures long-term security, offering peace of mind whether you’re storing your board at home or on the go. Ensure your investment in a sturdy locking system pays off over time by prioritizing durability against wear and tear – ultimately safeguarding your paddle board from potential theft or damage while not compromising its overall security.

Weather resistance

When considering the best locks for your paddle board, it’s essential to prioritize weather resistance. Look for locks made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or vinyl coatings that can withstand exposure to water, sun, and salt.

This ensures that your lock will remain effective in all weather conditions, providing reliable security for your paddle board.

Choosing a lock with excellent weather resistance is crucial in protecting your paddle board from theft and ensuring peace of mind during outdoor activities. Look for durable materials designed to withstand the elements so you can enjoy worry-free paddling adventures without compromising security.


When considering the portability of a paddle board lock, it’s essential to prioritize lightweight and compact options. Opt for locks that are easy to transport and store, without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to your gear.

Look for designs that offer convenient carrying features, such as built-in handles or compact folding mechanisms.

Choose a paddle board lock with high portability to ensure ease of use while traveling or moving between different locations. A portable lock will enable you to secure your paddle board effortlessly wherever your adventures take you, providing peace of mind without added hassle.

Compatibility with your paddle board

When considering a paddle board lock, it’s essential to ensure that the chosen lock is compatible with your specific type of paddle board. Different locks may be more suitable for inflatable paddle boards while others are designed for hardshell boards.

It’s crucial to select a lock that can easily secure your paddle board without causing damage or scratching its surface. Additionally, the compatibility factor extends to how the lock attaches to your board – whether it’s through a leash plug, D-ring, or around the fins.

Additionally, when choosing a locking system, verifying that it fits seamlessly with your particular type and size of paddle board will provide peace of mind regarding the security of your valuable equipment.


In conclusion, selecting the right lock for your paddle board is crucial in safeguarding it from theft. Consider the type of lock, durability, and weather resistance when choosing a security device.

The top 5 locks mentioned offer different features to suit various needs for securing your paddle board effectively. Protect your investment with a reliable locking system that provides peace of mind while enjoying your paddling adventures.

Always prioritize the safety and security of your paddle board with the best locking solution available on the market today.

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What types of locks are best for securing a paddle board?

The best locks for securing a paddle board are cable or chain locks that can be wrapped around the board and secured to a fixed object.

How do I choose the right size lock for my paddle board?

To choose the right size lock, measure the circumference of your paddle board and select a lock long enough to secure it to an anchor point.

Can I use a bike lock to secure my paddle board?

Yes, you can use a sturdy bike lock as long as it is long enough to wrap around your paddle board and secure it properly.

Are combination locks or key locks better for securing a paddle board?

Both combination locks and key locks are effective for securing a paddle board. The choice between them depends on personal preference.

Do I need any additional security measures along with using a lock for my paddle board?

In addition to using a strong lock, consider storing your paddle board in well-lit areas or using surveillance devices if available to enhance security further.

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