Best Paddleboard Brands: Our Top Recommendations For 2024

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Paddleboarding is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, and your choice of which paddleboard brands to buy from can significantly impact your enjoyment on the water!

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best paddleboard brands for 2024, along with some of their top signature products for you to look into.

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Why Choosing the Right Paddleboard Brands Matters

Selecting the right brand is crucial because it ensures you get a high-quality product that suits your preferences and needs. There are many average SUP products out there, but these brands have earned their reputation through years of innovation, durability, and excellent customer support.

The Top Paddleboard Brands for 2024

Now, let’s dive into the top paddleboard brands for 2024. Each of these brands has unique features and strengths, making them standout choices for paddlers of all levels.


  1. Isle Surf & SUP
    Isle Surf & SUP offers affordable excellence, providing quality and durability without breaking the bank.
  2. Sea Gods
    Sea Gods are a California based company that gets local artists to design the decals on the board for them… and they are brilliant SUPs!
  3. Atoll
    Atoll is a company that’s based in Hungtington Beach, California… And they are constantly looking to create the ultimate paddleboard experience. I really like these paddleboards and the company is definitely one to look out for.
  4. BOTE
    BOTE blends style and functionality, making a statement on the water while offering feature-packed boards.
  5. Tower Paddle Boards
    Tower Paddle Boards are known for their exceptional stability, inflatable options, and a user-friendly approach.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into what makes each of these brands unique and why they deserve a spot on your radar.


Isle Surf & SUP is an excellent choice if you’re looking for quality paddleboards that won’t break the bank. In my opinion, this is the number #1 brand out there at the moment.

Here are some of their top products:


Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 285lb in weight

– 10’6″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin and paddle

– 2 Year warranty on materials

– 60 day return policy

The ISLE Pioneer paddleboard is their original bestselling paddleboard and it’s designed to be an all rounder board. It’s perfect for both flat water and even small waves so you will have ample choice for where you want to paddleboard.

They also cater for children with their products, and they have a top-selling paddleboard specifically designed for them.

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Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 145lb in weight

– 8’6″ in size

– Comes with backpack, leash, paddle and pump

– 2 Year warranty on materials

– 60 day return policy

paddleboard brands

The ISLE Grom was created to fit a gap in the market, and that was creating the perfect paddleboard for kids. So what they did is take their best-selling Pioneer paddleboard and shrink it into a version specifically for children so that they can get the best of both worlds.

And the final paddleboard that I strongly recommend from ISLE is their hybrid kayak & paddleboard combination.

ISLE Switch 11’6″ Hybrid Paddleboard [TOP HYBRID KAYAK PADDLEBOARD]

Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 425lb in weight

– 11’6″ in size

– Comes with a kayak seat, footrest, backpack, leash, paddle and pump

– 2 Year warranty on materials

– 60 day return policy

This innovative hybrid kayak-paddleboard was designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience if you decide to paddleboard or kayak. It comes with an attachable chair so that you can decide what you want to do on the fly, and it is one of ISLE’s top products on the market.

Quality and DurabilityIsle Surf & SUP prioritizes the durability of their boards, ensuring they withstand the test of time. You can count on their boards to last for many seasons of adventure.
Wide Range of ChoicesWhether you’re interested in touring, fishing, or simply cruising, Isle Surf & SUP offers a wide range of board options to suit various activities.
Community EngagementIsle Surf & SUP actively engages with its community of paddlers, offering advice, tutorials, and a sense of belonging to their customers.

You can find out more about ISLE Paddleboards here:


If you’ve been in the paddleboarding space for a while now, then you’ve probably already seen Sea Gods inflatable paddleboards. They are world-class SUPs that are designed by local artisans, so not only do they work really well – but they look GREAT.

Here are some of their top products:


Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 425lb in weight

– 10’6″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin, paddle & pump

– Lifetime warranty on materials

paddleboard brands

When I first tried out the Elemental Wave, I was blown away by it! Not only does it look amazing, but it also performs incredibly well. There’s a good amount of deck room, it is a little smaller so that it is more maneuverable… And it comes with a lifetime warranty so you know that it will last as long as you need it 🙂

And another strong recommendation that I can give you from Sea Gods is a board that will make paddleboard yoga the best experience ever.

