The Best Sic Paddle Boards On The Market: Sic Maui Tao Air Tour 12’6” Review

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Sic paddle boards are extremely underrated! I think that they are so underrated that most people have never heard of them, and this is a tragedy because they are seriously good.

Here’s the low down…

sic paddle boards

“In my opinion, the Sic Maui Tao Air Tour is a competitor for one of the best recreational touring sups on the market in 2024. It is the ultimate hybrid between a racing board and everyday paddle board. I believe that any beginner or intermediate paddler will never regret buying one of these.”

Interested in more information about SIC paddle boards? Then keep reading for a more detailed review.

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Overview Of The Sic Maui Tao Air Tour 12’6”

sic paddle boards

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Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 12’6″ x 30″ x 6

– Weight capacity of 255 lbs (115 kg)

– Volume of 330 L

– Weight of 25.8 lbs (11.7 kg)

– Recommended inflation of 12 PSI

– Best for recreational touring and cruising.

– Suitable for beginners all the way to advanced paddlers.

– Really fast on the water. You an accelerate quickly and it’s an awesome ride.

– The thin and pointed shape lets you use it on any water bodies. These Sic paddle boards will work just as well in choppy water as a still lake.

– The accessories that come with it are high quality and work really well.

– Very durable design with the Support Stringer Technology. It is very rigid even if you inflate it under 12 PSI.
– The board is quite long and heavy so smaller paddlers will find it more challenging to get going.

– It is quite thin (30″), which gives it nice speed on the water but it is more wobbly than a wider everyday SUP.


The TAO Air Tour is a versatile family paddleboard ideal for recreational cruising or touring, especially when space is limited or while traveling. Its touring shape and wider width enhance stability and ease of paddling. Constructed with Drop Stitch Construction and Support Stringer Technology, it’s both lightweight and sturdy and will give you all the benefits of paddle boarding that you’re looking for (1).

The board comes with a 3-piece adjustable paddle and features designed for convenience and safety, including bungee tie-downs, a comfortable carry handle, and a durable fin box. Additional amenities like a tow D-ring, traction pad, and an action camera mount enhance its functionality for all-around enjoyment on the water.

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What’s Included In The Package

The Tao Air Tour Comes With:

  • 1x Inflatable Tao Board
  • 1x 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon) on TAO 10’6”
  • 1x Repair kit with spare fin screw + plate
  • 1x Dual-action pump
  • 1x Leash
  • 1x 3 piece aluminium paddle w/ Anti Twist grip
  • 1x Backpack carry case (no wheels)
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sic paddle boards
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How We Tested The Board

We found a Sic paddle board for sale, then tested the Sic sup by taking it out on various water bodies to gauge the performance in real-world conditions.

Our evaluation process included reading and analyzing customer reviews to understand common experiences and potential issues. We assessed the boards’ stability, durability, and overall user-friendliness, considering factors such as ease of inflation, portability, and accessory quality.

This comprehensive approach helped us gain a well-rounded understanding of the board’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key Benefits Of The SIC Paddle Boards

Based on our review, SIC Maui paddle boards stand out for their superior construction, versatility, and user-friendly features. Here’s a breakdown of our findings:

Construction and Durability:Our tests confirmed the robustness of SIC Maui’s boards, attributing their resilience to the high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques used, such as Drop Stitch Construction and Support Stringer Technology. These boards demonstrated exceptional durability and reliability across various conditions.
Stability and Performance:We were impressed by the stability provided by the wider designs, which did not compromise on performance. These boards offer a smooth, efficient glide and are responsive, making them suitable for both novice and experienced paddlers. Just understand that it might be a bit wobbly to start for newer paddlers because of its 30″ width.
Versatile Use:SIC Maui’s range covers all paddling activities, from racing and touring to surfing and casual paddling. The availability of inflatable boards also caters to those with storage or transport constraints, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to versatility.
Innovative Features for Enhanced Experience:Features such as bungee tie-downs for securing gear, comfortable neoprene carry handles, and action camera mounts significantly enhance the paddling experience. These practical additions demonstrate SIC Maui’s attention to the needs and preferences of paddlers.

How Is The Board Constructed?

The SIC Maui TAO Air 12’6″ paddle board utilizes advanced construction technologies to offer a combination of durability, lightness, and performance. A key component of its construction is the Support Stringer Technology (SST), which plays a significant role in enhancing the board’s stiffness and overall structural integrity.

sic paddle boards

Here’s a closer look at how the TAO Air is constructed:

  1. Drop Stitch Construction (DSC): The core of the board is made using drop stitch technology. This involves connecting two layers of fabric with thousands of fine threads, allowing the board to hold a high-pressure air volume. When inflated, these threads stretch tight, creating a rigid surface that closely mimics the feel of a hard board.