Sea Gods Infinite Mantra [TOP YOGA PADDLEBOARD]

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 285lbs in weight

– 11’0″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin and paddle

– Lifetime warranty

The Infinite Mantra is a large 11′ board that was designed to be a great SUP for yoga. Not only is it large, with a grippy surface… But it also has incredible stability that makes your headstands easier than ever before.

And if you’re into paddleboard racing or prone paddleboarding, then they make a really good inflatable paddleboard for that also.


Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 285lbs in weight

– 12’32″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin, wheelie backpack and paddle

– Lifetime warranty

paddleboard brands

The Carta Marina is a really good racing or fitness paddleboard. It has the pointed nose that’s designed to cut through choppy water so you’ll find that it excells in the sea and can pick up some serious speed. It has a single paddleboard fin that will give you the perfect balance of speed and stability for racing… and the design is BEAUTIFUL!

Other Reasons Why Sea Gods Is One Of The Top Paddleboard Brands

Here are some more key considerations around why you should seriously consider Sea Gods.

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Unique Design PhilosophyLike I mentioned before, Sea Gods is well known for getting local US artists to design the boards so that they stand out and are extremely striking to look at. If you grab a board from here then you WILL turn heads.
Premium ProductsAlong with the great designs that Sea Gods provides – they also give you top-notch products that include lifetime warranties. These are seriously good boards that you can’t got wrong with.
Great SupportAnother thing that I love about Sea Gods is that they have approachable support staff that will be more than happy to talk to you, answer your questions and replace faulty products. This is a breath of fresh air because many brands will just ignore you.

You can find out more about Sea Gods Paddleboards here:


If there’s a company out there that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what stand up paddleboards can do… it’s Atoll. This is a top company that is constantly investing into their boards and they specialize in providing the highest quality inflatable stand up paddleboards, paddles and apparel.

I have had multiple quality experiences with this company, and they are one of the top paddleboard brands on the planet right now.

Here are some of their top products:


paddleboard brands

Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Allows up to 400lb in weight

– 11’0″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin and paddle

– 2 year warranty on materials

I’ve got friends that are on the heavier side that have constantly struggled to find paddleboards that don’t sink when they sit on them. And the Atoll board is probably the best SUP on the market for that need. It’s a great board for any water situation, and for its inexpensive price… it is a SUP that you should really look into.

And on top of this company giving you really nice paddleboards, they also make incredible paddles.


Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Great quality travel paddle

– 3 Piece Adjustable

– Lightweight Carbon Fiber Materials

– 2 year warranty on materials

This is a really nice Carbon Fiber paddle that will make your paddling experience so much better. Not only is it light, but it also packs a big punch when you get in the water with it. It’s made up of 3 pieces so you can fold it up into a small bag and pop it into the car for easy travelling. Plus – it has a 2 year warranty which means it is top quality.

What Makes Atoll Stand Out As One Of The Top Paddleboard Brands

Here are some reasons why Atoll is one of the top brands for paddleboarding:

Premium Quality and DurabilityAtoll paddleboards are renowned for their premium build quality and durability. They are constructed using high-grade materials that can withstand the rigors of various water conditions. Whether you’re paddling on calm lakes or braving rougher waters, Atoll boards are built to last.
VersatilityOne of Atoll’s standout features is its boards’ versatility. These paddleboards are designed to cater to a wide range of paddleboarding activities. Whether you’re into leisurely cruising, yoga, fishing, or even surfing, Atoll has a board that suits your needs.
PortabilityPortability is a crucial factor for many paddleboard enthusiasts, and Atoll delivers in this regard. Their inflatable paddleboards can be easily deflated and rolled up, making them highly portable and convenient for storage and transportation. Whether you’re traveling to remote lakes or going on a paddleboarding adventure, Atoll boards are easy to take with you.
Customer SatisfactionPositive customer feedback and reviews are a testament to Atoll’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Many paddlers have praised Atoll for its reliable products and excellent customer service, further solidifying its reputation in the paddleboarding community.


BOTE is the go-to brand for those who want to make a statement on the water. They have many top quality products with thousands of positive reviews because of their unique design philosophies along with feature-packed paddleboards.

Here are some of their top products:

Bote 10’8″ Breeze Aero Paddleboard [TOP FAMILY FRIENDLY SUP]

Where To BuyAmazon

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Key Features:
– Allows up to 250lb in weight

– 10’8″ in size

– Comes with bag, leash, fin, repair kit, pump and paddle

This is a super stable board that the entire family can enjoy. It is a medium sized board that allows kids and adults alike to maneuver and enjoy the water, and the best part of Bote boards is that they are designed to be compatible with accessories to make your paddle experience better.

Talking about accessories, here are some of the highlights from Bote.

Bote Hangout Suite Floating Chair [TOP BEACH CHAIR]

Where To Buy

Key Features:
– Allows up to 300lb in weight

– 4 foot in size

– Inflatable AeroULTRA Technology

This might not directly relate to paddleboarding, but I had to show you this product because it’s extremely comfortable and it makes sitting in the water awesome. All you do is pump it up with your paddleboard pump, and then you’re ready to relax.

And along with the chair, they have a really nice board sock to protect your SUP.

Bote Universal Sox For Paddleboards [TOP PADDLEBOARD SOCK]

paddleboard brands

Where To BuyAmazon

Key Features:
– Universal size (fits all size boards)

– Provides protection from the sun and minor scratches

– Rolls up into a tiny carry bag

– Also doubles up as a paddle blade cover

I remember the first time that I scratched my paddleboard… I was FUMING.

And from that point on I decided that I would always have some kind of protection to make sure that it didn’t happen again. The Bote Universal Sox does all of this and more. It is a great quality cover that you can rely on… And the best part is that it fits all boards!

Why You Should Pay Attention To Bote As A Paddleboard Brand

Here are some reasons why Atoll is one of the top paddleboard brands in the world right now.

Unique Design PhilosophyBOTE’s boards are as much about aesthetics as they are about performance. Their unique designs turn heads and make you the envy of other paddlers.
Feature-Packed BoardsBOTE boards come equipped with innovative features like coolers, fishing rod holders, and attachment points for accessories, enhancing your overall experience.
Eco-Friendly InitiativesBOTE is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and engaging in initiatives to protect the environment they cherish.


Tower Paddle Boards are renowned for their stability and affordability. They are a really exciting brand that is making waves in the paddleboarding industry because of their wide range of products and top-quality boards.

Here are some of their top products:

Tower 10’4″ Paddleboard [TOP BUDGET-FRIENDLY SUP]

Where To BuyTower Paddleboards

Key Features:
– Non-Slip deck that is great for stability and it performs like a hard board

– Beautiful wood design

– Comes with paddle, pump, deck pad, fins, hand hold strap and carrying strap

– 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

This Tower paddleboard is a really good SUP. It is made from rugged materials that function in a similar way to a hardboard, and because of this you’ll get all the benefits that come from this.

It’s also extremely durable and they even have case studies where they drive over the paddleboard with a car to show how sturdy they are. So if you’re looking for a top quality SUP that doesn’t destroy your budget then I would recommend you look into this.

And along with this board, I would also recommend that you look into an electric paddleboard pump. Tower makes a great one.


paddleboard brands

Where To BuyTower Paddleboards

Key Features:
– Portable 12V pump that will inflate your board in under 1 minute.

– Plugs into your car cigarette lighter

– Has auto-off function to prevent your board from over-inflating

– Comes with flexible, ‘non-kink’ nozzles to make pumping up your SUP easy.

It’s no secret that pumping up a paddleboard can be annoying. They are big and this makes it a lot of work! That’s why I always recommend grabbing an electric paddleboard pump to make your life easier. This is a really high-quality pump that you’ll love having.