  2. Support Stringer Technology (SST): This innovative technology adds an extra layer of rigidity and strength to the board. SST involves the incorporation of a high-tensile strength material that runs along the top and bottom of the board. These stringers act as a spine, significantly enhancing the board’s stiffness without adding substantial weight. This is crucial for maintaining performance and stability, especially in choppy water or when the board is loaded with gear.

  3. High-Quality Materials: The board’s construction is complemented by the use of high-quality, lightweight materials that contribute to its durability and performance. The outer layers are tough enough to withstand abrasions and impacts, ensuring long-term usability.

  4. Finishing Touches: In addition to the structural technologies, the TAO Air 12’6″ features a honeycomb EVA deck pad for superior grip and comfort, neoprene carry handles for easy transportation, and a bungee system for securing gear. It also includes a high-quality air valve and an AIR7 polycarbonate fin box for a solid and reliable fin connection.

The combination of Drop Stitch Construction and Support Stringer Technology in the TAO Air 12’6″ paddle board results in a board that is not only light and easy to handle but also remarkably stiff and stable, making it suitable for a wide range of paddling activities from touring to recreational paddling.

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What Accessories Are Included With Sic Paddle Boards?

The TAO Air Tour paddle board package is designed to offer everything you need to get started with paddle boarding, combining convenience with functionality. Here’s a summary of each accessory included in the package:

Inflatable Tao Board:

The core of the package, this inflatable board combines durability with performance, thanks to its advanced construction technologies. It’s designed for easy storage and transport, making it ideal for adventurers on the go.

8.0” Mahi Fin (Nylon) on TAO 10’6”:

This fin enhances the board’s tracking and stability in the water. Made of nylon, it’s durable and designed to perform well in a variety of conditions. It’s specifically matched with the TAO 10’6” model for optimal performance.

Repair Kit with Spare Fin Screw + Plate:

Essential for long-term maintenance and unexpected repairs, this kit ensures you can address minor damages without needing professional help. The inclusion of a spare fin screw and plate means you can easily replace these parts if lost or damaged.

Dual-action Pump:

This pump allows for quick and efficient inflation of the paddle board, with dual-action functionality to reduce effort and time. It’s a crucial tool for inflatable boards, ensuring you can start paddling without delay.


For safety, the leash keeps you connected to your board in the event of a fall. It’s an essential accessory for all paddle boarders, helping to prevent the board from drifting away in strong currents or winds.

3-Piece Aluminium Paddle with Anti-Twist Grip:

This adjustable paddle is designed for efficiency and comfort, with an anti-twist grip that provides a secure hold and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. Its three-piece construction allows for easy transport and storage.

This paddle is a little bit heavier, so you might want to consider getting a carbon fiber paddle.

Backpack Carry Case (No Wheels):

To facilitate transportation and storage, the backpack carry case is designed to comfortably fit the deflated board and all its accessories. While it doesn’t have wheels, it’s designed for easy carrying, making it suitable for travel and adventures where portability is key.

Together, these accessories complement the TAO Air Tour board by ensuring paddlers have everything they need for a convenient and enjoyable paddle boarding experience.

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Performance on the water

Transitioning from examining the pros and cons, let’s delve into the performance of the SIC Maui Tao Air Tour 12’6” on the water. This inflatable paddle board is designed to offer stability and maneuverability for various activities such as touring, distance paddling, SUP yoga, wind paddling, and even sailing with an additional rig.

Its reinforced rails provide a stable platform while its rocker design ensures smooth navigation through different water conditions.

The SIC Maui Tao Air Tour 12’6” proves to be a family-friendly board that can accommodate multiple water sports enthusiasts at once. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or enjoying a SUP yoga class with friends, this versatile board offers an enjoyable experience.

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Drawbacks of the Sic Tao Air Tour 12’6” Inflatable Paddle Board

After playing around with the board, speaking to friends and reading customer reviews – here are some of the biggest drawbacks that I found with the SUP.

It Only Accommodates A Solo Fin Setup

Unfortunately they haven’t given you the option to add in multiple fins and this leads to less stability when you’re in more choppy water like the sea. This downside makes it slightly harder to balance for beginners than other boards like the iRocker series or the Tower paddle boards.

But regardless this doesn’t hurt the performance of the iSUP and it won’t bother you over the long term.

On the flip side – It allows for a really strong acceleration on the so if you’re into touring or even dipping your toes into paddle board racing then this is a big asset for you because there is less drag on the water.

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The Paddle Is Aluminum

Aluminum paddles are often heavier due to the material’s inherent properties. Aluminum, while durable and cost-effective, has a higher density compared to materials like carbon fiber, leading to added weight. This can result in increased fatigue during extended paddling sessions. Additionally, aluminum can become slippery when wet, as its surface doesn’t naturally provide the same grip or friction as other materials, potentially making it more challenging to maintain a secure hold.