What Makes Tower Special As A Paddleboard Brand

Exceptional StabilityTower boards are known for their stability, making them an excellent choice for beginners and those who prioritize balance.
Inflatable OptionsTower offers a range of inflatable paddleboards that are easy to transport and store, perfect for those with limited storage space.
User-Friendly ApproachTower Paddle Boards prides itself on being user-friendly, making paddleboarding accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Additional Accessories and Considerations

Besides the paddleboard itself, there are other accessories and considerations to keep in mind for a complete paddleboarding experience.

Paddles and Leashes

Choosing the right paddle and leash is crucial for efficient paddling and safety on the water.

Here are some of the best paddles that you can find right now
The 11 Best SUP Paddles For A Paddle Board In 2024

PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

Safety should always be a top priority. Invest in a comfortable and reliable PFD that suits your needs.

Here are the best life jackets on the market at the moment
The 8 Best Paddleboarding Life Jackets Of 2024

Transport and Storage

Consider how you’ll transport and store your board. Inflatable options are convenient for those with limited storage space.

Here are the top racks to store & transport your paddleboards on the market right now.
The Best Paddleboard Rack To Store & Transport Your SUPs

Now that we’ve explored the standout features of these top paddleboard brands, let’s discuss how to make your decision.

Making Your Decision On Which Paddleboard Brands To Buy

With the knowledge of these exceptional paddleboard brands, making your decision becomes more manageable. Here are some key considerations:

Budget Considerations

Determine your budget and explore the options within that range. Remember that quality paddleboards are an investment in your enjoyment on the water.

Intended Use

Consider the type of paddleboarding you plan to do most often. Are you looking for a versatile all-rounder or a specialized board for a specific activity? If so then consider that in your decision on which paddleboard brands to invest into.

Personal Preferences

Don’t forget your personal preferences. Aesthetics, design, and extra features can play a role in your decision-making process.

Other Factors to Consider

Here are a few more essential factors to keep in mind when choosing a paddleboard:

Board Type and PurposeThe first step in choosing a paddleboard is determining your intended use. Are you into leisurely paddling on calm lakes, riding waves in the ocean, or embarking on long-distance expeditions? Each board type caters to specific activities.
Materials and ConstructionThe materials used in your paddleboard play a significant role in its performance and durability. Common materials include foam, fiberglass, and inflatable options. Your choice will depend on your desired board characteristics and budget.
Size and StabilityPaddleboards come in various lengths and widths, affecting stability and maneuverability. Beginners often benefit from wider and more stable boards, while experienced riders may prefer narrower options for increased speed.
Price RangePaddleboard prices can vary significantly. It’s essential to set a budget that aligns with your expectations and then explore brands that offer options within that range.


In the world of paddleboarding, the choice of brand can make or break your experience. The best paddleboard brands of 2024 offer a wide range of options to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize innovation, affordability, style, or stability, there’s a brand that’s perfect for you. Remember to consider your budget, intended use, and personal preferences when making your decision.

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Now, let’s address some common questions about paddleboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much should I spend on a paddleboard?

The ideal budget for a paddleboard depends on your level of commitment and preferences. Quality boards can range from $300 to $2,000 or more.

Are inflatable paddleboards durable?

Yes, inflatable paddleboards are remarkably durable and can withstand various conditions. Advanced construction techniques make them as robust as hardboards.

Can I use a paddleboard for yoga?

Absolutely! Many paddleboards are designed for yoga, providing a stable platform for your practice on the water.

Do I need prior experience to paddleboard?

No prior experience is necessary to start paddleboarding. Many beginners find it easy to learn and enjoy from their very first session.

What safety precautions should I take while paddleboarding?

Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), know your limits, and be aware of weather conditions and water traffic to ensure a safe paddleboarding experience.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to embark on your paddleboarding journey with confidence. Enjoy the serene waters and the thrill of adventure that paddleboarding offers with the best brands of 2024.

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