In contrast, carbon fiber paddles offer significant advantages. They are much lighter, reducing paddler fatigue and allowing for quicker, more efficient strokes. Carbon fiber also maintains better grip when wet, thanks to its unique texture and the possibility of integrating grip enhancements directly into the paddle design. These qualities not only improve performance but also enhance paddler comfort and control, making carbon fiber paddles a preferred choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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How To Choose The Right Paddle Board

The right paddle board should complement your skill level and the activities you envision. Whether you’re embarking on your first paddle or you’re an experienced navigator of the waves, the correct board is out there.

The SIC Tao Air Tour, with its 12’6″ length, offers versatility for paddlers across the spectrum. Designed for everything from peaceful glides across calm waters to adventurous forays into more demanding conditions, this board is a companion for every water-bound journey.

Opt for a board that not only meets your skill level but also elevates your experiences on the water!

Board Weight Capacity and Dimensions: Key Considerations

Checking the weight capacity and dimensions of the SIC Tao Air Tour is a vital step in your selection process. With a generous capacity to support users, this board is welcoming to a wide audience of paddleboarders

Its dimensions, emphasizing a 12’6″ length and a balanced width, ensure both stability and comfort, making it a prime choice for those seeking a blend of performance and ease. Ensuring these specifications match your needs is essential for a fulfilling paddle boarding adventure.

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In wrapping up this review of the SIC Maui Tao Air Tour 12’6”, it’s clear that this stand up paddle board is a top contender for anyone looking to dive into the world of paddle boarding or elevate their existing experience. Its blend of speed, stability, and versatility, coupled with high-quality accessories, makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of paddling activities. While the solo fin setup and aluminum paddle present some considerations, these are far outweighed by the board’s overall performance and the potential for upgrades to suit personal preferences. After 3 weeks of riding this SUP, I still love it.

Whether you’re a beginner finding your balance or an intermediate paddler seeking adventure, the SIC Tao Air Tour offers an unmatched blend of durability, ease of use, and enjoyment on the water. Remember, the right board not only matches your current skills but also grows with you, allowing every journey to be as exciting as the destinations you explore.

Check out the SIC Tao Air Tour 12’6” for a reliable, enjoyable paddle boarding experience that promises to be the only board you’ll need, no matter where your adventures take you.

sic sup reviews


Is the SIC Maui Tao Air Tour suitable for beginners?

Yes, the SIC Maui Tao Air Tour is designed with a blend of stability and performance that makes it suitable for paddlers of all skill levels, including beginners. Its dimensions and construction provide a stable platform for learning, while still offering the performance characteristics that more experienced paddlers will appreciate as they progress.

Can I use Sic paddle boards in choppy conditions or is it only for calm water?

The Tao Air Tour is versatile enough to handle a variety of water conditions, from calm lakes to choppy coastal waters. Its design, including a pointed nose and supportive construction technologies like Drop Stitch and Support Stringer Technology, allows it to cut through water efficiently, providing a smooth ride even in less than ideal conditions.

What is included in the package with the SIC Maui Tao Air Tour?

The package includes the inflatable Tao Air Tour board, a 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon) specifically for the TAO 10’6” version, a repair kit with a spare fin screw and plate, a dual-action pump, a leash, a 3-piece aluminium paddle with Anti-Twist grip, and a backpack carry case without wheels.

How do I maintain and care for my Tao Air Tour paddle board?

To ensure the longevity of your paddle board, rinse it with fresh water after each use, especially if you’ve been in saltwater. Store it partially inflated or flat and out of direct sunlight to avoid damage from UV rays. Check the air pressure before each use (recommended inflation is 12 PSI), and use the repair kit for any minor damages to avoid leaks.

How does the single fin setup affect the board’s performance?

The single fin setup on the Tao Air Tour enhances the board’s speed and straight-line tracking in the water. While it may offer less stability in choppy conditions compared to boards with multiple fins, it significantly reduces drag, making it excellent for touring and racing. For beginners, it might require a bit of practice to get used to the feel, but it contributes to the board’s overall efficiency and speed.

Where are Sic paddle boards made?

Sic paddle boards are known for their high-quality construction and design. While the brand is rooted in Maui, Hawaii, and carries a strong reputation for innovation and performance in the paddle boarding community, the manufacturing of their paddle boards typically takes place in specialized facilities overseas. These facilities are chosen for their ability to meet the brand’s rigorous standards for quality, materials, and craftsmanship, ensuring that each board meets the expectations of paddlers around the world.

sic paddle boards


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